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What do you think of the deleted scenes chosen by LFL for the AOTC DVD?


I wanted the Plo Koon/Ki-Adi-Mundi scene!!!!! (by Jonathan Covington)

No I don't like them. Where is the droid control ship raid and the extended Yoda/Dooku fight???? (by Rove_Maul)

What no lightsaber duels? (by MITCH)

Where is Dooku fighting Yoda with two sabers? Blast! (by Antilles01)

None of the action-oriented deleted scenes were included, I wish those would be added (longer Jango fight and longer Dooku fight) (by DJ)

An added bonus all will love (by Jim Fuse)

Too much Padme, not enough Jedi action footage. Where's Ki-Adi and Plo Koon raiding the control ship? Oh well, you can't have the moon and want the stars too. (by Ted)

If it's got Padme in it, I'm happy. I wish they had the scene of her completing Threepio on there though. Even if it's inconsistent with the movie, almost all of the lines in the deleted landing platform scene were put in the scene with Yoda on the hover chair. For the action fans, I think they should've at least included the Droid Control Ship raid. I personally would have loved to see the little scene between Padme and Beru in the homestead kitchen, but that's just me. (by Curtis Warner)

I couldn't believe they left the Plo/Ki-Adi scene out of the movie, but out of the DVD? Note to Lucas -- anything with lightsabers or Jedi -- do not cut. (by Ronnie Wood)

I wanted the Dooku Two-saber scene (by Redhawks)


The two most anticipated scenes, Yoda-Dooku and Droid control raid aren't there! Who cares about Padme's family (by Mike Harrison)

I am somewhat displeased that the scene with young Boba in the stadium then taking his father's jet pack and blasting off was not included. (by Anthony Carusa)

There are too many scenes with Padme. There are no extra action scenes. (by john)

No dooku with 2 lightsabres? No Ki and Plo? No extended Jango Fett and Obi-Wan fight scene? How about Boba putting on his dad's helmet and jetpack and escaping to fly Slave 1 out of Geonosis (from the book)? Oh well, Padme in her bedroom better be good, he he he. (by Glenn Arthur)

I am very glad upon learning of the inclusion of Padme's family into the deleted scenes archive. I was sad to see that it was not included in the original cut, as it may have added some depth to the overall story. (by Darth Mischievous)

Dooku with two sabers would have been good. But more Padme is ok. (by Dawson)

The only thing I really wanted to see was the Plo Koon/Ki-Adi-Mundi raid on the control ship. All the Padme stuff is pap. (by Cameron Innes)

Anger leads to hate.. Where is the Plo Koon/Ki-Adi-Mundi scene, and the Dooku fighting Yoda with two sabers scene????? (by Tyler Durden)

I would like to say that I am pleased with George's selection. They should focus on character and plot, not on a minute raid on a control ship for instance (by Brad)

Enough Padme! Why more Padme! These scenes suck! I was hoping for the the control ship. (by lenseflare)


I like them, but disappointed that Anakin's Tusken Raider massacre wasn't included. The scene was much larger and more violent in the novelization and I thought that more of the scene had been filmed, but later cut. (by Bill Montgomery)

I've got a bad feeling about this. No good will come of this when Lucas delivers somesort of 'special special' edition and lures us to the Dark Side of spending more money on another DVD. But on the other hand, at least these deleted scenes are better than Episode I; who needs to see an extended version of the Pod Race that ran too long as it was?? Be mindful young padawans, I sense there is more to this than we can see. (by Jedi Vyse)

Two words: Control Ship!!! (by David)

That was lame. I want to see more lightsabers like Dooky extended and Plo and Ki-Adi. Lucas better have a special edition coming up after episode III dvd (by Troyness)

Ok, from the descriptions they sound pretty boring, but we as fans always expect more. Just think maybe there's a reason some the deleted scenes were left out. Lucas may be saving some good stuff for the final box set DVD in the future. (by lenseflare)

I am pleased to see that the parts with the Jedi Temple were put in but at the same time dissapointed that the scene with Ki-Adi Mundi and Plo Koon's mission was not. Also the discussion about the lost 20, and or an extended fight scene would have been nice, but i guess you can't get everyhting. (by C.J. Herron)

