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What are the reasons for your decision?


No way. It's just another way for George to milk us for money. Sorry, George. I'm not gonna pay for exclusive content to (IMO) another bad movie. (by Jedi Master Lou)

In the end it boils down to simply paying to view advertising for the movie. I'll still visit TF.N for my daily dose of Star Wars, but I will not pay Lucasfilm to learn more about their product. (by Mereel1138)

Yes, I probably will be suscribing to the new hyperspace but not right away. Maybe by next week because i would like to see how it is first. it will probally be worth it i think but still, i just wouldnt like to do things first with out seeing (by Bernard Lorde)

No, I will not subscribe, because Star Wars has lost a significant amount of appeal for me. The next money George will get from me is when I buy the original cuts on DVD. (by Greg Niblett)

I am still debating. Chances are the material will end up on the web anyways or be added to a DVD to be released later on down the road. Star wars is a big enough franchise already without asking fans to pay for news on Ep. III. It's great that one would have immediate updates on the filming, but when will it get to be too much? The Insider already costs quite a bit of money to subscribe to, why not kick something back to the fans? (by Christian Solecki)

This is taking advantage of people. Fans love a series because it affects them emotionally. A commitment to a franchise should not segregate fans to who has and who has not. Lucas=Empire Nuff said. (by Umlaut)

I'm going to be subscribing because it's only 20 bucks. (by Jedimaster3001)

There's a difference between serving your fan base and exploiting it. George Lucas commands a media empire, and he bought that position with his fans' money. We've each seen the movies dozens of times, bought toys and memorabilia and videos and DVDs; but instead of giving back to the Star Wars community, Lucasfilm has found a new way to drain more money from it. I'm excited about Episode III, but I won't give one nickel to "Hyperspace." (by Matthew)

I think that it is a big mistake for Lucas to have us pay for the exclusives. Moreover, I refuse to get a subscription, just so I can see selects... This is absurd.. (by Maderic Thra)

I will not be subscribing. I don't believe it is right to pay for content that should be free. I feel Lucas has let down his fan base again and again in the past few years, and it's time for a little good faith on his part. Make the content free. It's not like Lucasfilm needs the money. (by Brandon Frost)


No I won't subscribe. The main reason is that I can't afford it. I do good to have internet at all. Plus they said they would release the same info on the regular site some time after it has been released in hyperspace. We'll get the same info, just later. (by akira)

I was thinking that I might, but having realised that I have to give credit card details just to check out the site has changed my mind. If they are so convinced that a large core of fans want this service, why not let others check it out without any pressure. This smacks of those book clubs that sign you up with great free offers and then make it a nightmare to cancel your subscription. We deserve to be treated better. (by Bluemilkmonitor)

I won't be, as I know the material I'm interested in will be available elsewhere. It's not a huge sum of money, but there's a difference between browsing online and browsing a Hyperspace CD which I can keep. I'm also uneasy about paying for something that could so easily have come out of the marketing budget - a gift from George to the fans. If they'd offered a free gift to anyone signing up during the first month (eg, t-shirt, figurine, etc), I might have felt differently. (by hype)

I'm trying to do the "test drive" of Hyperspace but the thing keeps asking me to upgrade to Hyperspace and wants credit card info. I don't trust it. I thought this was suppose to be free. Also, I recently renewed my Insider subscription so are they grandfather that in? So I don't know what to do. (by harpm1)

No, I will not subscribe! I am trying to remain spoiler free, and already subscribe to the magazine (by ytt1300)

I think I will - I've spent that and more on magazines for a few photos or an article that told me; little over the years and I have a fast connection (by Rebadams7)

It comes out to $1.66 a mth. That is nothing to pay for a quality online magazine. This is what the internet will become, the JimRome website now charges $6.95. Heck Ign.com has been charging for early viewings for years now. I just don't think it is that big a deal. If you don't like it, don't buy it. But to me it sounds like a better deal then buying EW. (by Joe)

Well if the free preview is an indication of their new updated servers, then there's no way they can support the load. Definitely a no go for me until they pick up the load. (by Lightofdarkness)

I think I will be subscribing eventually as long as we get good service (by Aussie_Kookaburra)

I already subscribed (The progress anyway), but after submitting my Credit Card details, it tells me I have to wait 48 hours. This is not fair! (by JediMaster22)


No - poverty (by platnumonk)

Nope, I won't be. Bad call LFL. (by K3po)

At first I was quite put off by the idea of having to pay for the sneak peeks I have become hooked on over the past six years. But, honestly, I am sure that most of us spend more than the price of a Hyperspace subscription on SW stuff in a year's time - at least in terms of time away from work (wink) - without even THINKING about it! It looks fun - it's relatively cheap - I'm there! (by Digger1138)

I simply will not pay for marketing for a new film. I believe it shows that LucasFilm is out of touch with the casual Star Wars fans who like to keep in touch with Star Wars but don't want to pay. It is a bad way of getting new fans, and only increases the perception that Lucasfilm is just out to grab as much money as they can before the Star Wars saga finally ends. (by Chanster)

