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SW Insider Special Edition Now Available

Posted By Mike on November 8, 2011

The Official SW.com Blog informs us that a jam packed 148 page Special Edition of Star Wars Insider is now available on newsstands for a limited time. Highlights from the issue include:

- A celebration of George Lucas

- The short story Vader Adrift by Ryder Windham and with art by Joe Corroney

- Interviews with the likes of John Dykstra, Kenny Baker, Robert Watts, James Earl Jones, Carrie Fisher, Rob Coleman, Catherine Taber, Ashley Eckstein and more

- Dan Wallace investigates old newspaper strips for The Empire Strikes Back and also takes a look back to The Phantom Menace

- The Clone Wars concept art

- The Bounty Hunters? Guild Handbook

Click here for the full breakdown of what's inside this newly released Special Edition of Star Wars Insider.

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Her Universe Unveils New May The Fourth SW Products
Posted By Eric on May 1, 2013:
Six new items go on sale on May 4th

Star Wars Day Approaches: Prepare For The Puns
Posted By Eric on April 29, 2013:
SW Blog guest post from a TFN writer

USA Today Conducts ROTJ Retrospective Interviews
Posted By Eric on April 29, 2013:
Updated! McDiarmid, Bulloch, and others weigh in

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