This page wants to give you some information about our 'Rebel Friends' page.
But first of all, we want to ask you your comments and suggestions. What would you like us to do on this page? If your kids have visited 'Rebel Friends', what did they like? Was there anything that was too difficult, or too childish perhaps? What would they like to see? We'd appreciate your feed-back enormously. And if you'd like to contribute to this page yourself, just write us a note! You can send us your reactions by clicking the e-mail button on the main page, or by clicking here: 

  • About "Rebel Friends" 
Here's what Scott Chitwood wrote when we first launched Rebel Friends: "For a long time TheForce.Net has wanted to do a Star Wars web site geared towards younger Star Wars fans. After all, most of us on the team became fans when we were under 10 years old. Now, all of us have young friends, nieces and nephews, or brothers and sisters we'd like to share Star Wars with, but this site is a little over their head or boring. :) So we've created a kid friendly site with features and cool stuff geared toward our younger friends and fanatics. We've gone ahead and opened it, but more features will be added soon. So drag the munchkins to the computer screen and get ready to let them explore this new corner of the Star Wars Universe! "
  • What's our target audience? 
At present, we try to target boys and girls between 4 and 12 years old.
  • Why did we create 'Rebel Friends'? 
The most important thing for us is to share our own enthusiasm for George Lucas' Star Wars Universe with a new generation of kids. We'd like them to enjoy Star Wars just as much as we did when we had their age (and we still enjoy it!). But our goal is not only to entertain your kids. We also want to stimulate them to get creative: to paint, write, color and construct. Star Wars itself began as the creative idea of one single person, and over the years more and more people were inspired to join that creative effort. We hope that this little website can help stimulate the creative development of your child a little bit. After all, there might be a new George Lucas in everyone of them :o)
  •  How to visit this website? 
We try to keep navigation as simple as possible so that kids can discover a lot of things on their own. However, some things (like sending us an e-mail, scanning a picture they made or printing out a picture to color) might be too difficult for them, and may require some help. We hope that you will stimulate your children to write us, and to send us their drawings, stories and photos. In that way, children will be able to see what other children created, and that can give them new ideas and inspiration!
  • Who creates Rebel Friends?
Most of the artwork is made by former team member Amy Pronovost, who now contributes to the official Star Wars Kids magazine. Most of the interactive adventures (The Wampa Cave, Jar Jar's Hunt for the stolen Bunny Bunny Eggs, the Creepy Cantina, the Santa Menace and the Jedi Council Test) are created by Roderick Vonhögen, who also programs and maintains the rest of the site.