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Fans who grew up with the OT-Do any of you actually prefer the PT?

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Rejected Episode 2 Character Names
by the readers of TheForce.Net

10. Mini-Maul
by Darth Denson

9. Cepsi Pola, Lito Fray, Baco Tell, or any other Marketing Tie-ins
by jediknt197

8. Darth Dubya
by Exar Kun

7. Zippy, the Wonder Wookiee
by BobaFett_3

6. Bob Bob
by Nadja Cheiron

5. Darth Brooks
by Andikin

4. Bar-Bar Jinks (lost lost brother of...well you know who)
by Darth Sillious

3. Lord Ducky
by eclipseo

2. Bac K'stree T'Bo Ys
by Lady Hyde

1. Mace Break Windu
by Rystall79

10. Darth Fifi
by Grand Moff Tiff

9. Qui-On-The-Jon
by Who da man? You da man.

8. Jingle (All The Way!) Fett
by Uncle Kettch

7. Obi-Wan Canolli
by Edmund Campion

6. Darth Eisner
by Randall Flagg

5. Moo Moo Finkleberry
by Ki-Bara-Mundi

4. Mace Windu's evil twin, Darth Shaft
by Jedi_Hood

3. Hanging Chad
by Chad Bergeron

2. Darth Plaid....
by *Rebel Jedi Girl*

1. Wally the Hutt
by Darth Tanian

10. Wee Sing - Aurra Sing's twin brother
by Wryin Shanraa

9. Beula Fett
by Robert

8. Scotty T. Spock (aka "Bones")
by Darth Tanian

7. The rapping musical droid, 2-PAC
by Chris Z.

6. Flannel Ovaltine
by Fortune & Glory

5. Reecont Vottes
by Darth Boise

4. Willy Wonka and the Clone Factory
by Shadow Of Sidious

3. Mae Kmor Moni- Jedi Council Promotor
by Steven Cavanagh

2. The Wookie Monster (Copyright Restrictions)
by Bubba_Bond

1. Mrs. Yoda
by Lau-ra Anu

10. Spock
by Mageeia, dark lady of the Sith

9. M'rchan D'Ising,
by Iceheart

8. Count I?m-Old-But-I?m-Going-To-Kick-Your-Tail
by Darth Krieg

7. Jedi Master Jon Bon Jovi
by Luka Naglic

6. Lactose the Intolerant
by Darth Strangelove

5. Tacki Flannel
by nerfherder

4. Lord Notsobad
by KLBS180

3. Count Dork
by Rogue -13

2. Floridian Recount
by Kevin Bryant

1. Paddle Mederriere
by dehrian

10. Jedi Master Jon Bon Jovi
by Luka Naglic

9. Wadi Wassupppp
by Araviah

8. Mr. Midichlorian
by Chew-Tobacco The Wookie Monster

7. Aunt Jar Jar Mima
by Ariana Lang

6. The Artist Formely Known As Palpatine
by PsYcHo P-Dog

5. Blob the Hutt
by Shadow Of Sidious

4. Gontada John
by I have no name

3. Barth Sithmpson
by darthliquor

2. Gastro the Hutt
by Wedge1400

1. Gor-Gor Dubya
by John Myers

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