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Hallmark 2009 Star Wars Ornaments

Posted By TFN on July 10, 2009

I must admit - my wife and I are two of those people who start thinking about Christmas during the summer. While the thermostat is reading 90 degrees, we're looking forward to setting up the tree and breaking out our collection of Star Wars ornaments.

So this update puts me in a really good mood. ClubJade.net just updated their site with news on the Hallmark 2009 line of Star Wars ornaments!

The 2009 series will include the following pieces:

Jedi Duel from The Phantom Menace
Han in Stormtrooper gear
Luke's landspeeder
Anakin and Ahsoka from The Clone Wars

In addition, we also get a new entry to the Indiana Jones line as well with an ornament entitled "Retrieving the Idol".

Click here to see the article and pics of the entire line of 2009 Hallmark ornaments.

Christmas before Memorial Day? Oh yeah, sign me up!

UPDATE: Our good friend John Tenuto just sent us this update regarding the Star Wars Hallmark 2009 exclusive ornaments!

Hallmark Has Exclusive Comic-Con Star Wars Ornaments

"TheForce.net has been given an exclusive first look at an exciting Comic-Con International 2009 Star Wars ornament two pack from Hallmark. This exclusive features a Shock Trooper and Shadow Trooper ornament. This is the first year that Hallmark is having exclusive Comic-Con ornaments and there will only be 700 produced. To purchase the Shock Trooper and Shadow Trooper two pack, stop by the Hallmark Booth during Comic-Con (July 23-26 with a special preview night on July 22nd) which is located within the Lucasfilm Pavilion. These are sculpted by Keepsake Artists Kristina Kline-Gaughran and Anita Marra Rogers. The Hallmark Booth will also feature all the 2009 Star Wars and Indiana Jones ornaments, exclusive Star Trek ornaments, and prototypes for the 2010 ornaments, so stop by to get your own sneak preview."

Limited Edition Greedo

"This year, Hallmark stores will also have a limited edition Greedo ornament. To get the ornament, visit local Hallmark stores this July 11th and 12th during the Keepsake Ornament Premiere Weekend event. This is the weekend when many (although not all) of the Hallmark ornaments are first available for purchase. I recommend getting there on July 11th as soon as possible because the limited Greedo ornaments will likely sellout quickly."

You can see pics of the new regular release Star Wars Hallmark 2009 ornaments here.

HUGE thanks to John for this awesome news & exclusive sneak peek!

UPDATE #2 (sorta): While this technically isn't anything new, the main site was officially updated with details on this year's Hallmark ornaments.

Hey, nothing wrong with a little story bump, right?

UPDATE #3: Just a reminder that the Hallmark Ornament 2009 Premiere will be taking place starting tomorrow July 11th. So be sure to head to your local Gold Crown store first thing in the morning - I know I sure will!

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