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Darkside Deck

Jedi Interrupted

by Aaron Brogdon

Total Cards: 67

Deck Stats:
Rares: 12, Uncommons: 26, Commons: 29
Average Build: 3.67
Average Speed: 32.71
Average Power: 4.04
Average Health: 4.63

Characters: (12)
2x Imperial Navy Helmsman
4x Star Destroyer Commander
1x TIE Fighter Elite Pilot
3x TIE Fighter Pilot
2x Death Star Superlaser Gunner

Ground: (16)
4x Zam's Airspeeder (A)
4x Luxury Airspeeder
2x Trade Federation Battleship Core
2x Trade Federation Control Core
2x Krayt Dragon
2x Imperial Control Station

Space: (20)
3x Victory-Class Star Destroyer
3x Devastator (A)
4x Imperial Star Destroyer
2x Coruscant Freighter AA-9 (A)
4x TIE Fighter DS-55-6
1x Vader?s TIE Fighter (A)
1x Vader?s TIE Fighter (B)
2x Tyranus's Solar Sailer (A)

Battle: (14)
4x Brutal Assault
4x Aggressive Negotiations
4x Trade Federation Offensive
2x Lull in the Fighting

Mission: (5)
3x Return to Spaceport
2x Starship Refit

Strategy: Ruling Ground and Space; the cost of buying some booster packs of Star Wars Trading Card Game. Having the only Character units in the deck (satisfying the minimum 12 requirement) to help you rule Space and Ground; pretty inexpensive. The look on your opponent's face when you completely avoid the character arena and all those powerful Jedi; Priceless.

This deck focuses mainly on Space and Ground. Use the Pilots to enhance your Starships, turning them into deadly machines. Star Destroyer Commander gives your Destroyers Critical Hit 2, whether they are Bombarding Ground or blasting away in Space. The other Pilots can be used as needed to enhance your Space arena depending on what your opponent has in store. Try not to build the Death Star Superlaser Gunner unless you have a copy of Lull in the Fighting in your hand to keep him from being beat up so you can use his ability a turn or two. You will have enough powerful Star Destroyers and fast Starships out there to scare your opponent out of Space or smash them to smithereens if they dare venture out there. Use the Coruscant Freighter AA-9 to draw more cards each turn because this deck thrives on lots of options. 

In the Ground, get out the heavy durable units like the Core's. Once you rule Space (which you will) you can Bombard away and help your ground units if they need it. Use the Return to Spaceports as needed to last out long enough. Zam's Airspeeder along with Brutal Assault is a deadly combo. Likewise with Krayt Dragon, (although to be honest, you really don't even need him. I just threw it in there for fun). Luxury Airspeeder enhances your heavy Ground units giving them enough speed to strike first and obliterate your enemy. 

Use Trade Federation Offensive as needed, but I put them in there mainly for the Space arena. Without Characters using Evade, you'll have plenty of Force to go around. Combine high Speed Star Destroyers with Aggressive Negotiations and your rolling lots of dice with Critical Hit 3. This combo can be used in Ground as well. Just adapt for your opponent. 

Some things to keep in mind: 

1) Usually, you will not get the extra build point per turn, this will not be a problem once you take over Space because neither will your opponent. 

2) After 2-3 turns, it will probably turn into a Ground battle. Be creative with your options, there are lots of them. 

3) There are 12 Rares in this deck, but many of them are not really needed like Krayt Dragon, Vader's Tie, and Tyranus's Solar Sailer. Substitute similar unit's as needed. The Core's are pretty much necessary though.

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