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BAD Things About Being Frozen In Carbonite
by the readers of TheForce.Net

10. That nasty carbonite bed head.
by The Duke

9. You can't see who YOUR girlfriend is going out with...
by Kato Kalisson

8. One heck of a neck cramp
by Darth Alf

7. Imagine if you have to go to the bathroom...really bad.
by Jedi Thespian

6. You have to stay in the same shirt for a while- - no, wait...
by Idaho_Stallion

5. Your friends might not be able to find you, but you can bet the IRS will.
by darth ryoko

4. You can't be defrosted in the microwave
by psycho jedi

3. The Slave I's dirty cargo compartment the Boba never cleans.
by Jedi Bib

2. You'll run out of sick days
by lowbacca

1. Morning breath!
by Obi-Wan Candome

10. Your mouth tastes like it is filled with pencil leads.
by Lobot Monster

9.Becoming a wall hanging for a three-meter long banana slug.
by The Third Sith

8. All that time wasted when you could of made another "Indiana Jones" movie.
by Joe Antilles

7. Your underwear is running up, and there's nothing you can do about it.
by Indiana "Bridget" Jones

6. Realizing you left the Millennium Falcon's headlights on.
by Bib Fortuna Sandwich

5. You gain 300lbs in less than a second.
by The Littlest Stormtrooper

4. MAJOR carbonite hair when you are thawed out.
by Terry Letourneau

3. Some hungry rancor may mistake you for a yummy frozen burrito.
by Nightviero

by Thrawn no Koibito

10. In Jabba's palace you can't see the dancing girls, but you can hear that awful Rebo band!
by Mace Windex

9. When your mobile phone rings you can't answer it and all Jabba's henchmen give you annoyed stares.
by Emperor Palpatim

8. Carbonite still stuck in your ears and up your nose.
by Animaster

7. Your friends actually trying to see how many licks it takes to get to the center.
by Glacies

6. It's like a wedgie, forever.
by squee

5. You have to spend more time at the john than Austin Powers
by YodaFeak

4. Having to listen to Salacious Crumb and not be able to cover your ears
by yendreck

3. Jabba hangs you next to his "Velvet Elvis" paintings.
by Rob London

2. All the cool people are being frozen in Tanzanite these days.
by Admiral Snackbar

1. Hutts may use you as a coffee table
by DieJarJarDie

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