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Top Ten Phantom Menace Scenes Left on the Cutting Room Floor
by the readers of TheForce.Net

10.The climactic battle scene where the Trade Federation is defeated by a tribe of Ewoks.
by Jet Eye Nite

9. Mace Windu is falsly accused of crimes against the Republic, and holds the Jedi Council hostage to prove his innocence.
by Jedi Wes

8. Scene of Darth Maul preparing for a typical day of misdeeds: flossing his horns and singing "Rubber Ducky" in the shower.
by Darth Gator

7. The scene with Yoda, Anakin, Obi-Wan and Palapatie all dying (it was the continuity editor's idea.)
by Randall Flagg

6. The Jedi Council goes joyriding on a landspeeder trying to pick up hotties.
by r2-d2

5. George Lucas swimming in a pool of money, laughing his head off.
by Sith Lord Vader

4. Obi Wan shaving with his lightsaber
by Natey O'Grady

3. The entire Naboo Royal Court, Anakin Obi-Wan Qui-Gon, and Jar Jar, have to get up, and do the Macarena for the Queen . When they mess up she stops the music and tells them to do it till they get it.
by Jeda

2. Obi-Wan getting drunk after Qui-Gon's death, getting up and singing kareoke. Anakin is called to take him home because he's frightening the public.
by Jeda

1. Obi and Amidala embracing each other on the bow of a Star Destroyer the night before it sinks.
by John

10. The Michael Richards scene in which "Senator Cosmo" spills super-hot coffee on Queen Amidala
by Matt Adams

9. Ben and Qui's freqent visits to the Ortolan strip clubs throughout the movie
by Shannon Darklighter

8. The scene in which they travel back in time to save the whales.
by Darth Xenader

7. Anakin gets trapped by Darth Maul when Turboman saves his life. Turboman then reveals that he is Anakin's father.
by Gembot

6. Surprise cameo by Rodney Dangerfield, Hanson and David Letterman as a whacky Bantha stuffed animal salesman
by Greg Baird

5. Every single scene that Mark Hamill thought no one saw him creep onto the set of.
by Mike Drucker

4. Young Yoda's Gene Kelly tap dance number
by Benjamin Singer

3. R2 D2 throws a tantrum when Anakin won't let him stay out late.
by Helena Solo

2. Squadron of battle droids destroyed by small mouse with red stone.
by Steve Vanden-Eykel

10. Darth Vader shows up with Christopher LLoyd in a Delorian
by Marty 'Puff Daddy' Kornfeld

9. Jabba colapsing after the race onto 2 unfourtunat spectators
by Star Wars Geek

8. Jake Lloyd scenes narrated by Fred Savage
by Tim Stephens

7. C3PO standing on a Mos Espa corner with a "Will Translate for Plating" placard.
by Brian Haughwout

6. All the close-ups of the Cameraman's thumb.
by Inferno

5. A section of the film where, in an attempt to further explain the force to Anakin, Qui Gon shows him an old Jedi pre school film starring the ever amusing "Mr. Midichlorian."
by Ruddiman

4. Darth Maul's beautiful rendition of "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" at the Mos Espa cantina.
by Jen

3. Obi-Wan: The boy is dangerous, they all sense it. Why can't you? Qui-Gon: Shut up! (Backhands Obi Wan)
by The Darth Formerly Known As Vader

2. Anakin turning around and screaming when he saw the shadow that was behind him
by Prince of Sith

Obi Wan Kenobi: "Use the smack Anakin!"
by Joe Bishop

1. The Queen's ship destined to hit an asteroid and the love story that unfolds as she tries to make it onto one of the escape pods
by The Phantom's Menace

10. Where's the beef? or Jabba's quadruple bypass.
by Craig Chasseur

9. Darth Maul and Sidious spitting on the people below them from the Corsaunt Tower.
by mealso

8. Anakin drinks one too many ruby bliels and plows his pod through Watto's shop.
by Mike Cooper

7. Yoda hits the Coruscant nightclub. Disco fever, baby!
by Craig Chasseur

6. 1Yoda and Mace Windu's pivotal racquetballball match
by Mike Heidenberg

5. Anakin running over small animals and laughing like a maniac
by Anna K

4. The Darth Maul musical number: "It's not easy being mean."
by Dolechris

3. (The final lightsaber duel) DARTH MAUL: "You know, this is getting nowhere. Why don't we just talk over our problems with an ice cold Pepsi and some Pizza Hut . . ."
by Mandalore007

2. 'When Yoda attacks Anakin yelling "Pure EVIL! Pure EVIL!"
by Tommy

1. Yoda's song and dance number with Sidious and Maul, "I Got the Force."
by FriedEwok

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