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Is Interest In Forces Of Destiny Fading Before It Even Begins?

Posted by Dustin on July 12, 2017 at 04:16 PM CST

I was at the Disney Youtube channel showing my 5 year old daughter more of the cool animated Star Wars: Forces of Destiny shorts (which we both love!) and noticed something strange.

Since the original episode, the viewership has dropped with each new episode.

Sands of Jakku - July 3rd - 828K views
BB-8 Bandits - July 4th - 268k views
Ewok Escape - July 5th - 260k views
The Padawan Path - July 6th - 328k views - (Ahsoka episode)
Beasts Of Echo Base - July 7th - 215k views
The Imposter Inside - July 8th - 215k views
The Stranger - July 9th - 163k views
Bounty of Trouble - July 9th - 156k views

From the looks of it, fan interest was high initially with the first episode racking up over 800,000 views. However, the views on the second installment just plummet down to just over 250,000 views. We see a spike with The Palawan Path which is most likely due to the Ahsoka fanbase tuning in to see their favorite character back in action. After the Ahsoka spike, the views continue to fall with the last episode only clocking in 156,000+ views.

So, why the lack of interest? Are they too short? Is it the animation style? We may never know.

I do hope that these numbers continue to grow over the summer and see a jump after the TV special airs.

The animated micro-series will continue to be available on the Disney YouTube channel ahead of a special two-part TV spot featuring eight additional shorts on the Disney Channel in the Fall of 2017.

What do you think of the series so far? Chime in on our Probe Droid Poll off to the right! --->

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