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Top 46 Things to do with Your Life after Ep. III
by the readers of TheForce.Net

I was particularly troubled with the amount of people threatening to 'do themselves in'. That's just plain scary. I was even more troubled by the amount of people that said they'd do it with a plastic lightsaber. That's just plain stupid. (How long would that TAKE?!) Anyway, here's the people still alive...

46. Do what all mourners do. Drink heavily.
by Inebriated Wyrm

45. I still have five more Harry Potter movies to go through!!
by Padme Skywalker

44. Look forward to the classic trilogy ......FINALLY....... coming out on DVD.
by Brendon McMicking

43. Move out of my parents house.
by R2D2 Man

42. throw a massive party...no more Jar Jar must be cause to celebrate
by Jedi gal

41. i don't know about you but i'm getting laid.
by k@e

by Guybrush

39. Light Cigarette, ask rest of theater if it "was good for them"
by Baggens

38. Get in line again... for the DVD release!
by Dex1138

37. Aw crap! The movies are over! Does this mean that I have to read that Vong crap now?
by Peter Tutham

36. Write script for Spaceballs II: The Search for More Money
by JPJ

35. If it sucks: weep uncontrolably. If it rocks: weep uncontrolably.
by Darth Shmarth

34. Retire Geek uniform in arena rafters after tearful ceremony
by DarthQueeg

33. Hmm . . . Lets see . . . maybe get the life back that I left behind 4 years ago . . .
by Jedi Master Lou

32. Next on my list??? A list there is not! Always to the future you have looked, never on where you are at or what you are doing! The future! Heh! Excitement! Heh! A Jedi craves not these things!
by Jedi Master Lou

31. Get a life. No, really.
by Elad Avron

30. Sell all the old antique merchandise you collected over the years for millions of pounds (or dollars if you prefer)
by Kar'Ghun

29. Petition George to make Episodes -2, -1, and 0
by Darth_Dave

28. Ender's Game Anyone?
by Lord Demeos

27. Listen to the crickets chirping peacefully on the now deserted Skywalker Ranch....
by snowdog83

26. Go home and rethink my life.
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

25. Continue the 'Bantha Fodder: Food or Dung?' debate. (As long as fans have infantile imaginations and no basic understanding of Huttese, the argument may outlast the saga itself...)
by Zarm R'keeg

24. Thank the many bonthans that died to bring it to us.

23. Try to convince Rick Berman to put lightsabers in Star Trek 11, and slowly begin to reshape it in our own image...
by Zarm R'keeg

22. When does Indy 4 come out again?
by Grand Moff Brykoe

21. Inigo: "Now that Star Wars is done, I don't know what to do with the rest of my life." Wesley: "Have you ever considered piracy? You'd make a great Dread Pirate Roberts."
by BeeDub

20. And the TFN server floods with ... suicide notes? What the ... ?
by Darth Finklebert

19. Burn my Star Wars bedspread in a traditional Jedi funeral ceremony.
by Master Nick

18. after Episode 3 wraps up?Hmmm......Clouded the future is,hm yes.
by Larena_Jade

17. I Recommend These Other Trilogies To Obsess Over:Indiana Jones, Godfather, Back to the Future, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, And The Crow(Yes There Are Three Of Them!)
by Darth Crow

16. Ep. III Wraps? Are those available at KFC?
by Porto John

15. Building a to scale action figure Super Star Destroyer
by Grand_Moff_Josh

14. Host monthly "Star Wars Movie Mania" party, whoever can watch ep 1-6 without loosing interest will be refered to as some sort a god. (it will b me, my friends attention spans are gnat-like)
by Creme

13. I don't know. I may have to... [Gulp] GO OUTSIDE!
by Darth Pain!

12. Start demanding a THX 1138 sequel
by McJedi

11. To Watch the 3-part episode on Rick McCallum's life called "Star Wars, Swearing, and sweaters"
by McJedi

10. well, you know, kick back, buy some more popcorn, and stick around for the next showing.
by Skaiwalkuh

9. have re-occuring nightmares of a gamorrean stuttering 'that's all folks'
by Hezts Bered

8. I'll buy stock in Taun We porn and make a fortune. I didn't think she was all that hot, but whatever...to each his own.

7. Therapy
by Ben S. Gaulk

by Tycho Celchuuu

5. Leave the theatre and shout "OMG!!! They killed Obi-Wan!!!" and see how many people haven't seen ANH.
by ChrisZ

4. encore viewing anyone???? I most certainly think so
by Gatekeep 3. Find out where George hid the 'good' scripts... or at least where he's imprisioned the writers.
by Kupokpok

2. Go through the Fan Fic section reading episode 3 Padme/Anakin stories... "Nope. Nope. No. Hey, this one's pretty close... nope, No, Nope..."
by Zarm R'keeg

1. Wait for Episode IV! Oh... wait....
by Peter Tutham

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