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Ways You Would Have Destroyed the Death Star
by the readers of TheForce.Net

A message from TFN
This list is not in any particular order (thanks to FirstFungus for the suggestion).

  1. Mind-Tricked it into blowing itself up.
    by Darth Hideous

  2. Popped "The Holiday Special" into a VCR onboard and RUN!!!!!!
    by Darth Hideous

  3. Install Windows ME on their main computer and wait thirty seconds for the crash.
    by computer-geekz

  4. Make it fight the other 500 ultimate superweapons from the EU.
    by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

  5. Parked it in a bad part of the galaxy.
    by Rouge25

  6. Sneak Jar Jar onboard...
    by 2powerfull

  7. Take the 5 inch model and stomp on it
    by Dan

  8. The ol' potato-in-the-exhaust-pipe!
    by Mr. Whitmarsh

  9. Throw that stupid mouse droid into the reactor core.
    by Darth Serious

  10. Get a hobbit to take it to Mordor and throw it into Mount Doom
    by Grand Moff Brykoe

  11. Gasoline and a match.
    by Kayn Marulil

  12. Call the White House and report it as a Weapon of Mass Destruction
    by Jay Hughes

  13. Control+Alt+Delete!!!
    by Alia

  14. Let Jar-Jar loose in the reactor control room for five minutes.
    by Keith

  15. Stick a rancor on the engines. 'nuff said.
    by Darth Pancreas

  16. Chewy scares a mouse droid, which trips a stormtrooper whose gun goes off and hits a ceiling tile, which falls on the self-destruct button.
    by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

  17. Tell George Bush it is an al-Qaida terrorism training camp
    by Walter Danek

  18. Until it's proven that there exists something that this man can't infiltrate and blow up, I'm gonna have to go with Solid Snake.
    by Inebriated Wyrm

  19. Have R2 set the self destruct before leaving, it's obvious that their computer security is pretty bad.
    by Admiral Helmut, Dark Lord of the Sixth

  20. If there's one rule to spaceship design, it's that everything must be linked to the main reactor. I'd light a match and drop it in an air conditioning vent.
    by Inebriated Wyrm

  21. Unplugged the power cord
    by Dufus

  22. Got Luke to whine so much, they hit the Self-Destruct just to shut him up.
    by Ben O'Kenobi

  23. Put a really big mirror in front of the superlaser.
    by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

  24. Bribe lowly ILM techs to edit it out of the film
    by Darth Dastardly

  25. I would have walked onto the green screen set and kicked it.
    by Jedi Knight Dru

  26. Leave it alone, sooner or later a stormtrooper will hit the self destruct
    by Dai

  27. We could shoot the Ewoks into space and let them throw rocks at it (note: this probably would work).
    by Mab

  28. Drop a lit lightsaber down a central elevator shaft. Gravity pulls it to the center and all the important equipment.
    by Jedi with a normal name (Chris)

  29. Build it out of LEGO and destroy it. Easy
    by BokkaDaClown

  30. Inform the IRS that the Empire cheats on its taxes every year
    by NAHTMMM

  31. Why does Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards always get in??? Maybe if he can destroy keyboards so well we should give him a shot against the Death Star....
    by Bin, Saver of Keyboards

  32. Hired Homer Simpson as Safety Inspector for the main reactor.
    by computer-geekz

  33. Take out the SIM card
    by Ed Kenobi

  34. Tell Rush Limbaugh his prescription is being held at the death star.
    by Darth Linford

  35. By over producing it, and causing its fan base to become alienated and dissolved
    by Snakewind

  36. Taken stormtroopers to the reactor room, given them a target 10 feet away from the reactor, and told them to shoot the target.
    by computer-geekz

  37. A virus! AOL!
    by Moosey Fate

  38. Run Unpatched Windows XP on main computer, let hackers do the rest.
    by Bar Bar Jinks

  39. Shove Jek Porkins in the exhaust port and teach him to harness his explosive flatulence
    by Kung-Fu-Yoda

  40. Send RIAA after them.
    by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

  41. Well, no superweapon can exist without a fatal flaw, so, if we were to plug up the fatal flaw of the first death star, it would cease to exist.
    by Vo`nadu

  42. press the "off" button?
    by darth caption

  43. Send them a bunch of spam for Twi'lik porn sites and insurance companies until the whole thing blows up.
    by Ash Kinsa

  44. Just walk in and shut it down, it's not like I'm going to get hit by a stormtrooper or something
    by Jedi Master Jerry

  45. * I would definitely send the Gungan special ops unit. "Weesa walkin da trench, then Jar Jar droppin da torpedoe in da hole and boom! We crashin da big ball"
    by Jabba the Butt

  46. One screw at a time.
    by Vesp

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