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Fans who grew up with the OT-Do any of you actually prefer the PT?

Should darth maul have died?

What plotline, character or scene in the entire Saga irritates you the most?

The misconceptions you had about Star Wars, when you were a kid
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Got your EPI DVD?
What do you like about it, don't you like & what should have been added (except AOTC trailer)


LIKED: the fact that the deleted scenes were completed. DIDN'T LIKE: Thought there could have been more humour in some of the documentaries. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: more Darth Maul. (by bty)

LIKED: 2-minute gag reel and outtakes (1138) and the deleted scenes credits. DIDN'T LIKE: Too detailed computer graphic information and analysis. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan). He did not appear in any of the outtakes, and the "swamp scene" has still not been added. (by Kat)

LIKED: all of it. DIDN'T LIKE: the exclusive website for dvd-rom owners. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: the cut maul scenes, and anything else they left out, even if it meant 3 discs! (by baddogjames)

LIKED: the deleted scenes, commentary. DIDN'T LIKE: there could have been more cut scenes. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: cut scenes, even if unfinished; more of Darth Maul (by esteban)

LIKED: All the special features. The menus. The movie. It was great. DIDN'T LIKE: nothing. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: I wish they had intergrated the deleted scenes in the movie like in T2, where you have the option of seeing the regular film, or the extended one with the deleted scenes. Otherwise, it was great. (by Tyler Williams)

LIKED:The Deleted scenes. DIDN'T LIKE: The commentary (it seemed it just wasnt commented on enough. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Concept art, behind the scenes photos, etc. (by bit)

LIKED: the completed scenes. DIDN'T LIKE: that the EpII preview is only through DvD-ROM. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: less Jar Jar (by Darth Anakin)

LIKED: "The Beginning". DIDN'T LIKE: DVD-ROM exclusivity. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Extended pod-race sections to movie (by Michael Sharp)

LIKED: the deleted scenes are amazing! DIDN'T LIKE: Commentary was a little technical. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Obi-wan coming out of the swamp! I still want to see that soooo bad! (by Doug Gorman)

LIKED: The completed deleted scenes. DIDN'T LIKE: The video quality is very grainy and edge enhances - quite noticeable on large HDTVs. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: the deleted scene with R2-D2 and his booster rockets! (by Ken)


LIKED: Awesome sound & picture for movie, deleted scenes, "The Beginning". DIDN'T LIKE: weblink for PC users only. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Bill Moyers interview, best of Celebration I, Art section (by Jovo)

LIKED: New POD Race scenes. DIDN'T LIKE: Not much I didn't like. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Probe droid scene into movie proper. Maul scene on ship ramp should have been at least added to the cut scenes. (by jom)

LIKED: "The Begining". DIDN'T LIKE: any of the cut scenes (except the last). SHOULD HAVE ADDED: the cut scenes of Jedi (by kwyjibo)

LIKED: The Beginning, inclusion of the Lynne's Diaries. DIDN'T LIKE: I thought it was great some of the deleted scenes were finished, but I'm glad that they weren't included in the film. Especially the extended pod race grid sequence -- some of the additions look too CG and cartoonish. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Would have loved to see the original edit of the end sequence. (by JMB1138)

LIKED: the new scenes added in the film. DIDN'T LIKE: the documentary "The Beginning" should have been 2 hours! SHOULD HAVE ADDED: the scene where Qui Gon chops the probe droid in half, the 5 second lightsaber shot at the end of the "Fights" documentary. (by Morpheus)

LIKED: The deleted scenes, "The Beginning" documentary. The outtakes at the end of the Deleted Scene Documentary, pretty much all of the extras and easter eggs. DIDN'T LIKE: Only main problem is that I thought the commentary should have had more focus on things in the story, characters and not spend most of the commentary on the special effects. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Some of the other deleted scenes, commentary with the cast would have been nice. (by lukeskywalker22)

LIKED: Documentary, tone poems, trailers. DIDNT LIKE: the re-thought pod race. anyone else thing the new aliens looked really cheesy, not as good as say Sebulba? SHOULD HAVE ADDED: skip the deleted scenes commentary, add more of the Documentary. (by Mike)

LIKED: completion of deleted scenes... and docu introducing them. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: allow viewers to choose between "original release" version and "2001" version with the changes (air taxi, podrace, etc...) (by Princess Tina)

