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The Invasion of Cardassia 2

After Bruno's stupendous Battle of Endor hit the net, a lot of fans were really taken by it, especially Tom Yee, who also happened to be a Star Trek fan. Star Trek? On a Star Wars site?! That's right, because TFN isn't just about Star Wars, it's just... mainly about Star Wars! It certainly doesn't hurt that the game is a joy to play and if you liked Battle of Endor (and who didn't?) you'll love this mod.


For more Screenshots, we have a Screenshots Page with many shots through the game.

Mission Briefing
The Dominion is quite aware of how powerful the Federation's quantum torpedoes are and have devised a countermeasure against them. Accompanying each Dominion cruiser are two Cardassian Keldon-class battlecruisers. These ships have been refitted with special weapons technology (borrowed, ironically enough, from the Romulans during an earlier alliance). The Keldons can project a shield-enhancer beam onto the Dominion cruisers, allowing them to withstand attacks from phasers and quantum torpedoes. So to destroy the Dominion cruisers, you must first eliminate their Keldon-class escorts.

Attempts to target the Keldon-class from a safe distance with your torpedoes will fail. The shield-enhancer beam emits such a powerful energy signature that the torpedoes will mistakenly lock onto it and will miss the true target. The Defiant must fly in close and either destroy the ship with its phasers OR fire at the enhancer beam itself, disrupting the transmission (which will eventually cause a feedback that destroys the Keldon).


Because this game installs over Battle of Endor you'll need the standard requirements for Battle of Endor, but you will also need to have installed the latest version of Battle of Endor, version 2.1.

  • Battle of Endor 2.1
  • DirectX 8.1
  • 1.4 Ghz and higher processors (you can experience lower framerates on slower processors)
  • 3D Graphics Card
  • Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP

Version 2.1
There are a lot of changes in Version 2.1, take a look!

New ships added to the game:

  • Miranda-class (replaces the Akira, now optional as a "fighter")
  • Steamrunner
  • Shelley-class troop transport
  • Akira (scaled up in size and now part of the stationary fleet)
  • Keldon-class Cardassian battlecruiser (as the new special weapons ship, replacing the Jem'hadar Strike Cruiser from 1.0)
  • V-Type Dominion battlecruiser
New features:
  • all Federation and Dominion ships now fire beam weapons (compared to the shorter phaser pulses in 1.0)
  • all Federation Alliance battleships can now fire their own phasers (Galaxy, Nebula, Romulan Warbird, and Negh'var)
  • Dominion battlecruiser now armed with four poleron beam cannons; two in the front, two at the sides
  • Dominion Dreadnought battleship now armed with six poleron beam cannons: four at the front (to target the USS Galaxy and its attack group), and two at the sides
  • new beam weapon models for the Dominion and Cardassian ships (Dominion ships now use the canonical "powder blue" colorized beam); brighter glow and a longer beam to increase the chance of hitting Federation targets
  • Dominion special weapons ship now fires a visible blue beam to enhance the shields of the Dominion cruisers; unlike in 1.0, players can no longer destroy the special weapons ship from a safe distance using their quantum torpedoes -- a rotating EM pulse generated by the Keldon-class will trick the torpedo guidance system into locking on to the wrong target. Gamers must directly attack the special weapons ship with phasers and put themselves into range of the Dominion's cannons!
  • Akira and K'tinga-class escort ships will now exhibit "battle damage" after their weapon systems are disabled by enemy fire (the hull can be blown away to show the fiery wreckage inside)
  • Galor now has new "glow" mesh on disruptor emitters and engines
  • Jem'hadar fighter underbelly "glow" mesh added
  • K'tinga has a new "glow" mesh added to nacelles, impulse engines and torpedo launcher
  • new, sharper and more detailed texture map for Cardassia Prime
  • new hi-res 512x512 texture map for the Dominion battleship (256x256 texture still available as an option for those with older video cards)
  • brand new dialogue and music created for the game ending; the new dialogue is unique from the TV show and features a final exchange between Sisko, Weyoun, Odo, and the female Founder
  • totally new "hit" sound effect played whenever your ship is hit by enemy fire; it now sounds more like a starship hull being hit by disruptors rather than the "tinny" fighter hit sound from 1.0
  • new background elements added to the game map including: Cardassian sun, a stellar cluster, the Cardassian advanced shipyard, and a blue dilithium moon from Star Trek: Armada. Also from Armada are a variety of nebulas: Radioactive, Cerulean and Mutara. All of these can be toggled on and off during the game!
  • new "shield hit" shader effect added (used to mimic the same effect you see when shields are damaged in Star Trek: Armada)
Fixes and other changes:
  • all of the Star Wars text dialogue (between Lando, Wedge and Admiral Ackbar) now replaced by DS9-specific dialogue
  • HUD identification of all ships in the game now properly display Trek ship names, not Star Wars (although some names had to be shortened due to character size limitations e.g. Jem'hadar fighter is identified as "Jem")
  • Score label now shows "DOMS" instead of "TIEs" (DOMS = "Dominion Ships")
  • TIE fighter fly-by sound has been replaced with canon sound of Jem'hadar fighter fly-by
  • no more upside-down Sabre and K'tinga-class escort ships
  • deflector dish glow on the Galaxy-class in the opening cinematic at DS9 fixed
  • Excelsior model scaled up by 1.5x
  • optional Akira model scaled up by 2x
  • Vorcha model scaled up by 2x
  • K'tinga scaled up by 2x
  • break-apart model for the Vorcha-class added (used when Vorcha is blown up)
  • low poly Excelsior and Vorcha models increased in scale by 1.5x and 2x respectively, emissive properties added to nacelles for glow effect
  • Jem'hadar fighter and Galor low-poly models now have "glows" added to nacelles, underbelly, disruptor emitters
  • Warbird nacelles and disruptor emitter glow added
  • UV mapping fix for the Jem'hadar battleship
  • FAQ and readme files updated
You can download Invasion of Cardassia from the TFN Server.

Feel free to discuss this in our Jedi Council Forums.


We also have the README from the game file.

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