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               Twenty-one years have passed since the deaths of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine and the ultimate overthrow of the Empire by Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, and their comrades. But now the New Republic faces awesome new threats: a fiery leader is inciting war between planets....rogue Jedi Knights are practicing vigilante law...and beyond the Outer Rim, an alien enemy - like none ever confronted or even imagined - is mounting a devastating invasion. Against chaos from within, and a monstrous evil from without, can the heroes who defeated the Empire - alongside the next generation of freedom fighters - triumph again?

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               Dramatic, ain't it? Anyway, this page is dedicated to the New Jedi Order story arc. Shocking, yes, I know. I first heard about it about in June of '99 while looking at TheForce.net's books page. Whenever I get any info on the series, I'll put it up as soon as I can. Onward...

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UPDATE: 2/7/09 (Coopra) - Stay tuned...

UPDATE: 11/16/03 (Coopra) - It's over! It's finally over! I never have to update the bookshelf again! Oh yeah, and The Unifying Force is out, too. Thanks a million to Charles for scanning the TFP spine for me.

We've got lots of stuff to wrap up here at the UNJOH, but first things first: head here for my review of TUF, if you're interested. Nick's should be there as well sometime in the next few days. Beyond that, Nick's begun the long and arduous process of completing the Vong Database (or at least bringing it up-to-date), I'm gonna be tweaking any other sections that have fallen behind, and eventually we'll start looking at restructuring the entire site into something of an NJO Database, or NJO Repository, or whatever. For more details about our long-term plans, listen in to Episode 12 of ChronoRadio, coming out in a couple weeks.

Since we're mostly looking at lots of small changes at the moment, I'll probably hold off on doing any more updates like this until there's something important to report. Just keep an eye on the site, and you're bound to notice things coming up to speed here and there. It's been a long, crazy ride, folks; hard to believe it's over. Interestingly enough, our counter passed a third of a million hits on the exact day TUF came out. I'd like to thank Nick Hess, TFN, Jebus, Freeservers.com...

UPDATE: 11/3/03 (Coopra) - One more day, folks! Big things are in the works. If anyone out there has a scanner and The Final Prophecy with a clean spine, kindly drop me a line. Man, am I glad this is the last time I'll have to say that...

UPDATE: 7/12/03 (Coopra) - Added a new voxyn pic by SSFi to the Gallery. Also, I'd like to announce that BN.com is finally caught up, and thus the Order Pages section of our Links page is finally 100% complete. We're in the home stretch, baby!

UPDATE: 4/30/03 (Coopra) - Added Refugee to the Schedule page.

UPDATE: 4/24/03 (Coopra) - Bookshelf image is finally complete; thanks to Levene for sending me a Rebel Stand scan. Only a few days until I get to add Refugee, too!

UPDATE: 3/29/03 (Coopra) - And we're back! After months and months of neglect, I've finally taken the time to do some long-overdue pruning. I'm happy to say that links-wise, the site is now in full working order. Let's see, what else...oh yeah! The Links, Schedule, and Excerpts pages are now completely up-to-date (with the exception of the Schedule page's bookshelf; if anyone has relatively clean book spines and a scanner, please drop me a line), and to the Gallery I've added all the latest book covers, a few new figures by Craig Mullan, and a 3D skip rendering by longtime contributor Neil Armstrong. And what about the YV Database, you ask? It hasn't been updated in ages, you say? Well, here's a little note from the auteur himself with the 411:

I have received a lot of questions in regards to the status of the Yuuzhan Vong Database. I am working on it, as I have always been, but not quite at the rate I used to. In the past year, my personal life has become a bit more hectic, as I am finishing up my senior year of high school and searching for the right college. I have recently settled on Butler University, and I will be attending there this coming fall. I am not sure when I will have the next full version ready, nor am I sure I will actually have any future version releases until it is completely finished. However, I have been, and will continue to update the online version as I complete portions. Some of the sections (like the history) are in a sort of limbo, but I'm working on it. But as I hope all of us would, I put my personal life before my hobbies, so that's why there has been such a lack of information flowing into the database. Rest assured though, I have always said I will see the Yuuzhan Vong Database through to the end of the New Jedi Order, and I will do so, and beyond, if need be. The Yuuzhan Vong Database will live on!

Nick 'Nom Anor' Hess

Dunno what that "personal life" he kept talking about is, but there you have it. I imagine it'll be another couple months before this happens again, but in the meantime we're still the most comprehensive damn NJO site out there. See ya on TFN!