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Log file opened at: 8/27/00 6:46:26 PM

Azeem: Okay...

Azeem: I want to welcome everyone here tonight. Thank you for joining us. The AD is a little nervous right now. He is on my other computer.

Anon_Direc: Hello everyone! Thanks for joinging us this evening.

so, is the trailer gonna be reupdated to match the latest rumors?????????

Anon_Direc: Currently, no. I have no plans to update this trailer.

Were there any movie scenes u wanted to use, but didnt? Suxh as a scene u thought would look cool, but didnt know where to fit it in.

Anon_Direc: Yeah, I really wanted a scene with Mace Windu using his lightsaber. However, I couldn't find any footage of Sam Jackson using a sword of any kind.

I got one: How does it feel to be the center of all this attention?

Anon_Direc: Well... it feels good to know that a little work I originally did for my own provided some entertainment to fellow Star Wars fans. The extra attention is nice, sure. But I really hope it helps land me a more professional editing job soon.

Are you nervous because you forgot your helmet?

Anon_Direc: No, no helment needed here, unless there's a secret camera I don't know about. :)

Azeem: FYI...Lord Rive is referring to the picture on TFN FanFilms news

how long did u take to make the trailer? And what made u decide to make it anyway?

Anon_Direc: The original work on the trailer began back in September of last year. However, that one featured DiCaprio in the Anakin role. When Hayden was cast, I started work on this current revised trailer. It took about 2 months to finish it, hence the late July release.

If you had the chance to meet George, would you, despite the legal issues that might ensue?

Anon_Direc: Actually, this might be surprising, but I've actually met George twice. Those two brief encounters were well before any of the trailer hype hit the web. First time I met George was after a broadway play in NYC, following Natalie Portman's performance in Anne Frank. The second time I scored an autograph just a few months ago at the Long Beach Celebrity race here in Southern California.

Did you work on the trailor alone, or did you have some help? Do you anticipate revealing your identity any time?

Anon_Direc: I did all of the idea work, the art direction, editing, and sound fx work. However, I had the extra talents of a friend help me with my visual effects shots.

Azeem: and Azeem did the online compression :P

Anon_Direc: No, don't expect to reveal my identity anytime soon, unless GL calls me...

Here's one: so you are basically staying anonymous so as not to get sued? Do you think DeCaprio would have been a better Anakin over Hayden?

Anon_Direc: Well, I we've probably survived any potential legal issues. It just makes for a more interesting story to the media if I remain anonymous. Yes, Leo will have always been a better Anakin. Sure, Hayden will be fine. But we'll never know. Just imagine had Titanic never existed. Everyone would be on my side then. Let's move past the Leo issue, I have. :)

<[OmegaX]> i gotta see this thing...is it professional looking?

Anon_Direc: Yes, I worked hard at making it look very professional.

Are u a professional Editor? And if so, what work ahve u done.

Anon_Direc: No, not a full-time professional editor - yet. I do work in the post production business in Hollywood as a video operator. I get to use the more sophisticated editing machines during my off hours.

did he (G.Lucas) offer you a job?

Anon_Direc: No, never heard from GL. Only the LFL Marketing dept. and that was to make clear that I will never sell the trailer. Of course, I never intended to.

Do you have a particular favorite fan-made movie? (besides your own) J

Anon_Direc: George Lucas in Love, Park Wars.

Assuming you plan on staying anonymous, do you think you might make another trailer for Episode III? (I know that is pretty far off...)

Anon_Direc: Let's worry about Ep 3 after we see Ep 2.

Does your friend have the same feeling about remaining anonymous? Or would he/she like to be revealed?

Anon_Direc: He won't even admit to doing the work. His side is that it was all me. He doesn't want to get into any potential trouble with the company we work for.

Was one of your goals for this trailer to make everyone do a double-take? I know I had to check and see if it was the real thing or not.

Anon_Direc: My goal was to make a very convincing trailer for Ep2 based on what we knew at the time (about 3 months ago). Sure, it was fun to see people do a double-take.

Have you heard any word from official Lucasfilm sources? Have they sent an opinion to u on it?

Anon_Direc: No opinions. Only a very clear message of never to sell it. However, we have heard from the LFL publicity dept about it and there quote was something like "we love the fans, we support their excitement".

You wouldn't wanna tell just us your name, would you? ;)

Anon_Direc: Steven Spielberg. :)

Would it be possible to make a trailer this authentic-looking using software available to the regular Joe?

Anon_Direc: Perhaps, but I really don't know about home software of this kind. But I bet it wouldn't look as good. I really wish you all could've seen a DVD version of my work. It really looks that good!

what kind of software did you use in the making of trailer?

Anon_Direc: I used an Avid Media Composer (which is supported on a PowerMac where I work). It is the standard in modern film editing equipment.

When the Official Lucasfilm teaser trailer comes out, do you expect a lot of comparison between your work and theirs?

Anon_Direc: Not really. My hunch is the real ep2 trailer will blow us all away. Nothing we can ever expect.

Have you published any other work on the internet besides the E2 trailer?

Anon_Direc: Sadly, no. Only these 2 versions of my Ep2 trailer on TFN fanfilms.

What do U think the plot of Ep2 is?

Anon_Direc: Hopefully, something better than Ep1. I sure hope there's a lot of political intrigue, deception, Natalie without makeup, Ewan actually having some important dialogue, Mace kicking butt. You know...

I converted the smaller version of the film to VHS using my video card, it came out really well, looks better then it doesn on the computer. Not as good as DVD, of course...

I noticed a very wide aspect ratio...any particular reason for having it that wide?

