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Top Ten Reasons to Reject a Padawan
by the readers of TheForce.Net

10.Continuously insists that the Sith "Aren't all bad, once you get to know them".
by XWING68

9. Discovered he cheated on his Midiclorian tests.
by Darth Tanian

8. Um........... I dunno. Maybe because he is destined to become evil personnified, kill all your friends, help establish an evil empire, kill you, and father the biggest whiner in the galaxy.
by Mace Window

7. He sounds more like a fortune cookie than Yoda.
by J. Orcadi

6. Gets winded by chewing his food
by Greg Baird

5. Cackles in a sinister manner while trying to choke womprats
by Greg Baird

4. Just cut off a finger for the second time this week with his lightsaber
by Nate Henry

3. Keeps repeating, "I'll destroy you master, and your little Republic too".
by Rufus Holmes

2. He chain-smokes, regularly loses his lightsaber in card games, and calls all female aliens "honey."
by Mistress Qui-Gon

1. The Padawan asks Yoda, "Hey, what species are you, anyway?"
by Craig Chasseur

10. After every practice lightsaber fight that the master happened to not come out on top, the Padawan shouts," You're powerless, old man," and laughs manically.
by David B

9. If he/she keeps saying, "Yeah man, whatever...just get to the vulcan nerve pinch!"
by Scott Woodard

8. "Accidentally" constructs a double-bladed lightsaber and occasionally mutters under his breath things like: "At last we will have REVENGE..." followed my maniacal laughter
by Cobalt Blade

7. Keeps bragging how he's gonna pick up chicks, once he's got this "force" thing under his control ....
by Anonymous

6. Shows up wearing a cape....and nothing else
by Michael Phillips

5. Hums when using a lightsaber.
by Aubri

4. Keep's asking "Do I make you horny?"
by David Cornette

3. Can we say clone?
by Mara Jade's clone

2. Interrupts you constantly to ask when you'll get to the throttling part
by Greg Baird

1. Keeps using the force to pants people.
by Bonita

10. If he/she is going into politics.
by Scott Woodard

9. Spends free time shopping for a scary black mask with a breathing apparatus
by Major JM Gray

8. "What's that?" "What does this do?" "Do I get a lightsaber?" "When?" "What happens if I make one now?" "But I want one NOW!!!" and so on.....
by SWdacagurl_007

7. Thinks a lightsaber comes in 5 fruit flavors
by Jeff Edsall

6. The Imperial March plays every time your near him
by Charlemagne

5. His resume has such noted points as "Sith Lord", "Enjoys butchering small planets", and who he most admires; Xim the Despot
by Charlemagne

4. He always refers to your friends as "pathetic life forms"
by Lady Ann Kenobi

3. He rubs in the fact that YOU are not ON the Jedi Council
by Lady Ann Kenobi

2. All other Jedi refer to him as "the one that might kill us all"
by sjohn89244

1. He's 45, and still lives at home
by Chris B from Mich

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