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Star Wars Night With The Tampa Bay Storm Reminder

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Who Doesn't Hate Jar Jar anymore?

Fans who grew up with the OT-Do any of you actually prefer the PT?

Should darth maul have died?

What plotline, character or scene in the entire Saga irritates you the most?

The misconceptions you had about Star Wars, when you were a kid
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What special features should be accessible via the EPI DVD weblink?

The phantom edit (by dead star)

The "Connections" Episode II video. (by Aaron)

A full cut of Episode I w/ all of the deleted scenes edited in. (by HothTrooper)

data entries (by Jamo)

Perhaps we could have access to a script-to-screen feature? (by Mike Cooper)

Perhaps the weblink should feature interviews with members of the crew who aren't featured on the DVD - like John Williams? (by Josh Cooper)

How about additional video features - like the full screen tests? And additional image galleries? (by Mike Oglesbee)

Exclusive Behind the scenes featurettes on Episode 3 (by Meg Onda betshee)

Sith Section that takes you deep into the history of their kind of religion (if you will). (by Ashe Yuvish)

George's home PC (by Dirt Jedi)

a jar jar free version of TPM! (by gary higgs)

PC game previews (by Jonathon S)

phantom menace script (by Jason Levy)

Get to see an alternate ending where MAUL WINS (by darthcleo)

Jar-Jar Fan Page! (by Jedeye459)

A Queen Amidala Bathing Suit Calendar (by Jay)

They should show the entire Duel between Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Darth Maul. (by Darth Kaul)

Sneak-peak at other LucasFilm DVDs (i.e. Indiana Jones!) (by Jeremy Merritt)

A date for the release of the other DVDs (by Bob)

Nothing. It's not fair on those of us without DVD Rom drives. (by bty)

A download of the TPM soundtrack (by General Ceel)

Deleted scenes from the original trilogy (by Bob Loblaw)

A picture of George Lucas rolling around in all the money he made from EPI (by Scot )

A tour of ILM (by Jedidaniel)

The holiday special (by skirat)

A full explanation on why the DVD wasn't released earlier. (by Daniel Horton)

Macintosh Access (by shane)

Online coupons for Star Wars Merchandise and Episode II tickets. (by SnarlingCur)

A new, exclusive series of Episode II Selects (by Benjamin)

An Announcement for Episodes 7, 8, and 9 (by Brad Kan Obi So Cool)

About an hour more footage of the lightsaber battle. (by Don)

Special offers, maybe a bonus disc with the stuff they didn't have room for, exclusively sold through the website. (by Ithorian)

20 minutes of finished footage from AOTC, like Lord of the Rings did at Cannes. (by MarkiWan)

just one complete scene of AOTC. Updated weekly. (by mike)

the episode 2 bloopers reel (by Mike Hunt)

A look at the Episode 2 poster (by Jason)

Amidala Wallpapers (Lots)!! :-) (by Buttsy)

more bloopers!! (by ceasetoamaze)

Web Cam: Looking in on George Lucas' study, as he is writing the script for episode III. (by Darth_Shatner)

The Ewok cartoons (by Jedidaniel)

A continuous clip of the lightsaber battle without switching to the space and gungan battles! (by jango_fett_jr)

None. Most people only have a stand-alone player and personally I don't plan on buying a rom-player just so that I can view the darn content. An useless feature as far as I'm concerned. (by Arnaxis)

character profiles (by stephen macneil)

Link to George's flannel shirt supplier. (by Mark)

A link to a Starwars Encyclopedia with inside info on the characters, weapons, and vehicles, and historical info also. (by Jeff Wheeler)

exclusive mini games by Lucas Arts (like Yoda Stories) (by Darth Raptor52)

live chat with Episode cast and crew (by Phillip)

Mythology of Star Wars (by Matt Young)

a whole videogame (by craig)

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