Anon_Direc: I used the 2.35/1 ratio, it's the standard for all the SW films, and Braveheart, and Dune, etc....

Think you're going to wait in line for Episode II a couple weeks? Or are you just gonna go to a charity premiere or go on the regular opening day?

Anon_Direc: Probably, just go on the regular opening day. But by that time, maybe I will have helped in the assembly of the real trailer. :) Are yu out there George? I think I could help you out.

Boxers or briefs? :)

Anon_Direc: no comment.

Do you have any other projects in mind?

Anon_Direc: Yes, I have one other potential project in mind. But I don't know if it's gonna work. It is Lucasfilm-related.

Are you a fan of Braveheart and Dune, or did you just use clips from them because they fit what you were trying to accomplish?

Anon_Direc: I am a huge fan of Braveheart. I think that's one of the best films of all-time. So it just so happened they had a shot of a running army of soldiers carrying swords - easy to replace with sabers. Regarding Dune, I appreciate the film, but am not a big fan of it. I do like Patrick Stewart and Sting in it.

Whats your fav movie, SW or otherwise, and why?

Anon_Direc: Lately, I'm swinging towards Lawrence of Arabia being my all-time favorite, along with some close seconds like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Last of the Mohicans, etc. Regarding Lawrence, it's a complete emotional and visual experience. You should all try and catch it on the big screen if you can somedday.

Would you consider doing your own version of an Episode I trailor?

Anon_Direc: No, I'd like to forget Ep1 for now.

Do you plan on making trailers of other films?

Anon_Direc: Perhaps professional very soon. I would love to edit real movie trailers. It's a fun craft, and I think I can connect with our current audience of movie-goers.

you should make an indiana jones trailer when the info becomes available about the new one...sound good?

Anon_Direc: Yes, sounds good. But we don't know ANYTHING about Indy4.

What do you think of Janga Fett so far?

Anon_Direc: Who? :)

Are you a fan of the Lord of the Rings? Those movies are just about as highly anticipated as star wars.

Anon_Direc: I'm actually in the midst of reading LOTR for the first time in my life. After seeing their internet trailer, I wanted to read the books first before seeing the films. I can't wait to see those films. I have a few friends from work who are going to New Zealand soon to help on the production. Aren't they the lucky ones?

Did it upset up that as a result of someone trying to sell your work Lucas LTD. had to get involved?

Anon_Direc: I have no control over the trailer now. In fact, I never owned it. Everything is copyrighted material from LFL or elsewhere.

How about your own Star Wars fan film?

Anon_Direc: No plans for anything like that. I really enjoy seeing all the new stuff out there from other fans. It's great to see.

Would u ever do a trailer for a fanfilm if asked?

Anon_Direc: For a price, of course. My talents are currently in seek of compensation from a real editing gig. I really want to do this full-time as a career.

would it help if I got out and pushed? =0)

Anon_Direc: It might.

What was your favorite moment of your trailer?

Anon_Direc: My favorite shot is when Hayden ignites his saber for the first time. And the twin suns near the end, and the multiple Fetts. :)

The braveheart footage impressed me. Forgive me if I am being ignorant, but what movie did you get the shot of the evil dude with the lightning from? (It was near the end...)

Anon_Direc: Christopher Walken was taken from The Prophecy 2. A complete shot breakdown description is posted on the trailer webpage.

not a question...more of a comment....you're work kicks butt, and I hope you get job doing this professionally. we need talent like yours

Anon_Direc: Thank you for your kind words. I do take pride in my talent, I just hope to convince a trailer house that I'm good enough for the real deal.

What footage did you use for the multi fett effect?

Anon_Direc: Several different elements. Two fetts - one from ESB at the dinner table in Cloud City, the other from ROTJ at Jabba's Palace. Then the background hallway was from the beginning of Ep1 with the destroyer droids. The opening doors were from Darth Maul's entrance at Theed palace.

Totally off the subject- Have you read the Harry Potter books yet?

Anon_Direc: No. But I hear John Williams might do the music to the film.

who do you want to see in the next SW film?

Anon_Direc: Ralph Fiennes as Governor Tarkin.

<[OmegaX]> oh, so all this is is just clips from other movies and computer generated stuff?

Anon_Direc: Yes, basically just that. Using good shots from all kinds of films, with additional effects enhancements, to make them all convey the look and feel of a possible Star Wars film.

what do you think of the new epII selct pic of obi-wan....any thoughts on it?

Anon_Direc: Force-lightning I hope.

Think you'd ever be up to directing a full-length feature film?

Anon_Direc: Not now, but perhaps some years down the road. I would like to have a finished script before then. But for now, I'm concentrating on editing.

What advice would you give to newnies at this?

Anon_Direc: Follow your heart. Never take no for an answer. Make it happen. And be kind to others cause you never know when you'll run into them again.

Do you read any of the SW novels? Because I am quite enjoying the New Jedi Order series

Anon_Direc: No, haven't got time for that Expanded Universe stuff. but I'm glad it continues to entertain lots of fans. I spend my waking hours thinking about the films.

being that you are interested in editing, like Lucas is. Have read anything about Lucas' style?

Anon_Direc: Yes, I studied his films in school. His student films are quite impressive with their editing style. Especially the THX student film.

Azeem: okay folks...as the queue is empty, its time to end. The AD will be around for free chat when I turn moderate off. Let him have some last words

Anon_Direc: Thank you for all your support and kind words about my little fan trailer. I had no idea so many people would enjoy it. Please continue to tell your friends about it if you haven't already.

Azeem: okay..thank you from TFN FanFilms for joining us...off with the moderate

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