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EPI DVD - What do you make of the exclusive content available to DVD-Rom owners at the official site?


Brilliant idea. I have no complaints except for the lack of macintosh support. For being so 'one' with the people at quicktime, you'd think that apple owners would be supported first, but i guess not. An episode 2 trailer alone would be worth having a dvd sub-site for, let alone any other content they provide. (by j2::D2)

They might as well just have it for everyone to see! I saw it through my friends dvd-rom because i do not have one, but the info they have is not too great to be that exclusive. Let everyone have a chance to see it all. (by Rodney )

It's awesome, however it should be available to EVERYONE! (by hanker)

Great idea! For those of us who enjoy the movies (even TPM) get an extra treat. Hopefully this won't be the trailer attached to Harry Potter. (by Greebo28)

It seems pretty absurd that only those who own the TPM DVD can access it. Pretty obvious marketing ploy on the part of Lucasfilm which, in my opinion, reflects badly on their dedication to their fans. (by Charlie Clements)

Thrilled at the new "Mystery" trailer. Completely disappointed and dismayed that Lucasfilm has chosen not to allow downloading of the trailer. Sometimes I wonder if the critics are right when they say Lucasfilm has become another heartless corporation with their eye only on the billion-dollar bottom line. (by Sardaukar)

Only really used the Episode 2 previews which I think looks smart. Like the exclusivity. People should be rewarded for buying the DVD. (by Jim Guion)

The stuff on the dvd site is cool, but it us unfair to the people who do not have a dvd-rom drive or the dvd! (by Pendo)

I think it's silly. I have the DVD and a DVD-ROM, but there's no reason for this stuff to be exclusive. I'm sure in an ideal world, all SW fans would be able to afford a DVD-ROM drive, but they shouldn't be penalized simply for that. (by Mastadge)

It's very nice i love it, finally something exclusive for my dvd-rom (not SO exclusive as it appears to be) .. just it should get updated more often. (by Emperor)


Everything has been great so far. Obviously the best bonus has been the "Mystery" and "Choices" trailer previews for Episode 2. I'd like for the site to be updated with more Episode 1 pictures in the gallery, the ones we've seen thus far have been boring and few in number. Of course, they did say they will slowly expand.... (by xxI_Jedixx)

I think what LucasFilm has available right now is perfect, just enough to wet our appetite. The new Mystery Trailer is incredible. I think episode II is going to be the best film yet! (by odywamp)

I can't watch watch the Mystery trailer as it keeps locking up at loading on my system. I'm using the latest Interactual player, and IE 6.0, but who knows. I'm very upset. (by Artyste)

I think it's a shame that all of the content isn't available for Macintosh users. I love what I have seen, but again it's horrible that all of the content isn't available for Mac users to view. (by Jason P. Thompson)

While I found the "Mystery" trailer to be very exciting, I found the process of seeing it to be painful. The Interactual player is poor for playing dvds and also as a browser, the trailer crashed several times. I liked the concept of the DVD section, and the content has been good, although I was expecting a bit more on Episode II. (by Michael F)

It is a double edged sword. I don't agree much with the idea of online content in general. That said, the content that LFL has provided is very cool. The new trailer rocks and I can't wait for more. I would have preferred it to all be on the disc. But if that's not possible, then DVD-ROM is the next best thing, I suppose. Better online than none at all. (by James)

I thought the DVD-rom footage was exellent. I waited almost 3 years to see actual footage with sound. The DVD-Rom trailer made me really excited about AOTC. I was luke warm (no pun intended) about AOTC , but now i can't wait until May 19, 2001. (by Ced)

"Mystery" was more of a rush than the entire "Menace" movie. My jaw is still dropped. (by Mike Brouillard)

I own the EPI dvd but don't have a dvd rom drive. Thank you lucusfilm marketing for the big slap in the face! (by James E.)

I find it gigantically ridiculous that this awesome trailer is only available to DVD-Rom owners. It's a slap in the face to any fan without one. Luckily, I have seen the trailer, which is absolutely stunning. Better than "Breathing"! (by Kevin Skinner)


There are big fans of SW with DVD capability and not, limiting what others can see is a sure way to upset the fans who put their money in the movies and merchandise. How much more do we have to spend?? (by Lockdown)

It's awesome! I just wish they would let you save it... (by sir spanky)

The exclusive content should be available to everyone. I am lucky enough to have the DVD but I haven't got a DVD-ROM along with many other avid Star Wars fans. It seems to me to be a case of rewarding the already rewarded. (by Jack Woodman)

I think it's retarded. Why should I be excluded because my computer can't handle DVD's. I wanna see the new trailer! (by DarthQuixote)

It is a shameless plug to sell DVDs, and the site itself is iffy. It only works about half the time, and the InterActual Player/Browser really suck. Lucas has created an evil empire with a profit driven agenda. And I love Star Wars. (by Peter)

Does anyone complain about Lucas scamming them into buying a home theater system in order to get quality sound? Or a TV to view the movie? (by The Fog)

