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Top Ten Things Dumb Guys Say About The New Star Wars Movie
by the readers of TheForce.Net

10. Hey! Where's Luke?
by Nathan Henry

9. I hear Captain Spock actually takes his mask off in this one.
by John

8. Episode 1? But what about A New Hope???
by Mandalorian Warrior

7. "You know in the first three that the lightsabers were fake? Well in this one they're real!!!"
by Matt Adams

6. I wonder if Harrison Ford will be in it.
by Luke Skywaltzer

5. "I'll wait for the video."
by BeeDub

4. Dude didn't Darth Vader die in the last one?
by Rufus Holmes

3. The effects are so cheezy!
by BellisK@Yahoo.com

2. What's this "Anakin" kid got to do with anything?
by wayne cleary

1. Anakin Skywalker? Is that Darth dude his father too?
by Thunderstrike

10. "You would think ALL the Darths would have a black helmet
by Walter Danek

9. I here they are casting the original Yoga
by Katie

8. But the real Yoda died, How could they dare recast him with a puppet. For the Love of John, a puppet!!!!!!!
by Warrend

7. I hope Speilberg uses his computer to show Spock and ET riding bikes together in the sky.
by Ruddiger McGarnicle

6. I paid six bucks for this $%*$ film! Where's Harrison Ford?
by Skeearmon

5. I hope it has lots of ewoks in it. They just RULED!
by Ron Redneck

4. "What's the point? You already know Obi-Wan and Anakin are going to bite it."
by Ael

3. "It's based on those Timothy Zahn books"
by Eric Fett

2. Wow.. what's with that kid's shadow?
by Aubri

1. I hope it got's Splosions!
by James "the Wookie" White

10. Whoa! Dr. Evil is the villian in this movie!
by mealso

9. "New Star Wars Movie? You'd think after 'Generations' they'dve learned..."
by Obi-Wan Kenolsson

8. I hope we get to meet Chewie's parents in this one!
by Dark Helmut

7. Why are they re-releasing Star Wars? I thought they already did a special-edition...
by The Iguana that Ate Yoda!

6. An army of robots...? Man, I don't know....
by J. Orcadi

5. As long as we get to the theater at least 15 minutes before the movie starts, we should have no problem getting a seat.
by GrandAdmiralTodd

4. They should have play a Jedi Knight!
by Nizam Arain

3. "Ya--you remember when they--when they blew up that giant, grey Christmas ornament at the end?...That was pretty cool!"
by Darth Gator

2. "star wars" Boy! What a dumb name

1. "The truth is, this movie is just ripping off 'Space Balls'."
by Charles S. Lewis III

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