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The Last Jedi

New Korean Poster For The Last Jedi Revealed

Posted by Dustin on November 28, 2017 at 08:40 PM CST

Another day another piece of promo drops for The Last Jedi. Today we get to see this new Korean poster for The Last Jedi.

Not only that, but the "It's Mark Hamill" Facebook Fan Page has provided the following translation.

The South Korean The Last Jedi Poster Translation:

Rey: The heroine who’s found her hidden power.
Kylo Ren: The authority of the First Order who longs for absolute evil.
Luke Skywalker: The only surviving Jedi.
Finn: The soldier who escapes the First Order(it says the Empire but I think it’s a mistake) and joins the Resistance.
Poe: The ace pilot of the Resistance.
Leia: The head of the Resistance and Kylo Ren’s mother.

As for the description below:
The collision of Good and Evil, Light and Darkness.

New Destiny VS Destiny of the Past.

It is the age of the ‘First Order’, the ruthless force of evil that has taken over the galaxy. The Resistance leaded by General Leia sends ‘Rey’ to ‘Luke’, hero of the past, in order to find the last hope that’ll light the spark of victory.

Through Luke, Rey finds a special power sleeping within her and unexpectedly communes with ‘Kylo Ren’, authority of the First Order…

Who will become Light and who will become Darkness? The great battle over the destiny of Good and Evil begins!

Special thanks to MSW for the heads up.

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