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Who Doesn't Hate Jar Jar anymore?

Fans who grew up with the OT-Do any of you actually prefer the PT?

Should darth maul have died?

What plotline, character or scene in the entire Saga irritates you the most?

The misconceptions you had about Star Wars, when you were a kid
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If you could ask George Lucas one question, what would it be?

What's your favourite Star Wars film and why? (by Nick)

Ask George why it's "Attack of the clones". Of all the titles, even The Clones Wars, or The Dark Times, would be better. (by Neo)

Ok George, we all knew you said at one time that you would do a 9-installment Star Wars saga (it's true- I remember), but then you recently said you only would commit to a 6-installment saga, so... Can you generally walk us through the story of episodes 7, 8 and 9, if you did them (And we wish to God that you would...)? (by JR)

Did you have any idea when you set out to do the prequels, that they would parellel our world in such a hauntingly familiar way? (by David)

If a bunch of fans posted some questions they would ask you onto a site, and the administrators of said site picked out the best ones, would you take the time to answer them? (by Nat)

C'mon now, do you REALLY think the Han Solo/Greedo scene in the special edition looks good? And why did you remove part of the line "Yes...I bet you have" from Solo's dialogue? (by Mike)

What did Shmi mean when she told Qui Gon, "I cant explain it"? Did she mean she was unwilling to explain Anakin's conception? (by Scott)

Is what happens after ROTJ really what's portrayed in the expanded universe books, comics etc, or do you have another vision? (by Jason)

George...flannel in the Tunisian desert ?!! Man, are you nuts? (by George)

Will there be a romance between Obi-Wan and Padme in Episodes II or III? If not, why did you not want to emphasize this incredible part of the storyline, which you hinted at in early drafts of Episode I? (by Sam's Myth)

Why don't you put in your movies more impressive Force Powers for the Jedi and The Sith? (by Carlos)

Howard the Duck. Why? (by Lawrence)

What would be the best advice you could give me if I wanted a story I wrote called Resurrection of Evil made into a film? (by Darth Pigfeet)

Your films and film style seemed to change dramatically following your divorce some 18 years ago. How much of an influence upon your film was your ex-wife? If at all, how do you feel she influenced your work? (by Ian)

In working with John Williams to develop the score for Star Wars: A New Hope, which composers served as an inspiration to you, and as a frame of reference in communicating your ideas to John? In particular, what classical compositions were most influential in scoring the film? (by Matt)

I would ask him to explain to me his creative and writing process when in comes to working on a new Star Wars movie script. Also, during this process, how long does it take for him to work on a particular scene or create a new character. (by Jason)

Was the idea for Anakin's virgin birth something you developed back in the 70's, or was it something that you developed while writing Episode I? (by Toren Depor)

As a perfectionist with a keen eye, how is it that you never fixed that flipped shot in Episode 1 where Obi-Wan's hair braid is on the wrong side? (by JEDIswimr)

How can you say that there is "unquestionably" a God, and yet refer to all religions as mythology? If there is a god, why are all religions wrong? (by Steven)

Are you a Christian? (by Joshua)

Jar-Jar? What in the world were you thinking? (by Rogueace2000)

Isn't it true that your real lifelong dream is to be a lumberjack? (by Randy)

Why did you focus all of the advertising for epiode 1 on Darth Maul and then tease us with him for only six and a half minutes of footage in the movie? (by Dpskywalker)

Why can't you just give the fans what they want and make Episodes 7-9? (by Bach Solo)

Will you let people make movies based on the Star Wars universe after you are done with Episode 3, and after your death? Or, does it all end there? (by DarthVengeant)

If the Skywalker Ranch caught on fire (heaven forbid) and you could only save ONE piece of Star Wars memorabilia, what would that be? (by FRED52300)

With all the attention paid to the films and all the talk about them, is it difficult not be influenced by all the opinions on what they should be? (by Scott)

If I could ask George Lucas any question, I would ask him would there ever be a chance to see the rare 'Star Wars Holiday Special' again, made in 1978 just after the first movie. I've never seen it and would love to see it sometime. Maybe he would release it on a DVD in the future? (by Rob)

"What type of movie would you like to direct once you're all done with the Star Wars saga?" (by Tim)

I would like to ask him something like, "what would you like your kids to remember you for?" (by weakymom)

How do you personally feel about having created a story and a universe which means so much to so many people? (by Jonathan)

Will there definetly be a fourth Indiana Jones film? (by Christian)

Why did you base your entire six part saga on the story of Peredur, Son of Evrawc? The dichotomous nature of Peredur served as an ideal template for both Anakin and Luke (as so blatantly obvious in the cave scene in Empire Strikes Back) But why follow something with such verbosity? (by Darth Nox)

Did you honestly know Darth Vader would be Luke's father and Leia would be Luke's sister when writing A New Hope? (by A. Wick)

What do you think Joseph Campbell's take on the whole Midicholorian concept would have been? (by Dave)

