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Top Ten Things Dumb Guys Think a Sith Is
by the readers of TheForce.Net

10. "Hi, gimme a BigMac, a huge coke and huge siths, please!"
by Uschi

9. A new professional Wrsetler
by Darth Duncan

8. That hanging-ball thing in the back of your throat
by Bromine

7. Somthin' ya do when ya aint standin'
by Pizza the Hutt

6. Those things they sell on late night tv
by Walter Danek

5. The number after 5 and before 7.
by Darth Varmint

4. A Sith? My dermotologist said this ointment would get rid of that!
by Darth Shopping Mall

3. The thing you use to strain vegetables
by Desmond Seah (http://come.to/pageostuff)

2. A frozen drink at Seven Eleven
by Anthony

1. The weapon of the grim reaper
by Darth Firefly

10. A type of poisonous snake
by Aubri

9. It means "yes" is spanish (with a Trandoshan accent)
by fabi-one-kenobi

8. That new restaurant on 32nd Street.
by Omry

7. Poorly molded action figure.
by UncKettch

6. A new type of ice cream at 31 flavors
by Darth Sillious

5. That stupid computer game with all the puzzles.
by Purp

4. "That's some kind of drink, right?
by Ping

3. That guy down the street
by Sift

2. A smurf.
by The Dude

1. It's a fast car!
by Killer Ewok

10. A professional basketball player for the Denver Nuggets
by Jedi SWkomal

9. He's the new Quarterback isn't he?
by Kevin Bryant

8. Well, it's like a sneeze, just... uh... different
by CheezCracker@hotmail.com

7. Some guys that got turned down by the Shriners...
by CheezCracker@hotmail.com

6. that weird thing on the side of my foot
by e. mayer

5. Isn't a Sith, that guy from G,I. Joe, the one with a cobra symbol?
by Emperoress Palpatine

4. Someone from the country of Sithia
by Face Loran

3. An Iraqi missle launcher.
by Dehrian

2. is that the type of car the guy down the street owns?
by Sweek

1. Some kind of new math that their kid is learning at school.
by ROCKERjk49

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