I am one of the many who was desperately looking forward to the cut Droid Control Ship Mission. What a disappointment to not get it! I'm not a huge critic of Natalie Portman's work in the movie, I thought most of it was allright. But does she really need to have so many more scenes put back into the movie? How curious... :( (by xLIGHTSx)

Total rubbish. That's what I think of these deleted scenes. (by aRJedi)

I really don't think they picked good scenes for the DVD. They're all talking and no action, and lets face it, Episode II is not a good movie because of the talking... (by Nick)

I was really disappointed there was no droid control ship raid. I also really wanted an extended saber scene; there wasn't enough saber in that movie! (by YoungJedi11)


I was hoping for the Dooku with two sabers scene and especially the Plo-Koon & Ki-Adi scenes. Hopefully those will be easter eggs. (by Mike Mittman)

Unless the droid control ship raid and extended Yoda/Dooku scenes are being put back into the film, I'm angry. Lucas has plenty of room on the DVD for all the deleted material (even if it isn't completed). There is absolutely no reason to pick-and-choose!!! (by CJTJ)

It's a shame that they've forgotten the droid ship raid and the extended Yoda/Dooku fight. But, let's think about this: maybe old George has chosen to put these scenes directly in the movie. That would be great (even if earlier reports deny this)! Nevertheless, I can't wait to see those scenes. (by A-3LX)

I'm grateful for the quick release of the DVD, so no complaints about that. Yet I have to wonder why they refuse to include more of the lightsaber battles or the fight with Jango, etc...? Perhaps those gems are being held for the "Definitive Editions"??? (by Scott Wallace)

I'm very disappointed. I was looking forward to the Plo Koon Ki-Adi-Mundi scene! (by Suff)

No Mundi and Plo Kloon mission. No Dooku with two lightsabers. No more Obi-wan and Jango fight, you got to be kidding. Where's the real list of deleted scenes. What a disapointment. Well I won't be needing to get the DVD in November, what a disapointment :( (by James)

There were so many great action scenes either cut up or cut out entirely that would have made the perfect DVD material, but instead we get a truckload of exposition, of which there was already plenty. Color me disappointed. Extremely. (by Disappointed)

I wanted to see the extended Obi-Wan/Jango fight and also the extended Mace/Jango fight--not enough Jedi (by Aaron)

What about the Plo Koon/Ki-Adi-Mundi scene? and the lost 20 dicussion!!! (by Jedi_Jem)

I really wanted to see the scene with Plo Koon and Mundi in the droid control ship. What a disappointment to not get it. (by darklord25)


I'm disappointed that the Ki-Adi and Plo Koon battle scene won't be included. It seemed like an awesome scene. (by Mike J. Cervantes)

Give me a break! Just put all the deleted scenes on DVD and let the consumers decide what they want to watch. (by Paul)

Not only should the Control Raid Ship scene be in, it should have been in the movie. (by Charles Mingus)

More padme= a Great DVD, enough said (by Craig Kocher)

I think its total rubbish. It was a waste of time for them to put in such un-interesting scenes. (by Darth Krad)

I'm very disapointed. I wanted to see the full scene where Anakin kills tusken raiders in the camp. I want the action and the dark side. Not the stupid talking scenes. (by Geoff Kittle)

Seems they went the softer side a bit... I would have liked to have seen the double bladed sabers, and the mission with Plo Koon/Ki-Adi-Mundi, guess we have to deal. (by Donnie B.)

Who cares about the Senate!!! We wanna see more Jedi kick butt!!! (by SUper Tim)

It's very disappointing that the fight scenes aren't in!!! Let's face it, one of the largest reasons many watch Star Wars is for the action. I don't understand the way LucasFilm thinks. I hate to say it, but they could learn something from New Line and LOTR. Besides, if the scenes aren't really part of the movie, they can't really detract from it. If they are completed, why not put them in? I'd rather see them than 10+ hours of web documentary or whatever they choose to put on the disks. (by Jeremy_H)

There is more than enough action in AOTC as it is. And I bet the 2 saber Dooku scenes didn't turn out good (looked like cheese) or else I'm sure they would've kept it in the movie or included it in the DVD. I'm happy with the selections. (by Aaron)

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