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Bugs all over the place!
More about the second assassination attempt on senator Amidala

While Padme is sleeping, small, insect-like bugs enter her room to kill her...

[I wrote the rapport below on February 6, 2000, but didn't have time to post it... Now it's confirmed by T'bone's sources!]

Thanks to those of you who have written me to tell me that the model in the background of the photo on starwars.com is actually a maintenance droid that can be seen in the Podrace sequence of Episode I, and not an Episode II model of the rumored 'bug' droid seen in Chyren's Virtual Select...

what's more, apparently the probot in Chyren's picture is not the bug... some in TFn's Jedi Council forum speculated that it's a bug that releases other bugs.

Hmmm... that makes sense. The droid in Chyren's picture is way to big to be inside Padme's room... but it might release a bunch of smaller bugs that fly inside Padme's quarters to assasinate her. According to some, those bugs are a bit like the so-called "Cybermats" in the Doctor Who series. : "Small,cybernetically enhanced creatures who home in on brainwaves" "They can leap from the floor to a persons throat in moments to inject a deadly nerve toxin"

[February 16, 2001 - posted by Roderick]

T'bone posted a report that gives us more details about the scene that happens in and around Padme`s quarters on Coruscant.

"Obi-Wan and Anakin are waiting guard outside of the senator`s quarters when they both sense something weird"

According to T'bone's information, the famous line "I have a bad feeling about this" is said here.

"Zam Wesell is controlling a flying droid who tries to get Padm? by sending out little insect like robots to kill her."

The Jedi enter Padmé's room; Obi-Wan jumps out of the window on the flying droid while Anakin destroys the insect-like droids. When Padme is safe, Anakin

"gets on his now infamous Coruscant Hot Rod and starts following Obi-Wan, who is dangling from this flying droid"

Check out T'bone's site for the full report.

Share your thoughts in the discussion forum!

Roderick Vonhögen, the Netherlands.

"The Bug" - a glimpse on StarWars.com?
Chyren posts an amazing picture!

(c) Lucasfilm - starwars.com
Is this our first real glimpse of the droid in Chyren's Virtual Select III?

[February 1, 2001 - posted by Roderick]

Chyren has posted an amazing picture in his ongoing series of 'Virtual Selects'. According to the Force.net, the picture has got something to do with the second assassination attempts against Padme. Click here to see it! Chyren's excellent pictures make my pictures look like kids' drawings :) Fantastic work, Chyren!!

Apparently, Chyren is sworn to secrecy about the details of the scene depicted, as stated on his website. So what's going on? A certain "Vertical" is posting some details on The Force.net's Jedicouncil forum; it's "all speculation, based on some pretty good sources" according to Vertical. Here's what he writes:

"Who wants to know what that is that Obi-Wan is hanging on to? Who wants to know what a 'bug' is? Who wants to know who or what tries to kill Padme while she's sleeping? Who wants to know who jumps out the window to catch the assassin? Who wants to know who follows in his 'car'? [...] So... what's a bug? Well... THAT is a bug. Obi-Wan is 'riding' it. Why? It tried to kill Senator Padme in her quarters, but Obi-Wan and Anakin interrupted the assassination attempt before it could finish the job, and it flew out the window... Obi-Wan jumped out the window and landed on it. Anakin went and grabbed his speeder... and thus, Virtual Select 3! [...] This is all speculation on my part. Based on some pretty good sources, mind you"

(c) Lucasfilm - starwars.comInteresting!! One detail in Chyren's picture reminded me of a picture we've seen on starwars.com, in which we can see a droid very similar to the one Chyren shows in his Virtual Select III. Take a look at the unfinished model that is in the background of this picture from Star Wars.com... could that be our first glimpse of this "Bug" droid? I think it's very likely indeed!!

This is the kind of stuff I like!! Enhancing pictures in search of blurry clues, speculation, mystery, guesswork... Just like the good old days! :)

Check out the Definitive Episode II Plotline for the latest information about Episode II and share your thoughts in the discussion forum!

Roderick Vonhögen, the Netherlands.

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