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Top 46 Things Overheard at the ILM Tribute
by the readers of TheForce.Net

Though I wanted to be there like the rest of the sci-fi world, alas, I'm on the wrong coast. Here's a group of people that seemed to have much better luck than I. Enjoy their revealing info...

46. "We were told that there would be pie and punch."
by Darth_Dave

45. "Yeah, yeah, George Lucas is a god. Blah Blah Blah. But explain 'Howard the Duck'."
by Darth_Dave

44. After-hours party with jams by DJ-Artoo
by Tommy H.

43. I hear that you guys are rigging the movie theaters to blow up at the end of Episode 3. Is that right?
by Tycho Celchuuu

42. Yep... he's always been digital... and if you think the beard's tricky, try rendering all those flannel shirts!
by Emperor Palpatim

41. Don't worry Jar Jar, we have a role for you in Jurassic Park 4.
by Emperor Palpatim

40. "Boy, we really are something, aren't we?" "We sure are!"
by Darth Daevlyn

39. A new character in Ep. 3 - that little jumping pixar lamp.
by Lau-ra

38. "well actually, the chewbacca sound samples are my mother-in-law.."
by edwardo

37. "Excuse me, Mr Lucas, but it did say evening dress on the invite. No, I'm afraid flannel is not an acceptable substitute.
by Nemesis

36. "Did you see those losers camping out in front so they could make sure they'd get in?"
by Ben S. Gaulk

35. Everyone is talking about the heart warming ceremony where Puppet Yoda and Digital Yoda put jealousy and pride behind them; embracing in a tear full hug.
by 4thMoon

34. Program 3 -- "Bringing Dinosaurs To Life: ILM and the Geriatric Park retirement home."
by 4thMoon

33. Program 7 -- "You'll always use sunscreen once you've Ben Burt by the sun."
by 4thMoon

32. Merger with Microsoft. The name will change from Industrial Light and Magic to I Love Microsoft. All CG characters will reboot on error. Poor Jar Jar.
by Kenpasck

31. Artoo's A Dink, Man. He Wouldn't Even Autograph My Action Figure Of Him.
by Darth Crow

30. "You invented space paranoids?"
by Dallas Jedi (Note: Props to a fellow 'user'. -Ed.)

29. Yea we got new work replacing Gandolfini with Yoda for the upcoming season of the Sopranos.
by McJedi

28. Hey couldn't they spring for REAL beer..this digital stuff takes like watered down p***
by McJedi

27. Hey, I was wondering. What with all the fabulous work you do and all...did you make the new Star Wars: Top 46 logo?
by Kevin "Uncle Kettch" Ray

26. This segment will capture the intense instructions George gave to the model makers on how to paint the toothpicks they used for antennas.
by Darth Hack

25. ...and this segment is of George's three week tirade when he fired two-thirds of the crew because the shade of gray on the wing of a model too closely matched the color on a Battlestar Galactica cruiser.
by Darth Hack

24. If one more reporter asks me what it's like to work on the second biggest sci-fi franchise of all time, I'm going to blast them!
by Darth Hack

23. rick:ive got a new idea lets kill anakin and let padme become darth vaider. George:you have got to lay of the booze
by galaleio

22. I can't hear you! The THX logo blew my brains out!
by yendreck

21. WE WANT THREE MORE! *clap* *clap* *clapclapclap* WE WANT THREE MORE!
by Sponewalker

20. I loved Toy Story! How long did that take?
by Tycho Celchuuu

19. "Dude, there's a FEMALE over there." "WHERE?!?"
by Jon

18. So, where would I buy a lightsaber? That's legal, right?
by Tycho Celchuuu

17. "I Launder Money??" "Yes, at the George Lucas Laundromat!"
by Vinchenzo

16. A Twenty-One Blaster Salute. Performed by well-trained stormtroopers. Oddly enough, seven onlookers were injured in the fire. One trooper remarks "HEY! I got one!" then soon choked by Vader.
by Darth Taps

15. So uh, anyone up for toilet papering WETA?
by Tiene Leche

14. Y'know Taun We? I designed her. She uh, she doesn't talk much, but if you want I could arange a more personalized millieu.
by The Guy With The Face (Who obviously needs to go home and rethink his life... -Ed.)

13. "Simulated bathrooms? I don't like the sound of that"
by Kar'Ghun

12. LUCAS: Wipe them out...all of them. AIDE: But they're here to pay tribute. LUCAS: Let them kneel before my flannel and bask in the God-like power of George Elizabeth Lucas! AIDE: Elizabeth?
by Mark Rosenthal

11. Well, Ben Burtt's sound effects seem to be getting rather juvenile, don't you think? Say, what's that smell?
by Inebriated Wyrm

10. "Ooh, I've wasted my life."
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

by Dean Martin

8. We are eternally grateful to ILM for...*dramatic pause*...LIGHTSABERS!!!
by Skaiwalkuh

7. Southern rock anthems. I don't know why.
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

6. ***The ILM Tribute has been cancelled and replaced by a computer-generated tribute***
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

5. Sign my computer?
by Tycho Celchuuu

4. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to "Celebration LITE!"
by Bongo Boy

3. The sound of millions of voices screaming out in panic, and then suddenly silenced.
by Darth_Dave

2. "Darth Vader's black?!?!"
by yendreck

1. Question: What program did you create Natalie Portman in? Can I get a copy? (Dumbfounded silence from panel)
by Regs

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