Jedi VS Droids Geonosis Stage

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Do your remember the huge battle on the "Geonosis" planet in StarWars II ? When the Jedi turned up from nowhere at Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padm? execution place, both for helping their friends and stop the count Dooku. Then, the bad guy, refusing to surender, called its battle droids to the rescue. A huge epic battle between jedis and droids began, killing lot of soldiers in both side. Do you remember now ?

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Yoda did not comes with the clone army then ? Would the Jedis, with their incredible powers, had won against the gigantic army of machines ?

Well, now, you can see for yourself with this simulator!

You should have seen the game applet, please reconfigure your browser and install the Java runtime enviroment.

By Sebastien Charpentier

The simulator shows a top view of the battle arena. Droids (pink circles) come from the outer ring of the stage and go directly toward their targets, but not to close. They shoot (red lines) as fast as they can. Jedis (blue circles) try to regroup in the center of the stage, in a circular shape. They're returning almost every shots (blue lines) they receive to the shooter. The described behaviors are fixed, but you can play and tune Jedi's and Droid's parameters to discover how it changes the conflict oucome.