I loved the trailer and would have liked it more if it was available to everyone so all star wars fans could enjoy it:) (by Kal)

I think it's really good, but it's never really exclusive. The exclusive weblink should be a bit more extensive (by Tom)

I think the trailer was pretty good. I have DVD-ROM drive so I could see it (PHEW!). Complaint wise, I think we should be able to download it and I, for some reason, can't get the full screen to download. Nontheless, it was cool. (by AdamComic2)

Exclusive DVD content is a fantastic idea, however it should be implemented better. I have the DVD, a DVD Rom drive and a PC and I still couldn't get to it. They need to enclose a unique access code to get to the content instead. (by Placebo)


Would be good, if it was usable by Mac users. Shame on you for being Windows only! (by Joseph J. Finn)

Absolutely disgraceful exploitation of Star Wars fans (by troy)

I'm very angry. I have the DVD, and I was hoping I'd get to see the trailer. (by Vaderbait)

I'd rather they just post it for all to view. Not everyone, like me, has a DVD player. (by R Rogers)

I loved the "Mystery" trailer. Again, it's not a full length trailer to give a lot of things away, just enough ground breaking visual effects to keep you wanting more. (by wannabeejedi)

I think it's fantastic. I have no problem with it being exclusive to DVD owners. There is a sense of entitlement amongst fans at times that forgets that George & Co. are spending $100 million some odd dollars to make us a movie! Just as purchasing a ticket is what you do when you want to see a film, for the "Mystery" trailer, gotta get the DVD. Just like anything else offered up for public consumption, no one is being forced to do anything! (by Scott Wallace)

I've enjoyed every bit of the exclusive content. Most the people who disagree with it are the ones without DVD-Roms. George Lucas simply did because he know the true fans would go buy the TPM DVD and have a DVD-ROM. Im tired of the bickering around here but I love the "Mystery" trailer. (by Sidron)

I've got the DVD and I think its a bad idea. I'd like to have access to the Mystery trailer right off my hard drive without having to constantly go to the site which is slow anyway. I've got a laptop and I would like to put it on there but I can't because my laptop doesn't have the internet and I don't have a DVD player. I really don"t think its a good idea! (by Slyuss)

Theoretically a nice idea, but dogged by a painful to use browser. It's so slow and unreliable that I haven't had the patience to study the site in detail. I didn't download Choices and it took me some perseverence to get a look at Mystery - and then I can't easily keep a copy. It would've been easier to just stick the trailer on the DVD (delaying the DVD release if needs). This is all advertising after all, and we shouldn't really have to pay for it, nice as it may be. (by DarthUnpleasant)

Im a Mac user, therefore I am unable to view the content on the official site. I believe that Lucasfilm has limited their audience by creating such a format. In theory, its a great idea. Give a little bonus to those who have purchased the DVD. (by Douz)


I think the idea of exclusive content is a good idea. Any fan who would really want the exclusive content would already have the DVD, fans shouldn't complain. The drawback is that not every one has a DVD ROM. I personally love the inside content. But it is few and far between. A weekly Episode 2 ultra select would be nice. (by WedgeWing)

I think they should have made it available to all. :). It was "simply magnificent" as TFN put it. (by Defstoner)

I think it's a little rude to the big, life-long fans of Star Wars who can't afford a DVD player and this pricey DVD. (by Shmuely)

The Preview is perfect! I enjoyed every minute of it! Glad to see that there is some humor in it too. I think that this one should be made available to the public. It really lets you know that Star Wars is the greatest story ever told! (by Sate Pestage)

Loved the "Mystery" trailer! I just wish people would stop bashing Lucasfilm for this move, to only put it on the official site for DVD owners. Anyway, Lucas and ILM have obviously outdone themselves once again, and I really hope this flick puts to rest all the Phantom Menace bashing, and people finally take these films for what they are, which is a trilogy, that is not meant to be told in one film. Thanks (by darthvague)

I bought the DVD, but I don't have a DVD drive in my computers... Shelled out the cash, but I don't get all of the features. Oh well... (by Alex Hertzog)

Putting exclusive content for the dvd owners on the dvd website is pretty hard to understand. It's not a smart marketing move, because Lucasfilm knows perfectly that every Star Wars fan out there would buy the dvd anyway. Plus, it upsets many fans who don't have access to dvd-rom players, even if they have a standard dvd player (and who in the world would like to watch Episode I on a small computer screen when they can watch it on a big tv screen?) (by FB)

Only a small percent of people have internet access, and even less have DVD-Roms, so why did they not put the trailers ON the DVD to start with? that would have been more fair to everyone! You would still need the DVD to watch them, just not a DVD-ROM. (by FobaBett)

I think it's cool and all, but to make everyone go and buy that movie just to get a sneak peek at Episode 2 is kinda gay of Lucas. More money for him. Episode 2 looks cool though! (by icecubejdi)

I guess it's a little disconcerning knowing that you have to own at least $200 of equipment plus the starwars episode 1 DVD in order to get the full enjoyment anymore. (by Mike)

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