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Lando Calrissian's Top Ten Worst Investments
by the readers of TheForce.Net

10.Star Wars: The Holiday Special 2: Yuletide with the Ugnaughts
by Brian Haughwout

9. Death Star property Insurance
by freeholder

8. The 500 million credits he plunked down on William Shatner records
by Matt Adams

7. He convinced Coruscant Cola to change their formula and call it NEW Coruscant Cola
by Keiran_h

6. Alderaanian Real Estate
by Dustin Buhl

5. 20-year Imperial Treasury Bills
by madman

4. Bootleg copy of 'Star Wars Holiday Special' in German
by Miss Smiley

3. Ishtar
by Jim Clancy

2. Special widescreen editions of the "EWOKS" movies with cut footage
by Exar Kun

1. Never-fade disco suit
by Andrey Summers

10. A thousand stocks in that great new thirstquencher-"coffiene"
by Mirax

9. His Avon cologne "Bespin Man"
by Joanna

8. Emperor, this is my idea for stormtrooper armor! Oh, yes, it should be quite safe against blaster fire....
by Michael McKinley

7. Two words: Planet Hollywood!
by Darth Gator

6. A superb insurance that covers everything unless your city is ovetaken by the Empire.
by Cosmo P.

5. Bespin's "Imperial Early Warning Satellite"... that was 50,000 credits down the drain.
by HammerHead

4. "Hmm, the Yugo. Sounds promising . . . ."
by Darth Servo

3. Gap Wookies
by Herf Nerder

"Emperor Land" a fun filled adventure for the whole family!
by The Darkly Illuminated One

His psychic hotline.
by clyde49

10. Adding all those new windows to Cloud City for the Special Edition
by Rob Roy

9. Vader's deal
by R2

8. Betraying Han, Leia & co. for a flight (that he never got) around the Bespin system in the Emperor's SDD.
by Jemm

7. McJabba's (Now with Ewok McNuggets)
by Randall Flagg

6. 1000 Epsoide One 'Opening Day Tickets' (Dated May 21st)
by New York Jedi

5. Hiring the Ewok tribe that wasted a legion of Stormtroopers as mercenaries, and then learning they're hard to housebreak and are cannon fodder when fighting anything but stormtrooper extras.
by Snydo

4. the "How to be more assertive when dealing with Sith lords " self help book
by Lyndee

3. Producing the made for TV Movie "Unsung Heroes: The Ugnaught Story"
by Brian Ludovico

2. 'Sith Industries, looking to open branch office on worlds with rebel sympathies'. Hmmm, sounds interesting...
by Jedi Jacob

1. Thirty capes for twenty bucks? Sold!
by The Sithsonian Institue

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