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SWCCG Holotable v0.8.0 (Base Program)

GTK Javascript (Needed for Holotable to work)

SWCCG Holotable UPDATE: 0.8.1 (Patch)

SWCCG Holotable Large Images thru V12 (233MB)

SWCCG Virtual Card Set #12: Martyrs & Magistrates(.pdf): 1.09.07

SWCCG Rulings(.pdf) UPDATE: 11.03.05

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*Imperial Reprogramming
Used or Lost Interrupt-Dest.4

LORE: Though expensive, the Empire has been known to reprogram prisoners as double agents. This threat alone puts all released prisoners under suspicion.

USED: During your control phase, release any or all prisoners of ability< 4 from a prison where your ISB agent present. Opponent must lose 2 Force for each 'released prisoner' or 'escaped captive'. LOST: Use X Force to cross a 'released prisoner' to your side of table (X=prisoner's forfeit).

Lost Interrupt-Dest.3

LORE: Sometimes even the most courageous fight just isn't good enough.

Lose 1 Force. If the capital ship weapons on one of your Star Destroyers outnumber those (if any) on one of opponent's capital ships (except Calamari Cruiser), opponent's starship is immediately captured.

*Master Of Evil
Used Interrupt-Dest.6

LORE: Lord Vader's constant and intentioanl excursions into the dark side truly make him a feared master of evil.

If Vader is participating in a battle with a Jedi, add two battle destiny. OR If Vader is participating in a duel, add one destiny.

*Negative Impact
Used or Lost Interrupt-Dest.3

LORE: "It's a hit!" "Negative! Negative. It didn't go in, just impacted on the surface."

USED: Subtract 2 from a weapon destiny targeting one of your capital starships. LOST: Cancel It's A Hit or an Attack Run. (Immune to Sense.)

Full Might Of The Empire
Used or Lost Interrupt-Dest.4

LORE: Little can be done when your contending with the full might of the Empire.

USED: If you just used Imperial Domination, opponent may not activate Force at related sites as well. LOST: If Darth Vader or an Imperial leader is piloting a capital starship at the beginning of a battle, you may deploy cards as a 'react' to that location at half the deploy cost (round down).

*Force Choke
Lost Interrupt-Dest.2

LORE: The Dark Lord has little time or patience for those who cross or fail him.

Lose 2 Force to target any non-droid character of ability< 5 at same or adjacent site as one of your Dark Jedi. Draw destiny. If destiny> 1, target is immediately lost.

You Can Tell Me The Odds
Used Interrupt-Dest.5

LORE: Sometimes it's good to know the odds.

If Never Tell Me The Odds was just revealed, you use your three highest destiny characters on table. OR If you are playing Sabacc, add or subtract 1 from your total. (Immune to Sense.)

*He's No Good To Me Dead
Lost Interrupt-Dest.4

LORE: "He will not be permanently damaged."

If opponent just lost or forfeited a character at a site relocate that character back to same site. Any cards deployed on or targeting that character return as well, and character cannot satisfy attrition or battle damage for that battle. OR Cancel Sorry About The Mess or Noble Sacrifice.

*Real Hero
Used or Lost Interrupt-Dest.4

LORE: Han's assessment of Lando's recent actions led him to one conclusion.

USED: If your Lando is on Cloud City, deploy Dark Deal or We're The Bait directly from your Reserve Deck. Reshuffle. LOST: If your Lando is present with Han, Chewie, or Leia during a battle at a Cloud City site, opponent may not draw battle destiny.

*I Am Altering The Deal
Lost Interrupt-Dest.6

LORE: "Pray I don't alter it any further."

If Vader on table, lose 2 Force to cancel an Effect or Utinni Effect on table. OR If Vader on table look through your Force Pile. You may exchange cards between this pile and your hand. (For every card you take, one must be replaced.)

You're Not A Jedi Yet
Used or Lost Interrupt-Dest. 5

LORE: "The Force is strong with you, young Skywalker."

USED: Use 1 Force to search your Reserve Deck and take one Vader's Obsession into hand. Reshuffle. OR Cancel one training destiny. LOST: If Luke of ability< 6 is involved in a duel with Vader, draw one destiny and subtract that amount from opponent's total.

It Is Your Destiny
Used Interrupt-Dest.7

LORE:"Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as Father and Son!"

Cancel an opponent's attempt to cancel and redraw his just drawn destiny. OR Use 1 Force to cancel an opponent's battle or duel destiny just drawn and replace it with yours. You may then draw another destiny. Place this card on top of your Reserve Deck.

*Falleen Feromones
Used Interrupt-Dest.3

LORE: Male Falleen contain built-in feromones for mating. When released, females find them nearly impossible to resist

Use 3 Force to target an opponent's female character present with one of your male Falleens. Draw destiny. If destiny +2 > character's ability, target is power and forfeit=0 and may not use gametext, move away, or battle until the end of your next turn. Character goes to opponent's Used Pile.

You're Playing The Wrong Message
Used Interrupt-Dest.5

LORE: After hearing the message from Luke, Threepio was certain that it wasn't the right one. Was it?

Cancel one hologram, Our Most Desperate Hour, Death Star Plans, or A Gift. OR If opponent just used Holoprojector or deployed a hologram, it is canceled. You may immediately activate Force equal to that card's destiny number.

Hibernation Sickness
Used Interrupt-Dest.4

LORE: The result of being brought out of suspended animation. Characteristics include temporary blindness, disorientation, weakness, and sometimes madness.

If opponent just freed a 'frozen' captive, draw destiny. If destiny-1>character's ability, character is immediately lost. Otherwise that character cannot be moved by the opponent or participate in battles opponent initiates until the end of opponent's next turn.

**Aggressive Feelings
Used Interrupt-Dest.4

LORE: "Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you."

If opponent initiated a battle where they have a character of ability>4, opponent loses 3 Force. OR If Anger, Fear, Aggression was just revealed, the opponent is targeted instead of you or voluntarily cancel it by losing 6 Force.

*Saber Throw
Used Interrupt-Dest.4

LORE: A Jedi can use the Force to make a lightsaber an even more deadly weapon.

During a battle, target an opponent's character at an adajcent site with one of your lightsabers on one of your Dark Jedi. OR Cut opponent's Reserve Deck and reveal top card. If it is a character, it is lost.

Death Of A Star Destroyer
Used Interrupt-Dest.4

LORE: Starships in the area of an exploding starship run the risk of being caught in that starship's debris zone.

If one of your capital starships (except those which deploy and move like a starfighter) was 'hit,' draw destiny. All cards with that destiny number at that system are lost.

**Defensive Screen
Lost Interrupt-Dest.3

LORE: "Intensify the forward batteries. I don't want anyhting to get through."

If opponent is performing an attack run on a capital ship with Tubolaser Batteries, add 2 to your total for each Battery. OR Target an opponent's starship and combine the destiny draws of two or more of your capital ship weapons at same system. OR Cancel Kamikaze.

Power Of The Dark Side
Lost Interrupt-Dest.6

LORE: "You don't know the power of the dark side."

If you just won a battle at a site where you have a Dark Jedi, opponent's attrition and battle damage are doubled. OR If a Dark Jedi is at a site you control, add that Dark Jedi's abilty to your total power in a battle at a site.

**Base Delta Zero
Used Interrupt-Dest.3

LORE: Naval code which means to totally decimate a target and all surrounding areas.

During your turn, use 2 Force to target an exterior site where you have a Star Destroyer at related system. Draw two destiny. Add 1 to total destiny for each Turbolaser Battery at same system. If total destiny>5, site 'destroyed.'

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