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*Emperor Palpatine
Dark Jedi Master/Imperial-Dest.1
Power=3, Ability=7 (Dark Jedi Master)
Deploy=8, Forfeit=12

LORE: Leader of the Galactic Empire. Former Senator of the Old Republic before declaring himself Emperor and creating his New Order.

May deploy only on Coruscant or Death Star. Your other Imperials on table are power +1 and forfeit +2. If lost, he is placed out of play and opponent loses Force equal to twice the number of [Dark Side Icons] on table. Immune to attrition.

Emperor's Royal Guard
Power=3, Ability=2, Armor=5
Deploy=5, Forfeit=4

LORE: Elite soldiers taken from the ranks of the Emperor's stormtroopers. Deadly and efficient warriors. Fiercly loyal to the Emperor.

Deploy -2 and power +1 when at same site as Emperor Palpatine. May 'react' (for free) to a battle at an adajcent site involving the Emperor. If the Emperor is 'hit' at same site, forfeit this card instead. Immune to attrition< 4.

*Ysanne Isard
Power=4, Ability=4 (Force Sensitive)
Deploy=5, Forfeit=8

LORE: Director of Imperial Intelligence. Ruthless and very intelligent leader from Coruscant. Nicknamed "Iceheart" by her peers and enemies. Works with the ISB from time to time.

When Isard is in a battle against a Rebel that you just won, retrieve 1 Force for every Rebel lost. While on Coruscant and ISB Operations on table, all other ISB agents and spies are forfeit +2 and are immune to attrition< 3. Immune to attrition < 4.

*Moff Jerjerrod
Power=2, Ability=2
Deploy=3, Forfeit=4

LORE: Officer placed in charge of overseeing the construction of the second Death Star. Not overly ambitious.

When at any Death Star site during your deploy phase, may use 2 Force (free if Vader or Emperor Palpatine on Death Star) to deploy one Death Star site from Reserve Deck. Reshuffle. If a site is not found, he is immediately lost.

*Grand Admiral Thrawn
Power=4, Ability=3 (Force Attuned)
Deploy=4, Forfeit=7
Warrior, Pilot

LORE: Leader. Operated in the Unknown Regions. Master tactician. Can predict enemy strategy by looking at art. Origin unknown.

Adds 2 to power of anything he pilots. On any Star Destroyer, adds 3 to power and adds one battle destiny. At the beginning of a battle at a system, predict the winner. If correct, opponent's battle damage doubles. If incorrect, battle damage is cancelled.

*Admiral Griff
Power=3, Ability=3 (Force Attuned)
Deploy=3, Forfeit=5
Warrior, Pilot

LORE: First commander in charge of Vader's Death Squadron. Leader in charge of the Imperial Blockade on the Rebel Base on Yavin IV.

Adds 2 to power of anything he pilots (3 if capital starship). When at Yavin, your Imperials are power +1 at related sites. Also, opponent's characters may not shuttle, transport, land, take off, or use docking bay transit to or from Yavin sites.

*Admiral Piett
Power=3, Ability=3 (Force Attuned)
Deploy=4, Forfeit=6
Warrior, Pilot

LORE: Given command of the Death Squadron after Admiral Ozzel. Competant leader. Only known officer to fail Vader more than once and live.

Adds 2 to power of anything he pilots (3 if capital starship). When on Executor during a battle at same system as Death Squadron, may add one battle destiny. May use 1 Force to take a Death Squadron Star Destroyer or Flagship into hand.

*Admiral Okins
Power=3, Ablility 2
Deploy=3, Forfeit=5

LORE: Commander of Darth Vader's flagship, Executor, when Piett is away.

Deploys only on Executor. Adds 2 to power of any capital starship he pilots. When aboard Executor adds 1 to your Force drains at same system for each Executor site you occupy.

*Admiral Daala
Power=3, Ability=3 (Force Attuned)
Deploy=3, Forfeit=5
Warrior, Pilot

LORE: Brilliant tactician. Doomed to failure in a male-dominated Empire, until discovered by Grand Moff Tarkin. Leader in charge of the Maw Installation. Hard to kill.

Power +1 with Tarkin. Adds 2 to power of any capital starship she pilots (3 if a Star Destroyer). When at a system you control, your total attrition is +1 at related sites for each starship present. When lost during a battle, Daala goes to the Used Pile instead of the Lost Pile.

*Admiral Larin Carist
Power=3, Ability=3 (Force Attuned)
Warrior, Pilot

LORE: One of the Empire's most decorated naval officers. Tactical genius and respected leader. Has never been defeated in battle. Wants to command Death Squadron.

Adds 2 to power of anything he pilots (3 if a Star Destroyer). Once during a battle, may play an interrupt directly from Reserve Deck; reshuffle. Also, your starships may move or deploy as a 'react' to a battle at same system.
(NOTE: This character comes from a piece of fan fiction I wrote. If you're interested in reading it, please e-mail me.)

Captain Trespik
Power=2, Ability=2
Deploy=2, Forfeit=4

LORE: Reconaissance liason officer aboard Death Star. Reported to Grand Moff Tarkin the findings of the scouts sent to Dantooine.

May use 1 Force to re-target They're on Dantooine to a TIE Scout at Death Star. While aboard any TIE Scout as a passenger, that TIE may 'react' away from a battle.

*Captain Pellaeon
Power=2, Ability=3 (Force Attuned)
Deploy=3, Forfeit=5

LORE: Career veteran and leader in the Imperial Navy. Survived the battle of Endor. Hopes to regroup the remnants of the Empire. Grand Admiral Thrawn's second-in-command.

