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Toshiba Star Wars TV

Toshiba Teams With Lucasfilm To Bring Fans A Star Wars Inspired TV

Posted by Dustin on November 2, 2017 at 07:50 PM CST

This item is only available in the Europe.

Sense the adventure... Take off with Toshiba TVs for one of the most epic journeys of all time. Bringing the magic of Star WarsTM home, Toshiba has teamed up with Lucasfilm to design a unique 24” Star Wars inspired TV.

Becoming a tangible part of the on-screen movie magic, this model draws viewers into the space odyssey action, submerging them into an X-wing mission every time their eyes meet the TV. Framed, decorated and distinguished with hero X-wing starfighters, it sweeps viewers up in a rush of Star Wars excitement.

Designed to evoke the true power of this legendary story, the TV stirs feelings of nostalgia and anticipation, emblazoning the Star Wars name across the display whenever it is first switched on.

Every time the TV is switched off, it closes with a climactic scene of familiar Star Wars sights and sounds, featuring the appearance of a First Order stormtrooper to the accompanying tell-tale low humming sound of a lightsaber.

Taking viewers beyond this world and the next, to a galaxy far, far away, the TV is built to power imagination, capturing more of the on-screen detail, thanks to its HD Ready picture clarity.

Connecting viewers to a whole world of online entertainment, the TV’s Smart Portal offers a variety of catch-up TV services as well as 24/7 access to must-see blockbusters.

For an even greater selection of on-demand and video content, Toshiba’s Smart Portal also ensures access to the Opera TV store – a vast library of entertainment that encompasses everything from the latest movies and TV series to sports, music, news and e-gaming.

Bringing Star Wars fans and movie enthusiasts together, this TV enables viewers to be social too. Free to log into their social media channels via the Smart Portal, viewers can post Facebook and Twitter feeds on the screen whilst still watching TV.

Family and friends can even contribute to the TV line-up, having the option of sharing content from any Android device straight onto the TV screen. As long as they are connected to the same home network, everyone in the room can use the Toshiba Screenshare feature to display their favourite films, pictures and audio files.

Thanks to the TV’s two HDMI ports, HD devices, such as Blu-ray players and games consoles can be plugged in, allowing viewers to indulge in an even wider variety of entertainment.

Making TV a design focal point in any home, this Star Wars model brings character to every room in the house, working well as a compact main room TV, or alternatively, as an additional display to add interest to kitchens and studies. Doubling up as a PC screen, it’s also ideal for bedrooms, capturing the imagination of every generation of Star Wars fans.

With built-in WiFi, it’s a fuss-free home entertainment companion, offering a quick and easy TV set up.

A collector’s item, the TV comes in a Star Wars themed box, enabling viewers to revel in the movie experience – even before they open the packaging. Immortalizing a galaxy of heroes, the TV box feature a whole host of much-loved characters.

Of the launch, European Sales and Marketing Director for Toshiba TVs, Bart Kuijten comments “Giving us a meteoric launch to remember, this collaboration with Lucasfilm has been the perfect way to celebrate our return to Europe’s TV market. Placing TV firmly at the forefront of the movie-viewing experience, this model highlights the value that we can add to the mainstream sector. Bringing the fun back to general TV viewing, it’s enabling us to generate excitement for smaller screen sizes, giving us the perfect opportunity to connect to the next generation of TV viewers in the process.”

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