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What scenes should be cut from the IMAX version of AOTC?


The picnic and dinner between Padme and Anakin! (by RoadBlock)

Cut riding the animal in the field, Padme packing clothes, C-3po in the factory (by Jim)

Senator Binks... (by DeathWarrant)

Anakin and Padme's picnic on Naboo (by Phillip I)

All of C-3po's puns (by billy c)

C3PO's puns (by Koyama)

Scenes with Jar Jar (by Dart Sway)

A few seconds here and there, jar jar, c3po, as for a scene perhaps the droid factory could be trimmed down (by redomelette)

Anakin and Padme's picnic on Naboo & all of the c-3po's puns (by master ding ga ling)

Jar Jar, Threepio's puns, gooey stuff with Anakin and Padme. (by Darth THIS)


The C-3PO and Battle Droid switch in the Droid Factory (by Stephen H)

Cut between Anakin getting upset at Padme and Anakin leaving to see his mother (by Erik L.)

Anakin whining (by Mark Ulrich)

Cut out the scene where Jar Jar freaks out when he meets Obi-Wan in the beginning. (by Darth Yosef)

Shorten picnic and dinner scenes, cut out whole riding sequence. Remove C-3PO's puns and most of the droid factory sequence. (by tempe)

Anakin having his nightmare. (by A7sus4)

Dexter scene, shorten picnic scene, shorten speeder chase. (by Cranie)

C-3PO stuff, diner scene (by Vin)

Jango getting his head cut off - Insert a new one of him flying away. :) (by Jango)

Jar Jar scenes of course, but no way cut C-3po puns, that's star wars man (by timmy timmy)


Cut out Queen Jamillia's scene, Shmi's funeral, half of the arena monsters scene, all of 3PO's arena scene, half of the picnic & all of the "cow riding". (Unfortunately, Senator Jar Jar is necessary to the story) (by Sithcotheque)

Don't blast me for saying this, but I think some of the battle of Geonosis could be cut .... And some of the Zam chase. Both scenes are good, but if something has to cut, those could be chopped a bit without damaging the plot at all. (by Erela Skywalker)

Cut Dex's diner. And delete all of C-3po's droid factory scenes, arena scenes, and restore John Williams original version score. (by hermit31 )

Take out C-3PO getting his head switched with a droid (by Samuel Yoste)

Anakin's "I hate sand but not you" speech. (by ahecht)

Some of the scenes with Anakin and Padme could be trimmed a bit (by b0Xc4rR4cer19283)

The droid factory (by Linda)

Some of Jar Jar, but leave in the gungan's senate scene. That's important. Maybe cut out where Padme passes the power to him, and start with "I don't like this idea of hiding". Also, the picnic is unnecessary, along with C-3PO's scenes after he says "poor little Artoo". Perhaps the scene where Anakin and Padme get to the refugee transport could be shortened. Like how specific I am? =) (by VaporTrail)

Cut down the speeder chase, picnic, funeral of Shmi, Anakin's bad poetry (by Dookula)

The romance stuff. Everybody suffered through it during the summer and we don't need those horrifying scenes thrusted upon us on an IMAX sized screen. (by ShawnF)


All the Anakin and Padme stuff (meaning the parts with them when there's no action). (by StarWarsFan182)

Anakin & Padme arrival on Naboo, Some battle sequences (Geonosis), Some of the factory scene (Anakin & Padme), Anakin & Palpatine discussion, Obi-Wan & Mace & Yoda discussion at Jedi Temple, Anakin & Padme dinner ... that's all (by Rocky)

Remove the nightmare scene, it is just embarrassing, and plus Padme mentions Anakin having nightmares in the next scene so it wouldn't be erased from the movie, just not shown (by jarbacca)

Don't cut any whole scene, just trim 23 minutes here and there, but mostly: the 10 minute end credits! (by Obi Wan Ben)

They could shave a bunch off the picnic scene. (by Karma)

How about the whole part when they take off to Naboo and meet with the queen and all that up until the part they take off to Tatooine (by derme)

That 'sound of music' scene where Anakin is riding that cow creature, and frolicking w/Padme (by chris longo)

The ending (by cal chapman)

Padme falling in love with Anakin (aka Whiner Nutbag). (by damonator)

All of the Anakin/Padme in fields scenes (by Eric Lawson)


C-3PO's factory scenes (by ?zg?r ?ift)

Every cheesy love scene but especially the "rolling in the field" and the "Anakin dream" and most definitely the scene where Amidala gets up after falling out of the ship! (by Chris Q)

Anakin's nightmare scene (by Migeul Bweff)

Obi-Wan's asteroid chase should be cut to save time (by Supervillain)

Anakin whining to Padme after killing the Tusken Raiders (by Yoda Matt)

All love scenes (like Yoda would say : no more no less) (by khoral)

Some of the C-3po factory scenes, some of the picnic scenes (like Anakin rolling on grass) (by pyross)

Any mention/shot of Zam Wesell being a changeling. What was the point of that? Plus Dex's Diner. I don't need to see that scene 8 stories tall. (by John Green)

Keep the picnic, cut the dinner but leave the fireplace scenes afterwards. Cut all Jar-Jar except 'Senator Padme! Dessa Jedi arrivin'. Lookee lookee Senator.', and keep Jar-Jar's Senate scenes. (by Zach)

Shorten the Zam Wesell chase (by Guittarjedi)

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