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Maul: In Memoriam

Posted by Dustin on March 18, 2017 at 09:41 PM CST

Time to clear the air on this post. I did not get to see this episode of Star Wars Rebels when it aired last night and had planned on watching it Sunday morning. I got home and saw in my Facebook feed from the official Star Wars Rebels Facebook page a video that said -

"Goodbye, Maul.
Delve deeper into "Twin Suns" with a special Rebels Recon coming up next."

Now, since I run a Star Wars fan news website I tend to look for official news to post, and if it comes from an official source, I am not going to sit on my hands and wait for the world to catch up. I immediately went to the Star Wars Youtube channel to look for the Rebels Recon for this episode. Within the first 20 seconds the words "Maul is dead" are spoken.

I noticed the official Star Wars Youtube channel had posted both the memoriam, and Rebels Recon so I posted the news.

I wake up to a bazillion emails telling me what an ass I am and notice that now the video is missing from the official youtube channel, but is still available from the Star Wars Rebels Facebook page as embedded below.

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