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Top 46 Galaxies Features We'd Like to See
by the readers of TheForce.Net

Working here at TFN for awhile now, It's started to bug me that whenever we've done a top ten we've had more than one list. Doesn't that kinda ruin the point about having a "Top Ten"? So, we're thinking outside the box now. Time for the TOP FORTY-SIX!!!! (NEW! BIGGER THAN EVER! NOW WITH VITAMIN D!)

46. Holiday-Special Mode (unlockable after 1 year of playing): Your prize is a Carrie Fisher signing wav. which plays whenever you kill Whine-stopping Force attack (aka- "Back-hand Luke")
by Max

45. Adventure. hmph. Excitement. hmph. Features! hmph! A Jedi craves not these things!
by Max

44. New Force power, the total universal destruction power. Code: CTRL, ALT, DELETE.
by Chad Evans

43. "Make The Timeline Make Sense" Booster Set(SOLD OUT)
by Darth Crow

42. Virtual Jabba's Dancers! dancing, please. and with AI to respond to pickup lines in a positive manner. ;)
by Brian

41. The search for Jango's head.
by Sytherea

40. Palpatine's quarters contain a copy of "So You Want to Build a Death Star"
by Sytherea

39. A new enemy species with pointy ears called "Vulcans"
by Sytherea

38. Optional running commentary of C-3PO giving his opinions on each scene and your ability.
by Sytherea

37. World Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Germans(If we have movies about their world, shouldn't they have movies about our world?)
by Qui-Gon Kenobi

36. "How Did Luke Score With Mara?" SourceBook
by Darth Crow

35. Play as the Dell Dude and have to drop your "cargo" at the sight of the Imperials.
by Jedi Master Lou

34. Lasers! Lasers are what the people want! They ...ahh! my eye!
by SirNi
Special bonus cause I'm an Invader Zim Fan. -Ed

33. LOTR characters *runs from angry SW fans*

32. Species 8472!
by SirNi

31. Stormtroopers that might ACTUALLY hit something!
by Mike H

30. Stormtroppers with their normal bad aim.
by David Fett
Mike and David need to discuss this in committee... -Ed

29. New " Dating" feature allows players to do something that they could NEVER do in real life
by Matt the Mighty

28. Yor can pick which half of Darth Maul you want to be.
by Darth Coconut

27. You can hunt down anyone who had a part in making the 'Holiday Special' as a bounty, except for George.
by Kupokpok

26. An opening scene of Jar Jar FINALLY getting decapitated (much to the cheers and hoots of the viewers)
by Dexter's LabOR-at-ORy

The "Are you trying to say something?" Section -

25. New Profession: TFN Humor Editor! Oh wait, we want one that does something.
by Padawan Drew

24. It's got to be updated more often the the TFN Humor section...that's always a plus.
by Sepsys1138

23. Bounty hunters have the following bounties: Jar Jar Binks, Captain Jean Luc Picard and the dreaded sith lord...... THE TFN HUMOR GUY!
by Gamingboy

Note to everyone: I'd just like to point that I updated everything in a week and even made new graphics myself. Thank you very much. -Ed (Now on to the best of the best...)

22. The ability to play a new character called DragonFox who simply runs around Spamming other characters
by Tpjedi

21. Clicking on poorly concealed exhaust port causes the whole game to crash to the desktop.
by Paul

20. Tell everyone you meet you are their father
by Kar'Ghun

19. Career Choice: HoloNet Adult Film Star
by SagaMasterXK

18. Appearences of Indiana Jones, Howard the Duck, and Steve Bolander. No, wait, that's "Kingdom Hearts".
by doggans

17. The new 'slimmed down' species options only lets us choose between 'easily blasted Jawa', 'easily blasted Ewok' and 'That bald fat guy who cleans up Rancor poo.'
by Blow-mi One Cannoli

16. Surivor: Geonosis
by Nobody Important

15. Nien Nunb's all-night karaoke bar. No one understands the songs, but the booze never runs out.
by Inebriated Wyrm

14. If you roleplay Anakin better than Hayden you get the job for Episode III. (Should be easy)
by Jaceman

13. Translator droids that understand l33t speak.
by Rin
See Captioning #78 -Ed

12. Playable Characters: Sarlaac, R4, and the guy with the ice cream maker on Bespin.
by Darth_Obstreperous

11. The Incredible Moving Release Date!!!
by attackrat

10. All rodian characters that get killed get a 'do-over' and get to shoot first this time.
by Clutch

9. With a $50 USB attachment available direct from Lucasarts, you'll be able to smell the action! Get close to that tauntaun now! Hutts added as player characters at the last minute. Sit in one place for hours! Munch on something! Wait, this sounds familiar for some reason............
by Clutch

8. Crossover mode import your character into the Sims.
by Darth Foo

7. Sean Connery.
by Elf Lord.

These people had their minds on other computer games...

6. Jump in the green pipes to warp to different worlds

5. Find out the Secret of Monkey Island
by Kar'Ghun

4. Liesure Suit Luke
by Cr33dos3

3. Five special padawans, one with the power of earth,one air, one water,one fire, one wind, one heart, and when their five powers combine...
by Darth Starkiller

2. Replace Star Wars with Nintendo names (ex: Link Skywalker)

And the number one suggestion...

1. Mara Jade lap dance. (I did not just say that)
by Sytherea

Yeah you did! I got yer submission RIGHT HERE! :) Tune in next week for next batch of 46!!! -Chris

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