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Airbus glides over Imperial City

Airbus glides over Imperial City, 2mb 1997.

Prequel Transports arrive at Coruscant

Prequel transports arrive at Coruscant, 2mb 1997.

Unofficial Prequel trailer

Unofficial Prequel trailer, 8.3mb Sept. 1997.

Quicktime (*.mov) version - uncompressed, 12.6mb.

Unofficial Prequel Teaser

Unofficial Prequel Teaser, 13.9mb Nov. 1997.

Quicktime (*.mov) version - uncompressed, 20.8mb.

Unofficial Prequel Trailer 3

Unofficial Prequel Trailer 3 version 1.1, 16.2mb Dec. 1997.

Quicktime (*.mov) version - uncompressed, 23.7mb.

Unofficial Prequel Teaser 4

Unofficial Prequel Teaser 4 , 12.2mb 1998.

Quicktime (*.mov) version - uncompressed, 17.7mb.

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