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Who Doesn't Hate Jar Jar anymore?

Fans who grew up with the OT-Do any of you actually prefer the PT?

Should darth maul have died?

What plotline, character or scene in the entire Saga irritates you the most?

The misconceptions you had about Star Wars, when you were a kid
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What are your worst fears for Episode 2?

Hope this movie is more for adults than for 10 year olds like that last one. (by Kimberly)

I don't want lucas to stray from his vision to compete with other movies coming out. Or a character to be involved so kids will like The movies ... His audience isnt the 5-13 demographic anymore. (by Jay Howell)

Too little violence (by arinblah)

That it will have a horrible story or will be directed badly (by Brian Taylor)

That people will have to high of expectations, just like with Episode 1. (by Trent)

Incorporation of EU into the film (by Darth Zome)

That it will suck (by Jorus C' Baoth)

That the script will be as a bad as that of episode 1, if not worst? (by Dor)

Lots of jar jar (by michael)

Too many pretty clones, cool battles, etc., and not enough storyline (by Mr. White)

That it really IS called "Attack of the Clones" (by Proctris)

Avoid experiments of any kind. Try nothing new that could be considered as "non star wars" as we are used to know it. It?s a simple formula but it?s essential. (by Digitalfun)

That whiny fanboys will ruin the movie when their militant expectations are not fulfilled 110%. (by Chandler)

I fear that Episode II wont do as well as it could of because of The Phantom Menace, which in my mind was a great movie. (by Kyle Stubbs)

Yoda?s Fight (by Othmell Rodriguez)

There's a rolling blackout at the theatre right as the opening crawl starts.... (by Steve N.)

Fears? I find your lack of faith disturbing. (by ObiWill)

I fear the dialogue is cheap, weak and contrived--particularly with Anakin as it was in TMP. That will ruin Darth Vader for so many of us! (by Darthmaul_one)

That the love scene's are going to be contrived and not really truly developed. (by Evan )

That it will be boring and too short (by Angel)

Lack of skepticism. Perhaps Jar Jar should have been developed into a skeptic instead of a comic in Episode I. I agree with Hamill although i doubt those comments were actually his own thoughts. (by j2d2)

C3PO turns out to be Luke's real father. (by Dave F)

My worst fear is poor character development (by DasJerm)

Too much CGI (by jason)

Yoda's battle looks funny (by JarJarFields)

It still fails to be as good as 4,5, and 6...cause then we'll know 3 will be bad too (by Jordan Liles)

A martial artist Yoda (cringes) (by Sauron)

My greatest fear is that it is going to live up to its title! (by Beastie the Hutt)

A Jar Jar song and dance routine. (by Rett_Brone)

The failing of The Phantom Menace is that the characters were not real everyday people we relate to and want to cheer on. My fear is that AOTC will be more of the same. (by Bryan D.)

Won't make the vital link between EP1 and classic trilogy (by maulster79)

I fear that ATOC will depart from what makes Star Wars stand out, that is the engaging story and realism of the characters (this is what happened with TPM). (by Chris Wells)

Bad acting (by jeff)

Cinematography not on par with the OT (by Debo)

It will have no heart (by Dudewalker)

It will be no more than a fancy computer game (by Dudewalker)

I fear another discourse on the function and form of Midichlorians during the first 20 minutes of the film (by Joseph V.)

It will simply be a collection of shallow action sequences (by Dudewalker)

It will be shallow and uninvolving like episode I (by DarthQuixote)

It will be the laughing stock of Hollywood and provide an endless source of joke material for late night chat shows (by Dudewalker)

There will be worse things than Jar Jar (by Dudewalker)

The main characters will continue to be dry and un-likeable. (by Eric Voreis)

That it will destroy a number of great actors' careers (by Dudewalker)

That this will be so bad, George won't make Episode III (by Jorgen)

Hearing Anakin scream "yippee" again (by XBryanX)

Jar Jar's childish antics replaced by hip cultural references (by Kid Abe)

That Spider-Man will remain number 1 on the same weekend Episode II is released (by Richard)

My worst fear is that Ep2 will be all style with little substance. I liked the "spiritual" lessons that the original trilogy had, but that's what Ep1 lacked. (by RogueMoog)

Jar Jar will fall in love with an ewok (by joey shabadoo)

It won't reveal anything about the original trilogy (by Micheal hunt)

Finding out that Boba Fett is really Jar Jar in a mask (by Bob Loblaw)

Jar Jar surviving and returning in EP3. (by Arnaxis)

That I would be as disappointed with the movie as I was with A.I. (by Michael Sharp)

The wait in line for tickets on opening day. (by Jon Passow)

Jar Jar becomes a Jedi (by JJ)

Seeing Boba Fett's face. He should remain a mystery (by Fett Fan)

Obi and Anakin's relationship not being fully developed (by DarthBane)

I fear it will get too much publicity like EP1 did and never be able to live up to it. (by Michael-in-MN)

That Lucas is getting his kids to direct it (by Dudewalker)

That Jar Jar is still an idiot (by Allen)

It will ruin my view of things in the SW universe. (by Gedaly Guberek)

Qui-Gon Jinn won't be seen as a spirit. (by Toni King)

It will be like Star Trek (by jango-joe1)

That it is on par or worse than episode 1 ... I would be crushed!!! (by RYAN)

Another cartoonish character or feel. Let's (finally) see the "darkness" of the prequels. (by James)

A rushed plot line (esp. with Anakin's transition to the Dark Side) (by prasad)

Too much needless cuteness (by David J.)