I see much of a parallel between what happened to Nazi Germany on the uprise and how the other countries acted (like the Jedi), explain if this is where you drew your comparsion for the Prequels and what comparsion in history, if any did you draw for Eps. IV through VI? (by JediMistressDragon)

George, Carrie in a brass bikini worked out great - Natalie in a brass bikini? Your thoughts, George? George? (by Jeff)

So what did you think of the movie 'Spaceballs'? (by Garrett)

Why doesn't he let brazilian SW fans sign up for the official Star Wars fan-club, order collectables and merchandise (w/o import actions), sign up for Insider magazine and have an official annual event? (by Vinicius)

Would you consider re-releasing Star Wars films in the theater with Attack of the Clones trailers sometime in November, and donate a set portion of the box office to the victims of the recent tragedies? I think Star Wars fans would definitely have fun watching the movies in the theaters again, and they would know that part of their ticket purchase would help friends and families of the victims. (by Karl)

What kind of moral lesson do you see in the story of Anakin Skywalker? Of Luke? Of Obi-Wan? Of Amidala? (by Fernwithy)

I read in the " Annotated Screenplays" that all of your early ideas and background details were compiled into a reference book you called "Journal of the Whills." Would you consider publishing it? (by dovecatcher)

When I attended USC (1975-80), rumor had it that you named THX1138 after a book index in the campus library. Is this true? (by Jedi Master Duke)

Do your children want to go into filmmaking, and what is it like for them to grow up as the "kids of George Lucas"? (by Pallowatch)

What is your favorite part of the Star Wars' Expanded Universe? (by Arx Nero)

What do you think about the Expanded Universe stories? (by Commander Discord)

Hey, since you aren't doing any more star wars movies after episode 3, does this mean we as fans can expect the great sequel to Howard the Duck? (by jimmy )

Attack of the Clones??!! Ever heard of Clone Wars!?!?! (by Virago)

Many critics and fans contribute your partnership with Lawrence Kasdan on ESP and ROTJ with the success of those film's stories. Why isn't he involved in the new prequels? (by Eric)

Why do I have to wait until July 2002 to see Episode 2 in the UK? (by bty)

What do you think of people always complaining about Jar-Jar and still call themselves starwars-fans? (by jedi_dutchy)

Working on such a massive project, what do you do at the end of the day to unwind? (by sam)

Where did you get your ideas about Star Wars from? (by Darth Andrew)

Why are the, so called, biggest fans of yours the worst critics? (by Bili)

If Anakin was redeemed through Luke, does that mean that somewhere in Anakin's life, a father-figure failed him or he redeemed that person? (by Jamie B. Simpson)

Would you make a new Star Wars Holiday Special featuring Jar Jar Binks and his family for us please? (by Filip)

Will you pleeease bring closure to the Marion Ravenwood relationship, as in the Sons of Darkness speck script? (by William La Rochelle)

Why not do a phontom-edit-style (but official) alternative version of Episode 1 for grown-ups? I really think you are being too modest and underselling your own work saying it's just for kids. (by William La Rochelle)

Are the midichlorians analagous to a life form that has been discovered to co-exist with humans, or, is it one that you think will be discovered? (by Travis)

What buddhist texts, if any, have influenced your writing and worldview? (by Travis)

Can I live in the Ranch ? (by SithClan)

Obi-Wan's hair in the final third of The Phantom Menace. Discuss. (by Jazzatola)

What are your thought's on the Upcoming Matrix and LOTR Trilogies? (by Daniel Armour)

If/when you see God (any faith) what question would you want to ask him? And, what's the one thing you'd like to hear from God? (by L. Mangue)

What is your favorite Star Wars Fan Film? (by Steve N.)

What's keeping the original trilogy from being released on DVD? (by Lando Strife)

Does Jar Jar have any more dramatic importance other than saving the day at the end of TPM? I'm curious as to how he fits into the other pictures. (by Gavman)

Who was the Phantom Menace in The Phantom Menace? (by Drew)

What would it take to convince you to make episodes 7-9, anything George i mean anything? The fans would do it. (by Drewbacca1)

Will you, or have you cloned yourself? (by Cathy)

DO you feel trapped by Star Wars? (by Cathy)

If Jurassic Park or CGI hadn't happened, when would the current films be made? (by Jedi knight Pozzi)

Mr. Lucas, as an independant filmmaker, what type of effect do you feel recent attacks on the USA and the war which the President just declared on terrorism will have on the future of cinema? (by Jamie Douglas, Ottawa, Canada)

I have interviews you did in the 70's where you said Star Wars was made for 14 year olds. Now 25 years later you say the films are made for 6 year olds. Which is it? (by Joe Scotti)

Do you ever regret that technology could not be on par as it is today when you were first starting work on A New Hope? Do you think it'd would have made much of a differnce? (by Molren)

Is the binary sunset in ANH a metaphor for Luke and Darth Vader? Specifically, the 'first' sun (vader) moving toward the 'dark side' of tatooine and the second son (luke) following it. (by Ajay Bhatia, Bronx, NY)

How did Darth Sidious become a Sith Lord, Who was his predecessor? (by Darth Violator)