I must say that I was going to subscribe. Then I checked it out and well suddenly my visa jumped out of my wallet. I'm glad I checked it out! (by Jedibri)

I admit it, I don't like the idea of paying for star wars.com. I already pay for the Insider. But despite my objections, I will be subscribing to it. I admit to being a spoiler junkie, the prospect of an on set diary and a web cam for epIII plus the celebrity talks are just to much for me to resist. (by Princess1)

No, I will not subscribe, for two main reasons. 1) I have already spent countless dollars on this franchise since I was 6 years old in 1977. 2) I don't think the new Hyperspace features are worth a $20 subscription. (by Dallas Jedi)

Charging visitors to your website for "Extra" information is just a slap in the face. Especially for the hardcore fans. The ones George should be on his knees thanking. Without them, he wouldn't have his empire. Lucas and all his separate companies generate an amazing amount of cash. For him to even place Ads on his site is a slap in the face. But to turn around and actually charge his visitors to view extra material ? It's a total scam (by Gatekeeper)

No, because I don't wish to pay for online services. In addition, I don't wish to be "spoiled" for episode III to the point that it ruins my movie experience. (by Will Cameron)

Would be nice if we could even get in the site to preview it! Surely Lucasfilm would have recognized the sneak preview would have generated scores of hits! It's a shame all we get is a "message" from C3PO saying the servers are down! What a disappointment! (by doccb)


Nope. It'll be out on the DVD anyway, why pay twice for it. (by Troy Birmingham)

Hells no! Can't offer me anything that I cant get for free somewhere else. Why pay? (by Yobaby)

No. It's the perfect way to keep as spoiler free as possible. Many thanks to starwars.com for making it easy. (by BobFrapples)

No. We've always had free exclusive, on-set info and previews from the first two, why pay now? Why would they make us pay now? (by Robert Adamson)

I will not subscribe. I tried the preview, and the system was down. what if I had paid for it? seems like a rip off. something to make money instead of a website to give fans new info & news. (by kent eichbauer)

Yes, I will be subscribing. I don't see what has so many people up in arms. I consider this just like a magazine subscription. If you want the info, you pay for it. Casual fans will be happy with the basic info on the website. Die hard fans pay for the subscription. They can then satisfy both audiences with different levels of service. Again, to me it's just like subscribing to a magazine I really want, not different. (by swfanatic)

I don't think I will. I am trying to stay as spoiler-free as possible, I want to make this last Star Wars movie the best experience possible. Pray for me, heh, it'll be hard. . . (by Emily)

It is outrageous that Lucasfilm wants to charge for this, if they keep doing these kinds of things a lot of fans will be annoyed. (by Carlos)

I won't be subscribing to Hyperspace as I feel the features provided with the subscription are not worth $19.95. Lucasfilm is doing a great disservice to the Star Wars Community as a whole by trying to hit fans up for money. It's not like the fans haven't spent enough on the countless action figures, video games, several versions of the Original Trilogy, etc. The implementation of the subscription service may be the final straw for some fans who have been getting fed up with the franchise lately. (by Wedge003)

Forget the thousands I've spent on licensed Star Wars products... I saw "The Phantom Menace" thirteen times in the theater, and managed a solid eight screenings of "Attack of the Clones." (Hey, I got married last year, it was busy.) Fans like me give more, and we justify a larger-than-average marketing budget - one which could and should include projects such as Hyperspace. Instead, Lucasfilm targets us for this costly gimmick. It's insulting and downright cheap. I'm not buying. (by Ethan Besser)


Not a chance. George gets my dough at the theatre, video store, toy store, and grocery store. It's time for him to wise up and stop treating the fans like dirt. Nothing has been announced so far that will be a permanent exclusive, and I'm not too hip on paying for advertising. The Control Ship scene should have been on the DVD if it's worth watching. George has a serious problem giving people their money's worth to begin with. There's no way I'm paying for this.............. (by Bosco)

Like Han Solo before me, I'll be pirating my way into Hyperspace. (by Anonymous)

I don't agree with it, but I have subscribed anyway. Although I'm remaining Spoiler Free for Episode III, I still don't want to miss out on the official news, and there seems like there's been alot of Episode III news added today (which I can't yet open). Also that Episode II deleted scene looks good (although it should have been on the DVD!!!) (by Pendo)

No because it cost money and the same information will come out soon enough in star wars insider. (by johnny utah)

I'm subscribing because, for $20, I can't not subscribe knowing other fans are seeing stuff I can't. (by Greg Medlock)

I'm a member of the Official Star Wars Fan Club, shouldn't WE be getting this stuff first?!?! (by Jason Daily)

No, I don't want to have to pay. (by Trey)

I have subscribed. My reason is based on the fact that my remaining college courses become dull surfing the ordinary sites. Hyperspace will be sure to put the "zowzers back in my trousers". Money is not an issue since I feel hyperspace is priced reasonably well. (by Datoupee)

I want to stay spoiler free for EIII so no subscription from me! (by Sidious1)

I won't and am a big fan! (by Redleader)

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