There won't be enough ewoks in it... (by froda)

That I will not feel the respect I had hoped to for the mother and father of my childhood heroes. (by Gale)

Hayden Christensen's performance. (by Randy)

Pushing the yoda w/ lightsaber scene so much that it ends up looking fake, unrealistic, or just plain bad. (by Ti-Gon)

Realising that the OT is just a wonderful mistake that GL did 23 years ago, its success and its magic has nothing to do with his talent. And no one is capable of doing this same mistake again. (by Clement_RG)

Too many darn planets. I remember the good old days of 3 environments (by admiral spuzzum)

My fear is that there won't be enough humor in AOTC. Jar Jar was a replacement for the droids in the OT (slapstick), we need cynical humor like Han Solo's. (by Darth Nubian)

That unreal "painted" CG look of everything being pasted together months after the feeling has gone. (by Lint Filter)

Being overshadowed by LOTR (by George Santos)

Over-Hype (by Jedi Jody)

The characters will not change enough, forcing a sudden, jarring, and unbelievable change in Episode III. (by BEix)

I have no fears. I know it will be perfect. Anything Star Wars is perfect. Even Episode I, besides what some idiots say. (by HRT)

My worst fear is that people will never stop thinking AOTC is the Saviour of Star Wars, and accept it as chapter 2 of the Star Wars saga. (by dovecatcher)

I guess it's anakin, I mean he is a quite new character, very different from TPM, we have to meet him, and realize the deepness of his relationship with Obi Wan and Padme (by Renan Franco)

My worst fear is that my 7 year old son will not be amazed by ATOC. He loved Phantom Menace and I hope that thrill carries over to Episode 2. I couldn't care less what some 36 year old thinks about it (by Mark Boudreau)

My worst fear is that he'll give in to fan pressure and make a movie by committee, losing the spirit of what has made all 4 films so amazing so far. But no worries.. I know he won't. (by Ethril)

No explanation for midichlorians (by Nate Gibson)

That George will somehow miraculously find a way to screw this movie up, even though he has amazing dramatic material, more money, resources, and time than ANY independent filmmaker in the world. (by Dregr Jarrat)

Twice as much Jar Jar (by Jason M. ; Dallas, Tx)

I hope that AOTC is as good as the TESB. Both are the second movie in their trilogy's. Hopefully AOTC delivers just like Empire did. (by JAMES BURMOOD)

That the critics will rip it apart. (by Rogueace2000)

That people will try to compare it to Empire. (by Rogueace2000)

I'm not worried. I'm looking forward to AOTC. I'm sure Lucas won't disappoint us. But don't set your expectations TOO high!! He IS human! (by rougejedi)

That a lame movie will knock it out of the #1 spot at the box office. (by Rogueace2000)

My worst fear for Episode 2 is the lack of Chewbacca. (by Peter Mayhew)

That my expectations (even after reading the editorial) are too high for even the too high scale. (by ThePodSquad)

That the main characters will lack cohesion as a group. Which, unlike the original trilogy, was a failing of Ep I. (by Smoking Frog)

George decides to have 5,000 clones of Jar Jar! (by evo///)

Not enough Jar Jar ;-) (by Collin)

It will be a two-hour long setup for Ep III, with no plot of its own. (by Darth Rayder)

Hayden might just be a cover up to the fact that Leonardo Di Caprio is actually playing Ani, like we originally thought! (by the gungancouncil)

That all humour will be given to Jar Jar ! and not spread to other characters. (by Jedi knight Pozzi)

It will be so inferior to the Classic Trilogy, I won't care about Episode III anymore. (by ohms)

I'm terrified that we might not see Yoda fight. (by TyeDyeBoy)

That it leaves a lot of questions that don't get answered in EPIII or any other Star Wars flick (by Jules)

That GL will become so obsessed with tying in every little thing to the OT that the story becomes far fetched and loses all believability. (by Yoda-Wan)

when we stand in line 10+ days before the film releases and there will be anti-stem cell researchers rallying in front of the theater stating you shouldn't see the film do to the "clones" in the title. (by darthtrunks1138)

My worst fear is that George Lucus will dislike the internet as a medium and shun any info we might be able to offer (by moparguy)

not enough Natalie Portman (by Kurt Mac)

I'm worried that the musical score will not tie in with the music from the OT as per TPM. (by Adam Reilly)

That the film will be TOO dark. (by Crimson Larko)

That Yoda will completely move away from his puppet heritage and become completely CGI (by Crimson Larko)

That John Williams' score will be cut and scattered around the film (by dudafett03)

Lucas will "robotize" the love scenes. (by Darth Curbcheck)

That after 23 years, I'll have finally "grown up" or "out grown" SW...and find nothing to wow me! (by ChewiesMom)

That we see Ewan naked. *shivers* (by Nate Raymond)

I worry that the film will use only the digital computer generated vehicles in the space battles, such as in TPM. I prefer the ones of the original Trilogy. where it was models which looked real (by Blake)

Fear leads to the dark side. To all those who fear, "I find you lack of faith disturbing." (by Frank Buchan)

Jar Jar swatting out his tongue ... and no one there to grab it. (by dD)

Digital cameras. Digital characters. Pushing the envelope. In twenty years, will anyone be quoting Episode I-III characters like we do Obi-Wan and Yoda from the classic trilogy today? (by Scott Wallace)

That I won't be able to enjoy its theatrical release in all its Digital glory b/c of the unsophisticated theaters where I live *tear* (by Hec)

It will turn the mainstream back onto Star Wars in a big way and suddenly it'll be more popular that Pokemon and Harry Potter (by Andrew Glancey)

Jar Jar's more annoying younger brother (by mrrichlev)

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