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Star Wars Essays

Fans often have interesting theories about the Star Wars films. They can also provide unique insight about the characters, themes, locations, and more. This is a place to collect all those thoughts.

The Emperor of Oz Theory

David Stover discusses the hypothesis that The Emperor does not have the force.
November 8th, 2004 (Revised on November 14th, 2004)

Still A Rebel: 'The Mystery of the Rebellious Robot' Turns 25

John Booth celebrates the 25th anniversairy of this book.
May 28, 2004

Protagonist - Anakin Skywalker

Julia Lam discusses Anakin's role as an archetypal protagonist in the hero's journey cycle of Star Wars.
December 10, 2002

Star Wars as a Modern Myth

Eric Koch discusses the modern myth that is Star Wars.
November 22, 2002

Frodo and the Force: A Comparison of Modern Epic Stories

Austin Johnson compares Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.
November 21, 2002

The Empire As A Power

Giulia Belletti discusses the Empire as a Power.
October 15, 2002

Why We Love Star Wars

Chris Early looks at why we love Star Wars and why it doesn't matter if critics don't.
May 11, 2002

Too Many Spoilers

Charles G. Pavlides discusses the problem of knowing too much about a movie before it is released.
May 10, 2002

A Fanatic's Crazy Rationalisation of Midichlorians

Scott2eyes gives his interpretation of what is going on with midichlorians, and also how they are linked to the other new concept introduced in The Phantom Menace of the "will of the Force".
October 13, 2001

Star Wars Creation Theory #1

Stargeek suggests that the inspiration for the Star Wars story may have something to do with the Vietnam War and the national Identity crisis that followed.
October 10, 2001

Keep It Fresh, George

Matt Gibson suggests that not only has the freshness gone, but there's too much borrowing of ideas in the SW universe and too much blind faith in George by his team at ILM.
October 9, 2001

Are we really more interested in seeing Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter?

Scott Samons looks at why we are turning to franchises like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, and are slower to embrace new chapters of Star Wars.
October 7, 2001

George Lucas & Carlos Castaneda in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

paraquem attempts a detailed demonstration of the influence of Carlos Castaneda?s books on the Star Wars saga.
October 7, 2001

What Does Vader's Chestplate Say - Part 2

Ohad Lutzky has another look at Vader's chestplate and gives an alternate meaning (this is a reply to Anat's original essay).
October 5, 2001

Machiavelli's "The Prince" and Star Wars

Amogh looks at what Palpatine did wrong in his quest to rule the empire through Machiavelli's "The Prince".
October 5, 2001

A Look At All Things Star Wars

Edward Harrison looks at all things Star Wars, from the movies, games, to the new Episode II title.
August 18, 2001

Star Wars - Too Much of a Good Thing

Erik Blythe responds to Dewan Ami's look at Star Wars from a mythologist perspective.
March 21, 2001

A Charismatic Separatist

Darth Goo gives us his insight into a new Episode II character, known on the official site as a charismatic separatist.
March 20, 2001

A New Perspective on the Lack of Star Wars DVDs

God1138 gives us his point of view on why we haven't been treated to a DVD version of any Star Wars films to date, hoping to quell some harsh sentiments toward Lucasfilm.
March 19, 2001

Episode I - Badly Directed and Boring

Mart?n Javier Hermida gives his views on why he believes Episode I is a badly directed and boring movie, which became an excuse to make money.
March 18, 2001

Star Wars - Television or Legend?
A Mythologist's Perspective

Dewan Ami gives his ideas as to why a television adaptation of Star Wars may not be the answer (this is a response to the recent Television Anthology editorial by Chris Knight).
January 26, 2001


Dehrian wrote this parody review of "Star Wars - A New Hope" over a year ago. He reviews the film as if it had just come out, and the prequel trilogy was released twenty years ago.
January 10, 2001

The Force and the Dao

Adam Lenhardt takes a look at the paralells between the Chinese philosophy, Daoism, and The Force.
November 20, 2000

Maul: Less is Best

Chris Foxwell chimes in with an essay on why Maul was developed just right for Phantom Menace.
August 26, 2000

The Great Fall

Darth Paul sent us his thoughts on the "great falls" of Star Wars. You'd better not suffer from vertigo to be a true Star Wars Hero.
August 6, 2000

The Luke Skywalker of the Prequels is..

This essay is brought to you by Sebastian Boyle. Read his take on who will be the real hero of the Prequels.
July 30, 2000

Harry Potter & Star Wars

Harry Potter is the most successful children's book of all time and is poised to be a major hit film. And is it any wonder? There are TONS of similarities with Star Wars' winning formula. Check it out in a closer look!

What Does Vader's Chestplate Say - Part 1

Have you ever wondered what the aurebesh text on Darth Vader's chestplate says? A fan named Anat takes a closer look!


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