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In February of 1998, Decipher presented the Star Wars Customizable Card Game players with a new way to play Star Wars CCG. It was called the Cloud City Scenario, and it promoted the idea of player interaction. To encourage that and storyline game playing, this format limited the play environment to specific locations and situations. Point values were assigned to actions taking place or particular cards being played. In this format, the object of the game was to score 8 scenario points as well as depleting your opponents reserve deck. This format was heavily promoted by Decipher. Players who participated in these scenario tournaments had a chance to win some very special prize support. Prizes included a Boba Fett T-shirt and autographed Boba Fett posters. Many players participated in this format and many lessons were learned.

In April of 1998, the Decipher Squadron Members were asked to test a new scenario by Tom Lischke. My brother, Chris Hines (Gold 8), asked me to be a part of his team to test this new scenario. As a member of this elite group, I enjoyed many hours of extremely interactive gameplay and exciting Star Wars action. We didn?t realize it at the time, but looking back it appears that this testing led to the eventual implementation of the Objective.

One scenario we were given to test was the Hoth Scenario. At the time, the members of the group had such a great time playing in this format that we neglected our tournament decks and took some heavy losses at our local tournaments. Of the formats listed below, this is still a favorite among the scenario players.

As time progressed, Doug Taylor, Decipher Squadron Member "Red 4", developed more scenarios and updated and improved the originals. Doug wrote several articles, among others, for Scrye magazine dedicated to the scenario for all the Star Wars players to enjoy. These formats can be found in Scrye issues 8.4, 8.6 and #48.

Scoring in a scenario tournament is as follows: You use the scenario points to determine if someone gets a full win. If a player wins the game and has 6 or more scenario points they get a full win (2 victory points on their scorecard.) If a player wins the game but has less than 6 scenariopoints they get a modified win (1 victory point on their scorecard). A player also gets 2 victory points if they win with 3 (or more) scenario points more than their opponent. This rule really helps to curb people bringing "non-scenario" decks to a scenario tournament or event. It also helps when a losing opponent draws up before the winner can achieve their points. Differential is still computed as before. Note: The original format required 8 scenario points to book a full win. Experience has shown that 6 points is a much more attainable number.

As an option, you can give the loser of the game 1 victory point for obtaining 6 or more scenario points during the game

Presented here are seven Scenario formats for Deciphers? Star Wars Customizable Card Game. They are presented in film order. Special thanks to Doug Taylor updating, designing, testing and maintaining this wonderful format for all of us to enjoy. These formats are presented with his titles and modifications. They cover many aspects of Episodes IV, V and VI. They are all well-balanced and fun to play.


Patrick Hines
Bravo 42


Tango on Tatooine: C-3PO and R2-D2 escaped to Tatooine with the stolen plans for the Death Star. In an attempt to retrieve the plans, Darth Vader sends a legion of stormtroopers down to the planet to seek out the droids and retrieve the plans. Luke and Obi-Wan go to Mos Eisley to obtain transport to Alderaan. Before they can leave, they must make it out of the Cantina alive.

Danger on the Death Star: This scenario relives the events that occurred on the Death Star, specifically, the rescue of Princess Leia and the confrontation of Darth Vader and Obi-Wan.

Battle of Yavin: The Death Star is closing in on Yavin?s fourth moon. The Rebels, well aware of their imminent destruction, are planning a little destruction of their own. Will the Death Star cease to exist, or will the Rebel insurgence be destroyed?

Battle of Hoth: The Empire has discovered the location of the hidden Rebel Base on Hoth. Now the Rebels have more to worry about than just some cold weather and a nasty Wampa. Will the Rebels survive this epic battle and defeat the Empire, or will the Empire prevail?

The Chase: Luke has traveled to Dagobah to be trained by Jedi Master Yoda. In the meantime, half of the Imperial fleet and a select group of bounty hunters are chasing Luke?s friends through the asteroid fields. Luke needs to complete his training, Vader has other ideas.

Clash on Cloud City: This scenario pits the Rebels against the Empire for control of Cloud City.

Joust for Jabba?s Palace: In his finely crafted attempt to rescue his friend Han Solo, Luke Skywalker sends Leia, Lando, C-3PO and R2-D2 on an undercover mission to Jabba?s Palace. Join our friends as they journey to Jabba?s palace and encounter Hutt gangster?s vile henchmen.

MULTIPLAYER RULES: Special thanks to Jerry "Rogue 16" Jense for coming up with these rules for us.

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