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Worst Things About Road Rage On Coruscant
by the readers of TheForce.Net

10. Running in to the Chief of State's office window.
by Darth Loopy

9. Road Rage happens every 1.2 seconds on Coruscant. That causes 1.2 million square feet of damage to the buildings below
by Swin Agen

8. For cutting him off, Darth Vader chokes off your brake lines.
by Sid Spinmove

7. When the wookie you 'accidentally' hit from behind follows you home.
by Jedi Girl of Corellia

6. The idiots who, at 30,000, get out of their hover-cars to start a fight.
by Tim Piper

5. The cab driver you're yelling at might be Bruce Willis
by Randall Flagg

4. Four words: "there _is_ no road"
by Mike Heidenberg

3. Always getting caught behind some 900-year-old with green pointy ears who can hardly see over the steering wheel going 35 in the fast lane.
by Sid Spinmove

2. Stormtroopers on patrol don't respond to " a little leg"
by Taku Sokoth

1. Comlink drivers
by R0-4

10. If you get out of your ship to fight the person next to you, you fall 100,000 feet to a splattery death
by Katy Farry

9. The Jedi always "persuade" you into think they have the right of way.
by The Duke

8. If you're a species with an even number of fingers on one hand, you can't flip people off
by Captain EO

7. Pesky TIE Fighters don't have any courtesy
by Great Scott

6. Pedestrians have to dodge debris from collisions eighty stories above
by nerfherder

5. Most people who cut you off give you more than "one" middle finger
by Darth-Insidius

4. Your "Dangerous Flying" ticket has a smiley face and reads "Your Tax Dollars At Work!"
by Araviah

3. Senator Jar Jar causes a hundred ship pile-up and gets off because of diplomatic immunitiy
by darth pauly

2. That moron with the "Pit Droids Do It In Six Seconds" bumper sticker
by ComicKook

1. There's no road to rage on!
by NerdyNathan

10. Hundred-million car pileups
by Karl-Gon Jinn

9. If you flip off a Jedi, you'll probally lose your hand
by Roland Solo

8. It takes the courts even longer to assign fines than the Senate
by Darth Woody

7. Understanding the finger gestures of beings from different planets
by Rebel Against the Clinton Empire

6. When the local disgruntled taxi driver begins hurling Class-A thermal detonators
by Ice Man

5. You can't dull your anger by running over small animals
by KLBS180

4. Hot-headed Wookiee drivers who will tear your limbs off if you cut ahead of them
by Dubya Fett

3. Judge sentences you to Gungan Driving School as punishment
by Rafiennes

2. When you get out of your car and realize your 2 miles up.
by Bubba Fett

1. Fifty-fifty chance that finger pointed at you is CGI
by ComicKook

10. Being behind a Hutt
by Vader15

9. Jedi Traffic controllers KNOW how fast you were really going
by Jade Knight

8. When you pull over and some nerfherder throws your pet Ewok into the traffic
by rabid cow

7. The Star Explorer roll-over rate is horrendous in the ionosphere
by JediMike

6. You flip the bird, they flip your hover platform
by Slim

5. Those pesky TIE Fighters always think they have the right of way
by Jedi_Hood

4. It seems that every loser who hijacks your ship is out there to "save the galaxy" or something
by Dude Maul

3. Chances are, nowadays, the other guy's a Sith Lord in disguise
by bronski

2. No fun pot-holes to drive through.
by anakin_walker_of_sky

1. Blaster pistols, what else?
by Kevbacca

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