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Welcome- you've reached the home of The Songbook of the Whills- a parody portfolio of Star Wars songs!

I've written all of these songs over the last ten years, so people all over the world can have a laugh and enjoy a new take on the best movie series of all time.

I've always got more songs in the works, so drop by every so often. For now, kick back, enjoy yourself, and be seduced by the filk side of the Force!

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14 Jun 2003

Your patience finally bears fruit. I've been doing much more than changing nappies lately.
It's been a whole decade since I first posted "Reign of Palpatine" to rec.arts.sf.starwars and kickstarted a series of events that would make people across the entire world say.... "That loser has a lot of time on his hands".
Funny thing is, they said that after laughing and just before telling their friends. The songbook soon gained a life of its own and found its way into emails, web sites, newsletters, magazines, the stage, bootleg CDs, conventions, and hearts. I'm honoured to have even inspired many others to follow in my footsteps, and trust that they have found it as enjoyable as I have. And just as hard to stop.

So without further blathering, I present the

10th Anniversary Songbook of the Whills Holiday Special Collector's Ultimate Director's Cut Deluxe Edition!
(Hmm. Seems to work for DVD producers).

Songs prepared for the occasion are:
Be Our Guest Mp3 (4mb)
The Disney mangling finally gets a recording treatment. Tarkin may be a scheming megalomaniac, but he does a mean song and dance number.

Artude Mp3 (3mb)
A revealing expose into the mind of everyone's favourite grumpy little droid.

Walkers in a Winter Wonderland Mp3 (1.7mb)
I got into the spirit because it's winter. If this comes as a shock to you, you may be interested to know the planet has a whole 'nother hemisphere.

The Phantom Menace Senator
To, of course, "The Phantom of the Opera".

Will he be trained?
Come on, it's not that hard to imagine the Jedi Council in nun's outfits.

Higher and Higher
Captain Antilles' final performance.

Little Rancor Pet
Hey, they breed tiny dogs. It could happen.

The merchandise collector
Eminem's "Lose Yourself" looked like a challenge. I tried to match the original song closely while looking at the life of the sci-fi merchandise addict.



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