LIKED: Outtakes, Menu system, Deleted scenes, picture quality, dvd-rom content. DIDN'T LIKE: The fact that the deleted scenes weren't all implemented. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: All deleted scenes, more in-depth featurettes, commentary by cast, more outtakes (by AdamComic)

LIKED: the 5.1 sound. DIDN'T LIKE: the exclusion of any E2 features. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: an explaination of why we could see those HORRIBLE edges on Darth Mauls horns. Great makeup design - Terrible execution! (by Makeup Artist 1138)


LIKED: The air taxi sequence and the unique menus. DIDN'T LIKE: The pamplet inside was was too small. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Sebulba shooting his flamethrowers in the movie. (by Alex Lindquist)

LIKED: The Beginning Documentary. DIDN'T LIKE: Nothing I didn't like. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More of "The Beginning" documentary. (by Mark Chan)

LIKED: The deleted scenes, the commentary, the episode II weblink. DIDN"T LIKE: How Lucas totally refuses to address the faults of the film (Lloyd, JarJar, Uneveness of first hour), the propagandist way the main documentary was presented. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Some of the other deletes scenes (Obi-Wan's shorted out saber, e.g.), Actor commentary, apology for certain areas (Lloyd, JarJar). (by 1BAT4U)

LIKED: Longer pod race lap. DIDN'T LIKE: Jar Jar's lines in the shuttle scene. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Darth Mail fighting on the Queen's Ship's ramp. (by General Ceel)

LIKED: Anakin during the added air taxi sequence. DIDN'T LIKE: The commentary was not insightful to the story, just the special effects. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: multi layered special effects, similar to the layered animatics (by Chris)

LIKED: Deleted scenes, "The Beginning", and ILM "goof-off" animation. DIDN'T LIKE: The same poster in 50 languages, Interviews with directors other than Lucas in the Deleted Scenes Documentary. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More footage of the fans at the end of "The Beginning"!! (and more easter eggs.) (by Traci)

LIKED: Cut Scenes, Outtakes, Trailer shure bring backs memories. DIDN'T LIKE: you have to have a DVD-rom for the special features. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: A password/code that allows you into the section of the SW.com special DVD site. (by Darth James)

LIKED: The whole thing. DIDN'T LIKE: The fact that there wasn't an option to include the deleted scenes in the movie. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Actors commentaries (a la Mummy 1) Perhaps split the commentaries up into different groups. Add in more of the music scoring process. (by Mark Smeets)

LIKED: the podrace on the deleted scenes (sulbuba flashes with the vents), liked anakins pod "breaking apart". DIDN'T LIKE: the greedo scene being left out of the movie. SHOULD HAVE ADD: a longer lightsaber duel. (by forcewizzard22)

LIKED: Deleted scenes and Bothan taxi driver. Addition of parts of the deleted scenes into the "movie". DIDN'T LIKE: Jar-Jar and how long it took to navigate DVD menus. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Episode II trailer. It should have been done for the DVD release. (by TUX)


LIKED: Everything. DIDN'T LIKE: nothing. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: more of the fight scenes back into the movie (by Colin)

LIKED: My favorite parts are definitely the cut scenes and the documentary. DIDN'T LIKE: How sometimes the title menu on disc one stays on the same planet all the time without changing. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: The Qui Gon vs. Maul fight on the ship...also maby another easter egg or two. (by Daniel Horton)

LIKED: That the deleted scenes were completed. DIDN'T LIKE: We needed at least 20 different ones, like where Obi-Wan sticks his head out of the lake, or where probe droids attack Qui-Gon while battling and fighting Darth Maul. (by SithLordMeyer)

LIKED: Great Sound, Picture, Deleted Secenes, Commentary, DIDN'T LIKE: dvd-rom stuff. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: All deleted scenes into the movie for a director's cut (by Chris Scott)

LIKED: Liam Neeson nearly skewering himself with his lightsaber prop. The menu system is probably the best I've seen in a DVD. And I'm VERY happy with the new CG cutscenes. DIDN'T LIKE: Jar Jar's sneazing outtake. Yeah, that was pretty dumb George. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: I want a macintosh version of DVD.STARWARS.COM, dang it! (by M-0-S)

