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Rebel Friends Cool Site:

Each update, we'll review a website that we think is really great. That website receives the 'Rebel Friends Cool Site!' award that you can see above!

Amara's Cantina.

We know that a lot of you love the Artwork of Rebel Friends. Most of the characters were drawn by Amy Pronovost. She is now doing work for the official Star Wars Kids magazine, so she doesn't work on Rebel Friends anymore. But Amy has made a fantastic website with a lot of her Star Wars artwork. It's called Amara's Cantina, and it's great fun! Would you like to learn how to draw Jar-Jar? Do you want to see very cool, funny and original Star Wars artwork? Then go to Amara's Cantina right away!!

Previous Cool Sites:

The official Star Wars website. It's one of the coolest websites I know. Not only can you find lots and lots of information about Star Wars characters, places, vehicles, weapons and aliens, but they also have some cool games that you can play. For instance, there's a game in which you must search in Watto's junkstore for parts with which you can assemble a pit droid! A very cool site, and the people of Lucasfilm keep adding great stuff all the time!


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