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Things Overheard At This Year's Jedi Academy Graduation
by the readers of TheForce.Net

10. "Did you see what we did to Master Yoda's Naboo Speedster?"
by Houd1n1

9. "Is it me or is wearing black the new uniform of the Jedi"
by jedi_022

8. "So, do we throw our cloaks in the air or our sabers?"
by Walter Danek

7. "Imperial March...Pomp and Circumstance... What's the difference?"
by jedimindchick

6. "Remember you must...fear, anger, agression...the Dark Side are they...now, what time does the Toga party start?"
by DT Carel of elited.net

5. "Force streaking? I thought that fad went out of style milleniae ago."
by Noman

4. "Oh look, little Jimmy has a red saber.... a double ended one..."
by diskerror

3. "Finally! Thank the Force, we don't have to listen to Master Skywalkers incesent whining anymore!"
by Sara Jade

2. "Hey, guys! Jacen doesn't have any underwear on under that robe!"
by Jet Vega

1. Screw this Jedi thing, I'm tired of these stinkin robes. The moment this show is over, I'm giving my application to Starfleet!
by darthwedge2000

10. "When 900 years you reach, Anakin will still not have graduated. Heeheehee!"
by Leela Skywalker

9. "Remember, the blade goes into the other guy."
by Paul Woolley

8. "Ah, my job is secure. No way is Chancellor Palpatine going to replace us with clones."
by Joe Antilles

7. "What do you mean, we're not allowed to marry? Man, I knew I should have gone to bartending school!"
by Assistant Manager Piett

6. "Oh, Chancellor Palpatine wished us well in the future. What a nice guy."
by Darth Nader

5. "I'm finally a full-fledged Jedi Knight! It's too bad my Mom and the Midichlorians couldn't be here."
by The Third Sith

4. Kegger at Yoda's!!!!!!
by Captain Chris

3. "We're very proud this year, only three of our students turned to the dark side, and only two planets and three fleets were destroyed trying to stop them."
by Zoobily Zoo

2. "Do you think they ever found out who stuck the thermal detonator in the toilet?"
by ToiletBomber101

1. "You idiot, you're supposed to make your first lightsaber. You CAN'T get it as a graduation gift."
by Darthy Darth

10. "Does this Jedi robe make me look fat?"
by Spooky

9. "The speech is long with this one..."
by Osmodiar

8. The new song "Who Let The Dugs Out?"
by Darthliquor

7. "And graduating with highest honors in telekinetics..."
by Jedi Knight Ivyan

6. "Dude, does this mean I can choke officers now?"
by Matt Stevenson

5. "Yeah, I flunked Avoiding the Dark Side 101, but tricked Master Windu into letting me pass..."
by Charlie V

4. "Yeah its really cool and there only have to be two... an apprentance and a master... join me?"
by Govie Wan

3. "Now WE get to torture our own padawans ! Bring on the little brats !"
by Cyberwulf

2. "Hey everyone, someone spiked the blue milk!'
by Sticks

1. "How can we be a class if we don't know what year were in?"
by Swin Agen ( Harry Pitts )

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