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CVI: TCW "Young Jedi" Arc Previewed

Posted By Eric on August 26, 2012

Last night on the Digital Stage, Dave Filoni gave young fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars an early look at a story arc that will focus on Jedi Padawans. Here is a report from TFN reader Rene Recato:

[T]hey showed us the 80 minute "Young Jedi" story arc during the kids exclusive screening. Dave Filoni prefaced the viewing by saying that GL wanted to know how families would respond to it. They would not allow photos or video and were very strict about it. The screening opened with a green logo that read "Young Jedi" in a font and design similar to the Clone Wars opening logo. The storyline followed 6 padawans and their journey to pass "The Gathering" and building their first lightsabers. The action included a pirate hijacking, rescuing Ahsoka and fighting General Grevious. It also seemed to give Ahsoka more of a starring role and introduced a lightsaber professor droid.

The crowd was hanging on every second of the viewing and went nuts after the credits rolled. All I know is that for me and my kids, this was the best part of Celebration 6. Go Young Jedi!!!

Last night, we reported that Lucas had mentioned that a "younger-skewing show" was in development. I have heard speculation that "Young Jedi" is or has something to do with this mysterious new series. If I had to guess, I would say that they are separate. "Young Jedi" is just one arc of The Clone Wars, and unless they spin it off into its own show, it doesn't fit the mold of what Lucas was talking about.

No matter what happens with "Young Jedi" or the new "younger-skewing show," you will hear all about it right here on TFN. Thanks to Rene for his report!

UPDATE: Rene has checked in with more information...

It was computer animation exactly same style as Clone Wars.

The storyline follows Ahsoka as she mentors 6 younglings who appeared to be young teenagers and their adventures into becoming full padawans.

The Padawans were:

Petro: a young male human (almost Latin looking). Cocky, good looking, brash, headstrong, brave, the leader

Kitootie: a young Tholothian female. Princess Leia archetype.

Gunchy: a young male Wookiee. Very Chewbacca like character wise.

Zat: A young male Nautolan. The nerdy, techy one.

Bif: A young male Ithorian. The scaredy cat.

???: A young female Rodian. Glass is always half empty. The only one with pilot training.

The other new character was a droid of original design named Professor ??? They also addressed him as Master. A droid with 2 arms and legs, he has been around since the beginning of the Jedi order and his role is to instruct every padawan on how to construct their lightsaber. He has every lightsaber, it's creator and it's
story in his databanks. He even teases that he's going to tell the padawans the story of how Yoda built his lightsaber.

The first 2 episodes deal with the Jedi ritual of "The Gathering", a rite of passage where every padawan travels to Ilum to find their Kaiburr crystal in a frozen temple.

These are some of the details I remember. If you're interested, I could probably recall more. The last 2 episodes dealt with a pirate hijacking by Hondo Ohnaka and battle with General Grevious himself.

Sorry about no photos. This screening, combined with Dave's introduction and GL's teaser at the Clone Wars panels, points to Young Jedi as being the 3rd new show. Production of these episodes looked completely finished so I think they're definitely airing this season, but they did not treat this screening as a focus group. They didn't have a q&a afterwards and they did not have us fill out anything or ask for our opininions. It was amazing though and I'm sure that everyone who went would tell you that this would be an instant hit show.

Thanks Rene!

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