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Those Darn Aliens! - Ghoel, Caldera Righim, & Laudica
by David Kangas

Jabba?s Palace brought us several things. It brought us The Signal and Twi?lek Advisor, the first starting interrupts. It brought us Jabba, a new version of Lando, and Leia in a brass bikini. It brought us aliens? lots and lots of aliens. While many of those aliens are still used in decks today, many of them are seen as little more than kindling. Why don?t we find something useful for these things to do besides start a campfire? I?ve selected two of the most scorned, despised, and burned unique aliens from the Light side of the set for review: Ghoel and Laudica. Enjoy!

Text: ?Deploys only at interior sites. Cannot move. During a battle at same site, may target one character present. Draw destiny. If destiny +3 > ability, target may not use ability toward drawing battle destiny this turn.?
So what does that give us? First of all, his destiny of 4 is pretty impressive, meaning he won?t be doing any harm floating around in your deck. But a power 0 character that can?t even move? What?s up with that? His true power lies in his game text. Let?s take a look at a card from Tatooine that we should all be familiar with by now:
?Caldera Righim
Text: ?Unless Great Warrior on table, opponent must have total ability < 8 to initiate a battle at same site. Also, whenever a battle is initiated at same site, both players may draw up to 2 cards from top of their Reserve Deck.?
With these two together at a site, you opponent must have ability < 8 to initiate battle there. This usually means deploying Maul or Vader and beating you down. All you have to do, then, is draw a destiny 4 with Ghoel?s text to keep them from drawing a battle destiny! If you?re doing some destiny adding of your own (e.g. Gungan General with Rebel Leadership, fire a weapon and play Slight Weapons Malfunction, etc), this can turn the tables on their well-planned battle. You can further this destiny-canceling rampage with General Solo and Chewbacca (and play a Life Debt while you?re at it!), Wedge Antilles, Red Squadron Leader and a Red Squadron pilot? the possibilities are endless! The only problem with him is that he can?t move, and can?t deploy to non-interior sites. Still, he?s extremely useful in decks like Saber Combat, Profit, and Quiet Mining Colony. Put Ghoel and Caldera together at a site you want to hold, and they?ll do just that!
Lore: ?Corellian gun-runner. Skilled markswoman. Friends with Brindy Truchong and the Tonnika sisters. Romantically involved with Rayc Ryjerd, against her better judgment.?
Power ? 2 Ability ? 2 Deploy ? 2 Forfeit ? (3)
Text: ?When in a battle, you may ?react? by deploying any one non-unique blaster (for free) on Laudica from Reserve Deck; reshuffle. When present with your non-unique Corellian at a site, allows your character weapons to transfer for free there.?
Her stats are pretty average, her destiny is decent, but other than that? what can you do with her? Well, let?s see how many ?non-unique blasters? can deploy on her:
Blaster Rifle
Cloud City Blaster
Mos Eisley Blaster
Echo Base Trooper Rifle
Stun Blaster
Naboo Blaster Rifle
Naboo Security Officer Blaster
Quite an array of choices there! Many of then could be used for many different reasons, but I?m not going to go into detail on each of these weapons. However, the ability to pull a surprise like a Stun Blaster as a react is very powerful! All of these weapons can also be used in conjunction with cards like Slight Weapons Malfunction, Rebel Artillery, and Superficial Damage. Throw in the fact that you can transfer them for free while she?s with a non-unique Corellian, and you?ve got a card worthy of every deck you build.

Using cards like Superficial Damage, you may want to play the Naboo Security Officer Blasters or Mos Eisley Blasters instead of more useful ones like the Stun Blaster or Naboo Blaster Rifle. Why is that, you ask? They?re each a destiny of 5. Laudica can pull then, use them, then forfeit them to your used pile: instant tracked destiny! Laudica?s ability to pull weapons at will makes her deadlier than she appears, and puts her at the top of the list for any deck that uses non-unique blasters.

Now that you?ve seen what these two can do, you may think twice before throwing cards into the fire. Keep an eye out for my next two card reviews: Amanaman and Skrilling!

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