When at same location as Thrawn, he is power +1 and may use 1 Force to search your Reserve Deck for an Interdictor Cruiser. Adds 2 to power of any capital starship he pilots. On Chimaera, also adds 1 to armor and hyperspeed.

*Colonel Soontir Fel
Power=4, Abilty=3 (Force Attuned)
Deploy=4, Forfeit=7
Warrior, Pilot

LORE: The Imperial Navy's Ace of Aces. Trained many of the Alliance's best pilots. Leader of the 181st Imperial Fighter Group. According to legend he vaped Vader in a fighter simulation.

Adds 2 to power of anything he pilots. On any TIE, he adds 5 to power and 3 to maneuver and that TIE is immune to attrition< 6. Also, he may draw one battle destiny. May use 1 Force to take Tallon Roll or Dark Maneuvers into hand; reshuffle.

*Commander Terek
Power=2, Ability=2
Deploy=2, Forfeit=5

LORE: Leader in charge of the sentries on docking bays 325-30 of the first Death Star. Native of Corulag. Recently transferred from the Devastator.

Deploy only on Death Star. When at a Death Star site, Death Star Sentry is non-unique and its bonuses are tripled. At any time, you may use 1 Force to change the affects of Death Star Sentry

*Lieutenant Solo
Power=2, Ability=3 (Force Attuned)
Deploy=2, Forfeit=4
Warrior, Pilot

LORE: Promising new Corellian fighter pilot from the Academy. Joined Imperial Navy to give himself an identity. Hates the Empire's doctrine of alien subjugation and slavery.

Adds 2 to power of anything he pilots. On any TIE, adds 3 to power and 1 to maneuver and may draw battle destiny if not able to otherwise. Opponent's aliens are power +1 where present. May be replaced by any Han of power< 4.

*Corporal Bran Deshanes
Power=2, Ability=2
Deploy=3, Forfeit=3

LORE: Sensor specialist aboard the Executor. Identified and reported the shuttle Tydirium to Admiral Piett. Suspected the shuttle was more than it seemed.

When present at Executor:Control Station, adds 1 to your Force drains at same system as the Executor for each Executor site you occupy. Also, may take one That's It The Rebels Are There or ComScan Detection into hand; reshuffle.

Dark Trooper
Power=5, Armor=4 (Military Weapon)
Deploy=4, Forfeit=3
Permanent Weapon

LORE: Dark Troopers are literally walking terrors. Their special armor comes equipped with a special heavy pulse blaster and mini-jets in the feet for quick mobilization

May 'fly' (landspeed=3). May target a character for 2 Force. If destiny+2>defense value, target is immediately lost. If Dark Forces on table immune to attrition< 4 and may draw destiny if not able to otherwise.

Imperial Navy Trooper
Power=2, Ability=1
Deploy=2, Forfeit=3

LORE: Special corps of troopers trained by the Navy to protect its capital ships. Wears the distinctive uniform of the Death Star troopers.

Deploy only to a starship site. May move as a 'react' (for free) to same site as an Imperial leader or Lieutenant Suba. Power-1 at a site other than a starship site.

*The Emperor's Hand
Power=4, Ability=4 (Force Sensitive)
Deploy=4, Forfeit=6
Warrior, Pilot

LORE: Mara Jade carries out many special assignments for the Emperor. Most importantly, she has been entrusted with the task of destroying Luke Skywalker.

Adds 2 to power of anything she pilots. When present in a battle with Luke of ability>4, draw one destiny and subtract that amount from opponent's battle destiny and Luke's power. Power and forfeit-3 if Emperor not on table. Immune to attrition< 4.

*Prince Xixor
Power=5, Ability=4 (Force Sensitive)
Deploy=4, Forfeit=5
Warrior, Pilot

LORE: Shrewd Falleen leader of the Black Sun crime syndicate. Ruthless. Extremely intelligent information broker and gangster. Holds Darth Vader responsible for killing his family.

Adds 2 to power of anything he pilots. On Virago, also adds 2 to maneuver and may draw one battle destiny if not able to otherwise. Your Black Sun characters on table are deploy-1 and forfeit + 2. Immune to attrition < 4.

Alien-Dest. 2
Power=3, Ability=2
Deploy=4, Forfeit=4

LORE: Considered the best draw in the known galaxy. Has an extensive knowledge and collection of blasters. Currently operating in the Corporate Sector.

During your turn lose 2 Force to challenge one opponent's warrior of ability< 4 to a draw. You draw two destiny, opponent draws one destiny. Character with the lowest total is immediately placed out of play. When firing a blaster, add up to 4 to weapon destiny.

Power=1, Ability=2
Deploy=2, Forfeit=3

LORE: Bores Kriinkow is typical of the many computer slicers in the galaxy. Professional, cocky, and very expensive. Thinks he's invincible.

Once per turn, when at a scomp link you may use 4 Force to glance at the top two cards of any Reserve Deck or Used Pile. You may place any effect or interrupt you find there in owner's Lost Pile. When using Imperial Code Cylinder, may replace without shuffling.

Power=7 (Human Replica Droid)
Deploy=8, Forfeit=4
Warrior, Pilot

LORE: Bought by Prince Xixor for nine million credits. The only one of her kind. Cool and efficient. This assassin's combat is as deadly as her beauty. Considers a Jedi her only equal.

Adds 2 to power of anything she pilots. At the beginning of the weapon's phase of a battle, you may use 1 Force to 'knock away' one character weapon present (except a Jedi's) to opponent's Used Pile. May Force drain, initiate battle, and be battled.

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