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Ways The Star Wars Movies Would Have Been Different If Lucas Couldn't Do Them And Stanley Kubrick Made Them Instead
by the readers of TheForce.Net

10. Luke, Han and Leia would've all been played by Peter Sellers
by Darth Andy 1138

9. Boba Fett goes down to the Cantina, gets drunk and exchanges stories with his favorite bartender, Lloyd
by Irving Finster

8. Return Of The Jedi : filmed entirely by candlelight!
by Randall Flagg

7. In "A.I." fashion, a child with mechanical acting and wooden recitation of the lines will be cast as Anakin....oh, wait, you wanted DIFFERENT, didn't you?
by Verso

6. "Open the Blast Doors! Open the Blast Doors!"..."I'm sorry, Dave, I can't do that..."
by candyfish

5. Imperial Death March? A single recurring note played on a piano
by Darthkule

4. Luke and his droogs hanging out in the Mos Eisley Blue Milk Bar
by Mr. Loboto

3. A cowboy-hat wearing Han Solo riding a proton torpedo into the Death Star reactor
by Joe Antilles

2. All Padawans recite "This is my light saber. There are many like it but this one is mine. My light saber is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my light saber is useless."
by lowbridge

1. Space battles without noise
by JediOverlord

10. R2-D2: His Love Is Real... But He Is Not
by DT Carel of Elited.net

9. Luke's new artificial hand keeps trying to strangle him
by EmprsHand

8. The Death Star would have a revolving gym
by Arcadia

7. They would all have a toilet scene
by JP

6. The secret entrance to the bunker would be behind a huge garden maze
by Verba

5. The spectacular 40 minute hallucinogenic scene when Luke enters the cave on Dagobah
by Spaceman Spiff

4. Han and Leia's relationship may have become a bit more physical whilst Han gets involved with a weird cult
by Qui Gonn Pim

3. Luke: "How can you shoot women and children?" Stormtrooper: "Easy ... you don't lead 'em as much!"
by Grandma Tarkin

2. Grand Moff Tarkin: "Vader, you can't fight in here -- this is the War Room!"
by Darth Penelope

1. 'Duel of the Fates' replaced by "Singin' In the Rain'
by Iceheart

10. Opening scene of Star Destroyer chasing Corvette lasts half the movie
by The Walking Carpet

9. The entire saga would be filmed with Steadicam
by The Flushtrooper

8. In ROTJ Palpatine fries Luke with Force Lightning, while singing "Singing in the Rain"
by Darth Andy 1138

7. If you think the podracing scene is long and pointless now....
by Pelleon

6. Really corny up close images of Luke's eyes...
by Wannabejedi

5. The first movie would never have been finished because Kubrick would have insisted on the creation of actual blasters just to get that "real sizzle" feel
by Brian

4. Anakin has an imaginary friend named Tony
by Matt_Windu

3. After touching the big black monolith, Wicket clubs Chief Chirpa to death with a discarded femur bone
by Michael R. Schneider

2. When Luke is captured in ROTJ, his eyes are pryed open and he is forced to watch repeated screenings of "Corvette Summer"
by John Hasdovic

1. Sex, sex, and more sex
by Princess Lisa

10. Aided by a little CGI, Yoda screams "Mace Windu! I can walk!"
by Randall Flagg

9. One episode is titled "Leilita"
by Edmund Campion

8. Mos Espa full of gangs speaking Nadsat and ready for a little of the old ultraviolence, real horrorshow
by Hey Jude the Lesser

7. C-3PO belts out "Daisy Daisy" while being dismantled by Cloud City technicians
by darthhoward

6. Everyone in the Jedi Council would be wearing gold masks
by Psycho Jedi

5. The last 20 minutes where the Death Star orbits around Yavin 4 in real time
by GoldFinger

4. "A Long Time Ago" given real-time realization on screen, resulting in a 3 billion year long opening scene
by Emperor Palpatim

3. Jar Jar would be a psychotic maniac with a gun
by dr. strangelove

2. Jedi Knights look suspiciously like Roman gladiators
by Darth Penelope

1. Luke rides the torpedo!
by Darth Datadog

10. Palpatine would strap Luke down, pin open his eyelids and make him watch the Holiday Special over and over and over...
by Boba Frett (neurotic bounty hunter)

9. C-3PO would have been a gigalo droid
by Rudencrudejedi

8. Han would have been frozen in a monolith, and would have played a huge role in human evolution
by Darth Richard

7. TIE Fighters would have taken half an hour to move from one side of the screen to the other
by Deak Bendu

6. Jar-Jar Binks killed by Vietcong sniper fire in first scene of movie
by Darth Penelope

5. Lots and lots of slow tracking shots, with plenty of closeups of mad faces
by lucas's minion

4. Beethoven would have been playing in the background while Han was being tortured on Cloud City
by Darth Sethor

3. Ackbar goes nuts and starts screaming about the Imperial plot to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids
by Chris Knight

2. After intense training on Dagobah, Luke would have went Section 8 and killed Yoda
by Tie Fighter Pilot #3

1. "Heeeeeeeeeeeeere's Annie!"
by Randall Flagg

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