Would you consider letting someone else make episodes 7-9? (by Jimmy D)

Why can't we see a female jedi/sith witch as one of the main characters? (by Carmen)

Are you going to be putting out your own line of fashionable plaid shirts? I'd buy a dozen! (by Daniel Horton)

My friends are obsessed with American Graffitti. Mr. Lucas, they would like to know if you had a manual or an automatic transmission back in the day. (by Daniel Horton)

What's more insulting - being called a nerf herder or a laser brain? (by one angry hutt)

Ewoks - Why? (by PowerdroidGirl)

Any possibility of a Star Wars TV series? Like Rogue Squadron or Tales of the Jedi? (by darth mogri)

Have negative reviews or the public's dislike of the title caused you to become disheartened, and less enthusiastic for making the Star Wars movies? (by Caroline)

How long did it take to plan the entire Star Wars saga and where do you begin? (by Jason)

You mentioned that you eventually want people to view all episodes in order. Yet, won't the prequels make some stuff in the original trilogy less impactful? (i.e. the truth about Luke's father) (by Dan)

What species is Yoda? (by Matt Moen)

After Star Wars, will you ever make earnest, adult movies? (by Palpatine the Rock)

Since computers and graphics keep getting more and more powerful, why does it still take 3 years to make a Star Wars movie? Not that I'm complaining, but if it can be shortened you could make 3 more? (by Scott Brandt)

I didn't like the CGI in Ep 1; it made the time period before the original trilogy look more technically advanced than the episodes that follow it. Would you consider using models in Eps 2 &3? (by Lady_Organa)

Why does Starwars start with along time ago in a galaxy far far away? when does it take place? (by Patrick Kortkamp)

What do you look for in an actor? (by Shawn)

I would ask Mr. Lucas if last weeks tragedy would affect anything in episode 2 or 3. (by Andy McCormick)

Are you going to work in order on releasing the Star Wars episodes onto DVD? (example: Episode I is being released on October 16. I'm not expecting II for another three years?) (by James Bell)

Will Anakin have the same light saber as Luke's in (A New Hope)? (by stardog91)

How do you respond to critics and some fans who think you've become more concerned with money than the storytelling? (Not that I think that, of course) (by Jaina-Solo)

Will you come back to Lake Como for Episode 3? (by Greenleaf (Gigliola Foglia))

Are you purposely trying to depict real historical figures in many of your Star Wars characters? (by Jason Bourne )

What scene from a Akira Kurosawa film would you most want to homage in a Star Wars film? (by Shiro Jenin)

On "the making of a saga" years ago, you said filmmakers make a fatal mistake in giving too much film time to sets, hurting the characters and plot. Do you honestly feel that it can have too much digital? (by shan swoverland)

What's Episode 3 going to be called? (by milhouse)

Would it be possible for John Woo to direct Episode 3? (by Eric)

How do you get your beard like that? (by JohnnyDeath)

May I please have a job, doing anything? (by Todd Collins)

What inspired you to make movies? (by tinadala)

Where do you get those shirts? (by Sam)

He may have answered this in a previous interview, but I was always curious what novels and movies had an effect on his writing of the Star Wars series? There are so many different elements. (by Timmy Johnson)

Is "Attack of the Clones" the REAL title for Episode 2 or is that just something like what "Blue Harvest" or "Revenge of the Jedi" was for "Return of the Jedi"? (by Heidi)

U think I can be in EP3? Even a jawa... =) (by Darryll Silva)

Please don't be afraid to put out a 3hr star wars film. If a film like Gladiator can keep audiences glued to their seats for 3 plus, the final chapter of the star wars saga is a cakewalk..... (by Eric Robinson)

Flannel? I mean come on, flannel?? (by Sampson)

Can I be your servant at the ranch? (by stevepolychronopolus)

May I have a funky flannel shirt like you have, o great one? (by stevepolychronopolus)

Will you hire me? (by Darkwish)

Do you have a classic Boba Fett action figure and if you do, could I get your autograph on the Classic Boba Fett action figure and if yes, can I have the autographed Classic Boba Fett action figure? (by Moron)

What Impact do you think your movies have had on modern mythology and story telling? (by J.Micheal Hayes)

What type of fabric is the Jedi clothing made out of. (by Stefen Hudson)

Why did you leave the format you used in the original Star Wars trilogy? (by Jason)

Of all the characters you have created in the SW Universe, which one do you empathize with the most, and why? (by Tim Klaes)

Will there be a Howard the Duck Special Edition? (by Puke Chickrider)

How come you can buy so many more Big Mac than me? (by Moneywise)

Where did you come up with the names " Darth " and " Jedi " and " Sith " ? (by Obi-Wan's Angel)

If there was any one technology that exists in the Star Wars universe that you could give to humanity, what would it be and why? (by Sheldon Williams)

How can the chosen one (Anakin Skywalker) turn to the dark side? (by ~)

Could you please build a full-scale Millennium Falcon and allow visitors? (by Thomas Downes)

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