LIKED: Everything. DIDN'T LIKE: Nothing. Some cut scenes were lame but still cool they were included. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: More of the 600 hours of documentary. (by eborgh)

LIKED: All the behind the scenes features. DIDN'T LIKE: Should have been more cut scenes, as there were plenty cut. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: In the deleted scenes documentary, there are glimpses of scenes from the Jedi v Sith lightsaber end battle that were cut, they looked awesome, should have been added, same for the space battle. (by Michael Potts)

LIKED: Everything. DIDN'T LIKE: Maul fighting on ship ramp. Not enough lines for Darth Maul. Should've made the computer animation a little bit downtoned, because once all of these movies come out kids are going to ask, "Mommy? Why is Jar-Jar 3D, but Chewbacca isn't it?" (by SithLordMeyer)

LIKED: Quality, sound, menus, extras -- all perfect, in my book. DIDN'T LIKE: nothing. SHOULD HAVE DELETED: Some of Anakin's dialogue when "playing" with the Naboo Star Fighter. Otherwise, I am completely satisfied and can't wait for all the others!!! (by Shopping Maul)

LIKED: Almost everything! Particularly, the menus and behind the scenes stuff. Also, just being able to have a pristine copy of the film. DIDN'T LIKE: The multi-angle animatic/storyboards. It didn't work right (maybe it was just my DVD player). SHOULD HAVE ADDED: A way for us CD-ROM people to access the weblink (perhaps via receiving a free CD in the mail after sending in the proof of purchase!) (by Brenton)


LIKED: it is simply the best DVD ever released, i can't wait untill the original trilogy comes to DVD. DIDN'T LIKE: the fact that on the audio commentary George never talked to anybody, it was like he was sitting in the room by himself. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: made the documentary longer, it never explained how and why george chose The Phantom Menace as the title (by jarbacca)

LIKED: The whole friggin' thing. DIDN'T LIKE: Nothing. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Episodes II and III (by Captain Corgo)

LIKED: The step-by-step process shown in "The Beginning". DIDN'T LIKE: Not enough Natalie Portman. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: A seperate commentary track that features the main actors. (by Jango Jr.)

LIKED: Cut Scenes, The Beginning, Audio Commentary. DIDN'T LIKE: No Doug Chiang commentary, no second-guessing George Lucas. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan lost lightsaber cut scene. (by S-Foil)

LIKED: felt like I was watching the movie for the first time! It's all great! DIDN'T LIKE: Documentary was too focused on special effects, I mean, come on, Star Wars isn't only about CGI is it? ;). SHOULD HAVE ADDED: I was looking forward to seeing some extra fight scenes, I'm sure they exist. Maybe Lucas will release an Ultimate Ed. DVD some day? :) (by jlprime)

LIKED: The documentaries. I thought they were very interesting. The trailers and music videos. The deleted scenes were pretty good also. DIDN'T LIKE: That you couldn't add all or choose what scenes to add to the DVD. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: more with the documentary "The Begining" more footage would be nice (it said it had over 600 housr of this stuff). Would've also liked screen tests with all the main actors to see who tried out for it (if that footage is available). (by Master Toddy)

LIKED: "The Beginning" documentary, the outtakes, and so far the commentary. DIDN'T LIKE: Using up space on promotion of a video game, using up space on showing the same poster in 15 different languages. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: more outtakes, more deleted scenes (Obi/Qui lightsaber bit), more on docu about casting roles such as Padme, Obi-Wan, and Qui-Gon, etc, and Ben Burtt finally telling me what sound he used for Rats Tyrell - hilarious noise btw! (by Jedi-Jaina-Solo)

LIKED: The completed starting grid and 2nd lap. DIDN'T LIKE: Dawn before the race. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: A montage of short, cut shots set to SW music (similar to the montage on the Gladiator DVD). (by Vonn)

LIKED: everything, deleted scenes, documentary, it was all great. DIDN'T LIKE: that DVD is so good makes my computer seem pathetic. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: more about the fan frenzy (by WedgeWing)

LIKED: Sandpeople trying to pick off jawas in the deleted pod race seen. DIDN'T LIKE: Not enough of Natalie. SHOULD HAVE ADDED: Dressing room footage of Natilie. (by sbshaner)

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